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Sunday, July 25, 2010

AAMBC Summer Tours with Imani True & Dreama Skye

What’s the “Best Chocolate” you ever tasted? Have you ever been “Turned On” and “Turned Out” at the same time? How would you handle an unexpected “Detour”? And how would you scratch that nagging “Sophomore Itch”?

Strawberries, Stilettos and Steam takes you on an erotic journey to discover the answers to these questions and many more.
In “The Touch-Up,” a young woman has one more fling before her wedding day. In "Disturbing the Peace," a woman is in desperate need of police assistance. In “Nika’s Birthday,” a husband gives his wife a gift that she’ll never forget.

With their debut collaboration, Imani True and Dreama Skye bring you a delicious collection of seductive, mind-blowing stories that will leave you intrigued, enticed, and definitely turned on.
So relax and dive headfirst into a world where strawberries, a pair of stilettos, and a little steam always makes it better!
Strawberries, Stilettos, and Steam.....Want some?

Excerpt from "Nika's Birthday":
Nika slid down onto Don as if mounting a prized stallion. She quickly took charge. “Now who’s running this?” she asked Don. He felt her pussy tighten around his dick. For several minutes, she rode Don with a combination of fluid hip action and slow grinds.
Jackson stared at Nika. The look in her eyes was one that he knew very well. His wife was in the zone now, and Don was in serious trouble. Sensing that his wife was about to break his boy down, Jackson spoke.
“He’s not ready for the signature move, baby.”
“Well, he shoulda’ kept his bat at home if he wasn’t ready to play!” Nika said

Interview with Imani True

Tell us about the book:
Our book is called “Strawberries, Stilettos, and Steam.” It is a collection of erotic stories for all types of people.
Where did you get the title?
Imani and Dreama: I was at a dead-end writing a story with that title. Dreama suggested that we use it for a book title instead.
How did you find out about each other?
We were both on a social networking site and working on different projects. We agreed to submit stories for two erotica anthologies. Once the contest was over, we teamed up on this project.
Why did we decide to write together?
After the contest, we thought how upset we would be if someone who had read our stories during the contests ended up releasing our work before we did. We decided to take our destiny into our own hands and put our work out before anyone else.
Why did we choose Erotica?
Dreama: I was already writing erotic poetry as an outlet. I just switched from writing poems to stories.
Imani: For me, it wasn’t a conscious decision. I was coming out of a seven-year writer’s block. When I picked up my pen, Erotica is what spilled out.
Describe your writing process.
One of us will start with a concept and plot. Then we’ll talk about it over the phone, take notes. Then we do a line-by-line collaboration via Yahoo, Skype or text messages. When we start, we usually have a working title that changes by the time we’re done. But the plot generally stays the same from beginning to end. Dreama finds the holes in the story and the character descriptions. We go back-and-forth until we wrap it the way we want. Beginning-End-Middle is usually how we write.

What are your favorite stories? Which did you enjoy writing the most?
Dreama: “The Best Chocolate” and “Sophomore Itch” are my favorites. Most fun -“Nika’s Birthday” and “VIP.”
Imani: “Sophomore Itch,” “The Takeover,” and “Nika’s Birthday” are my favorites. Most fun -“The Interrogation Room,” “VIP,” and “Turned On, Turned Out.”

Dreama Skye knew that she was destined to be a writer from the moment she held a pen in her hand. She has been writing erotic poetry for years. Recently she discovered another passion: writing erotic stories. Fate and destiny collided when Dreama met Imani True. Then Strawberries, Stilettos, and Steam was born. She grew up in the beautiful bluegrass state of Kentucky. She resides there with her two beautiful daughters. She is currently working on a book of erotic poetry, her first novel, as well as another collaboration with Imani True.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Tours with Andrionna L. Williams

In-Laws From Hell Book Synopsis
Marriage: The epitome of a catastrophe! In-Laws From Hell describes unbelievable and uncompromising predicaments. Try adding an offensive stench of meddling in-laws vexation; and if you can surpass the maliciousness you could actually enjoy years of wedding bliss. This book will keep you in awe and well entertained.

Andrionna L. Williams was born July 2nd, 1975, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
She was educated in parochial schools in both Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California. She graduated in 1993 from St. Mary’s Academy in Inglewood, California and then traveled down south to attend college. Williams attended Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she also resided for 15 years.
Andrionna is no stranger to writing, she began writing at the tender young age of 10 years old. Williams first literary piece was titled “I Am Somebody”. She also wrote for her college newspaper as well as some free lance writings for The Answer newspaper and others. However, In-Laws From Hell was her first published novel.
In-Laws From Hell has actually been blessed to see a whole other level. It has T-shirts and boxer shorts available. Webisodes coming soon, Stage play coming next year, and the talks of a Reality Show!
At this moment Andrionna is working on several various projects, to which, include three (3) different anthologies, an Ask Andrionna column in Kreative Connection magazine, and her short story titled Loves Last Secret in The Freak Files erotic anthology.
Although, writing is Andrionna’s calling radio is her passion. She can be heard on Simply Andrionna on Blog Talk Radio, Open Book Radio on KKVV, and The Talk of Las Vegas on KLAV.
Andrionna currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her three (3) beautiful sons.

Andrionna Williams Interview

1. What genre do you consider In-Laws From Hell to be?
In-Laws From Hell is an Urban Fiction, but is also listed as Family & Relationship Drama.

2. What do readers like most about your book?
I would have to say the realness, comedy, and drama that unfolds. This book tells about predicaments that the average person has gone through with their in-laws or the baby mamas.
It is a great and smooth read that is hard to put down, because you definitely do not want to miss what will transpire next!

3. Is In-Laws From Hell a true story?
Yes to certain degree. It has many factual circumstances in the novel, however, some comedy and untruth was added to make the story less unpleasant and more comedic.

4. How do you juggle being a mother first, author, and a radio show host of 3 different shows?
Well it is overwhelming at times, but you have to put everything in order to ensure that it all gets adequate time. My sons go with me to book signings, galas, and various events and they love it more than I do. I set aside time for their sporting and school events as well.
I set away designated time and days when I just write and nothing else. I don’t answer the phone, accept company, or obligate myself to any events. I just write and my children respect that!
My radio shows are easy I just go to the station(s) and do my thing!!! I am in another world when I am on the microphone. Then I host a Blog Talk where I can do in the comfort of my own home.
So it all works out well and flows smoothly believe it or not!

5. What else does In-Laws From Hell have in store for the fans?
In-Laws From Hell has become more than a novel, it has become a brand.
We have webisodes coming, a stage play, and talks of a reality show!
We have T-shirts, boxers, and other novelty items as well.
So just stay tuned is all I can say!

6. You have been acknowledged as a deep sister… Why?
I have very deep thoughts and I am known for the explosive show topics on my radio shows. I am a very intense thinker that has to analyze and dissect all things before I can even speak on them. It is not a second of the day when I am not deep in thought!!!

7. Where can readers find your novel?
They can always find information on www.inawsfromhell.net.

For Booking Information:

(866) 350-1107 or (702) 386-6407
Mr. William Catling P.R


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Tours with Aarica Blackett

Biography of Aarica J. Blackett:
Born in Memphis, TN, Aarica Jihan Blackett is an Information Technology (IT) consultant, a visual artist and the author of the book No Longer Daddy’s Little Girl.

The inspiration for writing her book No Longer Daddy’s Little Girl came to her when she was in the middle of rebuilding her relationship with her father during her time in college. With the staggering number of fatherless African-American households in the United States, Aarica saw it as her responsibility to reach out and help others. She wanted to share her experience and lessons learned to other young girls who were going through similar experiences of growing up without a father.

Aarica earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with a minor in French from Spelman College in 2008, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa.

She is an active Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization of Atlanta, and she is a board member of the Express Yourself School of the Arts organization. Aarica is also the founder and artist of her company Art Pieces of a Dream, which is the company that encompasses all of her visual artistic products.

During her spare time, Aarica loves to play soccer, paint, and listen to music.


The new book, No Longer Daddy’s Little Girl, gives young girls who are growing up without a father in the household a new sense of perspective and responsibility for their own future.

In 2008, 51% of African-American households in the United States were fatherless. The odds are stacked against children in single mother households from the onset. Children raised in these homes are:

· 63% more likely to commit suicide than their dual parent counterparts

· 71% more likely to drop out of high school than their dual parent counterparts

· 111% more likely to become pregnant as a teenager than their dual parent counterparts

· 164% more likely to be a single parent than their dual parent counterparts

Is this the only future that fatherless daughters have to strive for?

This book, No Longer Daddy’s Little Girl, will encourage young girls to take responsibility for their future by respecting themselves, their bodies, and their family. With the growing number of fatherless African-American households in the United States the author, Aarica J. Blackett, sees it as her responsibility to reach out and help where possible.

This book has three attributes that will make readers take notice:

· written for young girls by a young woman

· shares the experiences of other young women in this situation

· reads like a conversation as opposed to a dissertation so that the intended audience can readily digest the information

The author’s father abandoned her and her brother for six years while he tended to the needs of his new wife and new son. No Longer Daddy’s Little Girl is the author’s opportunity to share the diverse lessons she has learned. These lessons touch everything from forming healthy relationships with men to managing her emotions when her father made his reappearance. The combined experiences of the author and other young college women will empower all young readers to love themselves and triumph through adversity.

The book No Longer Daddy’s Little Girl is available for purchase on the book’s website, www.nolongerdaddyslittlegirl.com.

To contact the author, please email her at aarica.blackett@gmail.com .

Book Website: www.nolongerdaddyslittlegirl.com

Art Website: www.artpiecesofadream.com

Interview with Aarica

How did you start to write this No Longer Daddy’s Little Girl?
After being fed up with being caught in the middle of trying to convince my mother of my loyalty to her and attempting to rebuild a relationship with my father, emotions just came out of me from every point of my body. As tears were rushing down my face and anger filled my veins, I started writing down everything that I was feeling. Every thought, every tear, every scream, every pain was written down in my journal that night. The next day, I returned to my journal in order to comprehend the thoughts that were running on my head. As I was reading, I realized that I had a story to tell. Too many young girls go through this, and no one is there to tell their story from one young girl to another.

How is this book different from the other books that discuss strained father-daughter relationships?

This book has three attributes that will make readers stand up and take notice:

· written for young girls by a young woman (written at the age of 20 years old)

· shares the experiences of other young women in this situation

· reads like a conversation as opposed to a dissertation so that the intended audience can readily digest the information

What are the two most important messages that you convey in your book?
I want young girls in any and all situations to know that despite the negative statistics that face you, you have the strength inside you to fight it. Be the exception to the statistic! In addition to that, forgiveness is a very important lesson with this book. It is important to forgive people in life because it provides closure and builds your character. It takes too much energy to hold a grudge against someone, especially when you can forgive and move on.

How did your parents react to the book?
Both my mother and my father knew about the book while I was writing it. They are both very supportive of me and the book.

Did you always dream of being a writer?
No, I have written poems since I was younger, even had a few published, but I never thought about being a writer. With that said, everyone has talents that they should explore!

What’s next for Aarica J. Blackett?
Well, anything is possible at this point. I am just excited about life and will continue to explore different avenues. Besides writing, I am also a visual artist. I paint positive images of African American women. To see some of my artwork, visit my website at www.artpiecesofadream.com.

An artist? Wow, don’t tell me that the cover of No Longer Daddy’s Little Girl is one of your art pieces?
Yes it is. I painted that piece particularly for the book cover.

Monday, July 5, 2010

AAMBC Summer Tours w/ Bernice Dickey

In "My #1 Is Still My #1!" Bernice emphasizes the power of God's spoken Word over our circumstances. Through journal entries, letters written to God, and memories, she shares her difficulties, temptations, victories and sacrifices as her commitment to Christ took priority over her grief.
These transparent and revealing personal glimpses, combined with relevant biblical teaching, will remind you that only by putting your total trust in God can you "come through" the fiery trial of your faith!

Bernice Bright Dickey is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. She and her daughter, Miriam, reside in Sugar Land, Texas. She is an Associate Minister at Kainos Community Church in Katy, Texas, pastored by the Rev. Drs. Joe and Yolande Herron-Palmore.
Ministering behind the scenes had been her calling for quite sometime. In this season of her life, the Lord has called her to teach the Word as He gives her spiritual revelation, His strength and many ministry opportunities. Minister Dickey has been a frequent guest at the Potter's House and her interview with Bishop T.D. Jakes on his show The Potter's Touch was featured on the segment titled "Comforting, Coping and Conquering". In her segment she shared about God's faithfulness to her after the loss of her daughter, Naomi Eliza and Pastor/Husband, Kevin Dickey. Her interview on the show was aired nationally and internationally in October 2003 and ran for several years.
Minister Dickey's purpose in teaching God's Word is to leave a spiritual legacy in the lives of those she touches that will result in changed lives!
She loves the Lord with all her heart and is willing to serve Him wherever He leads her. To schedule seminars, conferences, or speaking engagements contact:
Kainos Community Church
Attn: Minister Bernice Bright Dickey
19946 Saums Road
Katy, Texas 77449

Bernice is a retired public school educator with 20 years of experience serving as a Bilingual Teacher, Instructional Specialist and recently as an Elementary School Administrator. She is the President of BRIGHT Educational Resources, an Educational Consulting firm specializing in At-Risk Students, Bilingual and ESL Services and Parental Involvement workshops.

Bernice Dickey has been the Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator at several National, State and Local Educational Conferences. She holds both a B. A. in Spanish and a B.S. in Psychology from Tulane University in New Orleans. She also has a Masters in Educational Administration from Houston Baptist University.

Presently, she is enrolled as a Doctoral student in the Biblical Counseling Program at Trinity Theological Seminary.

Minister Dickey has been a frequent guest at the Potter's House and featured with Bishop T.D. Jakes on his show The Potter's Touch. Her interview titled “Comforting, Coping and Conquering”testifying of God's faithfulness to her after the loss of her daughter, Naomi Eliza and Pastor/Husband, Kevin Dickey, was aired nationally and internationally in 2003 and ran for several years.

Bernice has been busy with book signings and speaking engagements since the release of her new book “My #1 Is Still My #1!” The book details her journey from tragedy to triumph and serves as a blueprint for those who are grieving, giving them hope and inspiration that they will come through their test and trial of faith.

Bernice can be contacted at 832.361.2304 and/or email at bbdickey@juno.com for speaking engagements.

Q &A for Bernice Dickey’s “My #1 Is Still My #1!” for AAMBC virtual tour

What was the inspiration for writing the book?

I couldn’t find my story on any book shelf even though I knew someone else had to have gone thru multiple losses of loved ones at the same time before me. And b/c God commissioned me to write it after I came through the fiery trial of my faith.

Explain your process for writing the book.

I have always been a journal(er) so the process came about as I wrote down what God and the Holy Spirit shared with me as they coached me through my grief. When it was time to write the book, I left it in journal format to help the reader experience my emotions day by day as I did and to put them in the moment as they read the book.

Who is your book for? My book is for anyone who has ever lost someone (Family) or something significant (home, biz, health) in their lives.

How does it help us in our daily lives? The book walks you through the daily process of trusting God’s Word over your emotions, especially when the going gets tough.

What is the one thing you would like your readers to walk away with after reading this book?
No matter how much you are crushed down and overwhelmed by your emotions after experiencing a loss, if God is your #1 Priority you will come through your test of faith as His trophy of Grace! If you are NOT in a crisis right now then get your priorities in order, b/c so that when you are in it you can move through it on automatic pilot while letting the Holy Spirit steers you clear out of the storm. Just like we drive our cars on automatic pilot we will arrive on the peaceful side, Hallelujah!

What is next for you? I am guest blogging on relationship blogs, writing articles for parenting magazines as well as promoting my new book My #1 Is Still My #1!

Do you have plans to write other devotional/spiritual books, and how can readers reach you? I am working on ideas for a parenting book that helps parents to teach their children how to be grateful in a way that reminds us of our appreciation for the things we now have. Our children have more than we ever knew to ask for, yet they are lacking in their appreciation of the many things that we give them. I have the answer for parents in the form of a small pocket book coming out real soon!

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