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Monday, October 24, 2011

Prince to a King By Clifton J. Dutton

Author, Clifton J. Dutton is a multi-faceted man that has confronted life’s positive and negative moments with courage and tenacity. His endowment of writing allows him to share these enthralling real life events, and allows the awaiting public a glimpse into his creative mind.

Born in 1972 in Sandy Spring, MD, Howard County, Clifton was raised in a middle class family of one sister and two brothers; Clifton being the youngest of the four. He earned a full athletic scholarship to the University of Tennessee where he studied Criminal Justice. Once college was over and the dreams of a career in the NFL never materialized, he pressed on with aspirations of working in the music industry.

Although Cliff is blessed with a wide range of gifts and talents, he quickly discovered that his mastery is indisputably writing. This expert author possesses the ability to bring his readers the gritty intense reality of the same streets that many experience every day. Cliff’s vivid imagery causes his audience to truly understand and feel what they otherwise could only speculate, traveling from DC boardrooms and South Beach bedrooms to this nation’s most powerful courtrooms.. Readers who are lovers of action, thrills, suspense and drama, get ready to brace yourself as he brings you powerful anthology which highlights the pleasure (and pain) of relationships, along with the dangerous and seductive world of the street life leaving no truth untold.

Brace yourselves as he releases the first of many in the Clifton Dutton Novel Series, Prince to a King!

Prince to a King is a novel set in an urban environment, but is also relatable to all societies. The love story that unfolds and proves to grip the plot, can take any reader of any backgrounds heart. How often do you find yourself cheering for the bad guy?
Based on elements of true events, new author Clifton J.Dutton takes the reader on a journey that proves to be electrifying.This novel captures the audience of the passionate type, while never losing the interest of the action and drama reader. This combination is often lost when trying to reach one core audience.
Prince to a King is an urban novel, but stretches the boundaries of the term taking you deep into the mind of a confused young black man that desperately seeks the love that was taken from him so long ago.©
DC, the murder capital, city of terror; It’s within these streets where a Prince will come to rise. Prince is a young man with a sadistic inner soul that was created by the tragic events of his early childhood.
Though these events have been suppressed deep in his mind, these are the traits that make him the man he is. As the pages turn and the roller coaster ride of Prince races toward the Man that stole his young life as he knew it, you can’t help but to cheer for the one American Gangster you hate to love.


“Nigga drive, why the fuck you sitting here..?” Before he could finish his head was flung back from the force of the truck speeding away. Fear is the worst enemy of a man. This concept was described as the fifth law of power in the book, 48 Laws of Power written by Robert E. Green. Prince was another Sun Zu of sorts. As the smoke cleared Prince stood unmoved by the events.
The niggas ran like bitches even though everyone of them was strapped. The presence of Prince made them afraid. He was living proof that fear is indeed the worst enemy of any man. The truth of the streets of DC stood strong on that sidewalk that hot summer night. The urban legend stood tall for all to see!!

Get to Know Cliffton:
1. Where are you from?
I am from Howard County, MD.

2. Where did you attend school?
I went to the university of Tennessee on a full football scholarship.

3. What made you begin to write?
I loved to write at an early age but once sports took over my life writing was put on the back burner. Once I was incarcerated I used the time wisely to re-invent my gift of writing.

4. Where did the concept of Prince to a King come from?
The concept literally came from the first sentence of the book. I wrote the first sentence and then let the story come to life.

5. As a writer who is Clifton Dutton?
A man that is not scared to tell the truth and creatively have the ability to fictionalize the truth of life and make written words become visual as you read.

6. how many books do you plane to release under the Clifton Dutton novel series?
The plan is for the first four releases to have three parts making 12 in all.

7. Finally what makes you different then the other hundreds of Urban authors?
My opinion is this, my upbringing is completely different then most of my fellow authors in my demographic.Most of them have a “HOOD” upbringing. Myself, I was raised in a 98% whit area which gives me uncanny ability to write and be able to expand on the interest of all demographics. I just got a great review back from a 75 year old white country woman from Nevada.

Find the Author at:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Upgrade You By Syretta Walker

Anabella Carter is alone and miserable. The only thing that brings her happiness is a blunt and a pint of Hennessy. Due to a number of misforturnes, she doesn’t know where her life is headed until she enters a urban fiction contest. As she journeys through her tale, she discovers the meaning of love and pain. Anabella realizes one person has stood by her side during the good times and the bad. She wants to tell him how she feels, but doesn’t want to risk losing him. Will Anabella will succumb to the pain? or Will love prevail?


That was also part of the reason Anabella decided to tell her story. She had been unable to talk about the point when her life took a turn. Anabella hated that point and most importantly she hated the way her life was headed at this point. She was twenty-one years old now with a child of her own, and most times she couldn’t believe she was a mother herself.
Anabella had gotten pregnant at seventeen, had her daughter at eighteen, and had continued to see hell every since. Currently, her National City checking account held a balance of twenty-three cent, and she didn’t have anything else to lose.
At least we got a roof over our heads and food to shove in our mouths, Anabella thought of her, and her daughter Isabella. She was due to start one of her last three semesters at Sinclair Community College tomorrow, and she didn’t know how she was going to swing that, and writing her novel as well. But, to Anabella it no longer felt like an option anymore. It was mandatory. Anabella loved the idea that she could erase the pain and hatred from her heart. She felt like she would be able to start all over again. Anabella just hated the fact that she would have to give the readers her triumph, before her tragedy. But, she thought, what the hell? Might as well get all this shit off me. Anabella decide she would use characters real names for the time being, although she knew it was risky. That is where an urban tale was born, five days into 2008, and the day before Anabella was due to go back to school…

Syretta A. Walker was born in South Carolina, but raised in Dayton, Ohio. She is a single mother of one little boy. Currently, she is obtaining an associate degree in real estate property management. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and eating. Her debut novel Upgrade You was written as a form of therapy after some of her old baggage began to surface. Upgrade You is loosely based around her life story. Syretta hopes that her novel can help at least one girl that is facing similar struggles.

Books can be purchased at a www.mahogneyinkpublication.com, amazon.com and a bookstore near you!!!

Get to Know Syretta:

What is your first title called, and what is it about?

A: My first street lit title is called ‘Upgrade You’, and it is about a “broke dog”{ who goes through on trial after another on a promiscuous journey to find love; maybe it will happen, maybe it won’t.

Where did you get the inspiration to write ‘Upgrade You’?

A: My baby sister, and my son. Got to do it for the kiddies, and leave my next few generations secure.

What sets ‘Upgrade You ‘apart from other books in the same genre?

A: I wrote the book while going through schizophrenia before being diagnosed with the disease. I was hearing voices and characters in my head.

Who was the biggest influences in your life coming up, and why?

A: My late great-grandmother because I would watch her tend house for others, sell baked goods, and remain a gracious woman while instilling a hustler’s mentality in me. Second,the late rapper Tupac Shakur, for sharing his trials with the world, and still trying to help in the crisis of poverty.

As an author, what are the keys to you success that lead to getting Upgrade You out to the public?

A: Word of mouth and attending seminars to get recognized as an upcoming serious author.

As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take to write Upgrade You?

A: It took me a month and a half. My writing process was eating a great deal of chocolate, drinking lots of sodas, and consuming lots of Newport cigarettes.

What other projects do you have available, and what’s next for Syretta Walker?

A: Chocolate Rose 2 is available on Kindle, and Nook. And I will be releasing Behind Tha Chastity Belt coming early 2012.

Email: Xmom9727 @att.net

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Misleading By Winkk

Sexy, wealthy and handsome is what best describes Jarvis Denttin, the owner of the exclusive popular Denttin nightclubs. His posh lifestyle has women flockingis love to him regularly, and they feed his strong appetite for sex. Having his choice of any woman, has created a selfish, deceiving, controlling man. Women are attracted to his alluring demeanor, until they are invited into his life and introduce to his devious side.

Expanding his company, Jarvis Denttin is excited to open a new nightclub in Chicago. He is devastated when his close friend is killed and his businesses become in jeopardy, that he is now reconsidering his move to the Windy City. Just as attractive and charming as Jarvis, his friend and employee Antonio Flink, is being well trained to become a duplicate of him, but Antonio proves that he is more conniving then Jarvis could imagine.

Candace Mourton, the personal assistant to Jarvis Denttin is a smart opportunist and knows that he is capable of providing the lifestyle she deserves, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the money flowing. She enjoys her professional and sexual relationship with him, until she breaks her own rule and falls in love. Jarvis takes care of her financially, and she caters to him daily, but realizes that isn’t enough to keep him interested in her.

With money dominating Jarvis’s successful life, he is unaware of the scheme being orchestrated to bring him down and he gets caught up in a web of deception. Knowing all the wrong he has done to people, he’s ready for a fresh start, but karma gets to him first. Oblivious of his acquaintance motives, puts him in a deadly situation. Will his life crumble before he finds out that the people around him have been misleading him the entire time?

Once you open one of Winkk’s novels, you won’t be able to stop until you’ve navigated every twist, turn and tragedy in the lives of her relatable and fascinating characters. Winkk’s deft storytelling and experience as a former model, actress and professional dancer for artists, including R. Kelly, Avant, and Ronald Isley made “Tour Secrets” and “Tour Secrets 2,” a rousing success.

The two novels–which follow the lives and torrid love affairs of dancers and best friends, Raven and Music–flew off virtual shelves when they were published in 2009 and 2010, netting acclaim from outlets including Rolling Out, Power 92.3 FM, Parle magazine and Raw TV. She is a “Breakout Author of the Year” nominee for the 2011 African American Literary Awards, an honor also bestowed upon fellow nominees and celebrity writers Iyanla Vanzant, Tavis Smiley and CNN anchor Don Lemon.

Winkk follows that credo in her own life. That is why, despite dancing for some of the biggest names in R&B and modeling for Ebony magazine among others, she opted not to go the tell-all route. Instead, Winkk focuses on fictionalized stories based on her experience and imagination, broaching topics from “down low” men to transsexual entertainers.

Winkk also is building her brand beyond writing novels. In 2011, she founded Ailam Publishing. Though she is currently publishing her own projects, she wants to assist other authors in finding their voice.

“When I first started writing, I wanted to tell the story of the tour experience from the dancer’s side…that’s a side that never got out,” Winkk said of the books and innovative video teasers she produced on her own. “Misleading” too will get the visual treatment, as part of Winkk’s holistic literary vision. “Now, I want to tell as many stories as I can as many ways as I can in print and eventually on the small and big screen.”

Get to Know Winnk:

What inspired you to write the novels Tour Secrets and Tour Secrets 2?

I’m a former dancer/choreographer and have worked for artist including R. Kelly, Avant and Ronald Isley. Traveling on the road as a dancer inspired me to write the Tour Secrets series so the readers could get a glimpse of what dancers experienced. I felt it would be interesting to write some outrageous and sometimes unbelievable, but realistic things that dancers deal with. Tour Secrets is not a tell all, but will give you a heart-stopping, jaw-dropping inside look into the music industry. The novels have been re-released under Ailam Publishing, and are available in paperback an Ebooks.
What character did you enjoy writing about the most in the series Tour Secrets?

Raven and Que were the characters I enjoyed creating and writing about the most. Raven revealed a big secret in the book and her sassy, humorous personality was exciting to write. Que is scandalous and ruthless, and creating his character was fun.
Was it easy making the transition from a dancer to an author?

The literary industry is very similar to the entertainment business, so the transition was very easy. Since I’ve been writing for many years and used to write while traveling, I felt comfortable making the change.
Tell us about your new novel Misleading?

My new novel Misleading is about a nightclub owner who is focused on money and being successful. He realizes that he can’t control the world with money and finds out that the people closes to him are more interested in bringing him down then helping him succeed. Revenge, deceit, sex, drama and scandal are all tied up in this novel. The novel will be available on September 30, 2011 and you can pre-order it now on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. It will be available in paperback an Ebooks.
What part of the writing process do you enjoy the most?

The part of the writing process I enjoy is creating the story and seeing all the elements come together. I usually create the cover in my mind first and everything else falls into place. I love creating so writing a novel is like choreographing a dance routine to me. I enjoy the process from the beginning to the end.
Why did you decide to self-publish and what are your plans for your new publishing company?

I started Ailam Publishing to publish my novels and to keep the creative control over my projects. I will continue to publish my novels and would also like to publish other authors in the future.
What can we expect next from Winkk?

I will keep writing novels and producing video book trailer. I will turn my novels into movies and continue mentoring and sponsoring local artist. I’ve got a few things up my sleeves, so be on the lookout.
You can catch me at www.winkkatme.com or info@winkkatme.com. Also facebook.com/winkkatme2, Twitter.com/winkkatme.com, Myspace.com/winkkatme and Youtube.com/winkktv.

Watch trailer here http://youtu.be/FD3m41EssRk

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Book Intro: Everything I Miss At Home

Everything I Miss At Home is a sexy and dramatic thrill of a novel that's emotional highs and lows read like a roller coaster ride. Karma, lust, ambition, greed, and life collide as fading athlete Nikki Brown, her corporate upstart girlfriend Erin Powell, and Erin's sexy assistant Devyn McAllister play winner take all with each other's lives. The debut novel from author Dawn is a deliciously addictive narrative that feels like a dark fantasy solidly in touch with real life. Dawn effortlessly directs Everything I Miss At Home from the boardroom, to the bedroom, and to the streets crafting a suspenseful, salacious, and soul stirring look at love and life through the character's eyes.

Interview with the author:

. Everything I Miss At Home is an intense ride. Erin, Devyn, and Nikki experience crazy highs and lows. Where did the inspiration come from to write this novel?

Everything I Miss At Home came from lots of imagination, discipline, & life experience. The three main characters represent three distinct personalities but thru their experiences we can see and feel reflections of ourselves and other people we've met during our lives. Some parts of that book are my diary, some are my daydreams, some are my nightmares.

2. Everything I Miss At Home resonates because this book feels so real. What was the hardest part for you to write?

As much grandeur and entertainment I wanted Everything I Miss At Home to have, the novel has a very voyeuristic feel to it. The influence of music dictated the first person writing style in Everything I Miss At Home as well. I feel the first person is part of why music can feel so close to our spirits and hearts. With that said, there are parts I thought were too intimate. Not just the sexuality, the cursing, the growing pains, the cruel way that life gives and takes sometimes.... Everything I Miss At Home is like watching someone and reading their thoughts without them knowing it. Part of me wanted to soften it up, but I thought of the Quentin Tarantino's of the world, the Sapphires, and decided against it. If I ever pick it up, parts of the Everything I Miss At Home are hard to read because its so emotionally raw. So bottling that intensity and maintaining it throughout the novel was difficult on me emotionally. Like actors can get lost in their character, so can the writer.

3. What is your favorite part of Everything I Miss At Home?

Maybe the Dream II party... That's the night that sparks a change in Erin. I think that's when her confidence steams ahead into arrogance territory. Devyn has this open eyed curiosity and naiveté about herself. This night, Erin establishes the role she wants Devyn to play in their experience together professionally and personally. Nikki seems to finally feel good about herself as a person, even though she almost begins to mimic Erin's materialism because Nikki's new esteem almost comes more from the things she is now able to buy herself than from her talent and drive.

4. What does Devyn, Nikki, & Erin have in common with you if anything?

Devyn and I have shared experiences. Erin and I both love Jay Z and have virtually memorized his entire catalog. If you were to ride in my car, you'd hear every Jay Z album ever made. Nikki and I love basketball. I hadn't played ball since I was a teenager and Nikki actually inspired me to get back in the gym. I can hang with 20 year old boys now. :)

5. What did you learn from Erin, Devyn, & Nikki or from writing Everything I Miss At Home?

Erin taught me to watch my ego, to be conscious of the way I treated people. Devyn taught me to be wary of people like Erin (joking!!) No Devyn taught me to take off the blinders in my life. To not be so driven by feelings and emotions. Nikki taught me never to let go of my dream or my heart, because if you are always playing catch up in life you might lose your destiny.

6. What can readers expect from the follow up to Everything I Miss At Home, My Secret Enemy?

Readers can expect to see the evolution in each of the individuals. The presence Erin, Nikki, & Devyn had in each other's life leaves all three of them as changed women. The funny thing about change is much as things change, the more they stay the same. Lola Worthy has a more prominent role in My Secret Enemy and her insight is fresh air compared with Erin's brilliant swagger, Nikki's street edge, and Devyn's perceived weakness. Lola is strong and feminine, money driven but not obsessed. Lola is refined and simple. I think lots of readers will identify with her once they get to know her more.

7. What were some unintended outcomes from the completion Everything I Miss At Home?

I managed to humanize homosexual characters and make them completely relatable to heterosexual readers. I get emails from people that thank me for healing the divide between cultures of gays and straights, especially in the black community. That was unintentional. Everything I Miss At Home is far from a coming out story, its a life story where the characters happen to be lesbians. The story transcends homosexuality and is more about human nature. In my personal life, it made people look at me differently. People had expectations from me to sell a million books with no huge machine behind me at first. Initially the sales were VERY modest, and this huge accomplishment of writing and finishing and putting Everything I Miss At Home in the marketplace was dwarfed by first week sales. The release of Everything I Miss At Home made the love of my life more attracted to me, but the initial sales made it easier for the love of my life to leave me. Those things stick with me and motivate me and brings me to higher level of consciousness about my life.

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