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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Exposed Conversations w/ Naleigna Kai

What made you get into writing?

I didn’t grow up saying I wanted to be an author. One day I was in the MS Network playing spades and met a guy who at first sent me poetry, then it was erotic poetry, then it was an erotic short story saying the wonderful things he wanted to do to me. I sent back ten pages detailing all the points he was missing. I used the stories I penned to him on the internet as chapters 16-22 of my first self-published novel, More Than Enough. My minister encouraged me to continue writing, detailing the sexual abuse that I experienced at the hands of my father. Those counseling sessions with her ended up being the basis for my second novel, She Touched My Soul. I’ve been writing steadily ever since.

What made you want to write a novel called, Every Woman Needs a Wife?

Every Woman Needs a Wife is a book I threw together at the last minute trying to get a book deal at Book Expo America 2005. Tee C. Royal was the first editor and it was her observation of the cover that changed one of the characters from Black to White. I wrote it in a night club, four Fridays in a row from 8 p.m to 6:00 a.m., (my brother was the DJ at the time). The book stemmed from a conversation with a friend, and later a short story that I wrote to grab the attention of an audience attending the African American Book Club Summit. I self-published Every Woman Needs a Wife, gave away free copies at BEA and gained the interest of two publishers. I went with an imprint of Simon & Schuster as they offered a contract to me and my son, (NAACP Image Award Nominee, J. L. Woodson, www.jlwoodson.com, on the same day (they were faxed to the hotel during the RAWSISTAZ Affair 2005. I knew it was an opportunity to promote both of us at the same time and the gamble paid off.

Do you have any other novels coming out soon?

The Pleasure’s All Mine, a spin-off of Every Woman Needs a Wife, comes out in April 2010. I’m excited about this piece as it is a lighter, funnier, more fast-paced read. I’m re-releasing She Touched My Soul later this year. It will be the 10th anniversary of the release for this novel. Folks can visit www.naleighnakai.com and join the mailing list so they can get updates.

What projects are you currently working on?

Well, that’s a loaded question! I’m writing Slaves of Heaven and should be finished by the end of February. I have three novels in different stages of the editing process right now--The Pleasure’s All Mine and She Touched My Soul are both with a final proofreader; Wife-in-Law is with a developmental editor.

When you’re not writing, what are you up to?

I’m marketing and promoting my work or other authors. I have clients listed with my company, Macro Marketing & Promotions Group (www.macrompg.com). I also work for a major law firm and I’m a developmental editor and ghostwriter with several projects on board right now.

What has been the most rewarding part of being a published author?

Meeting so many wonderful people, and having the opportunity to meet some of my favorite authors like L.A. Banks, Brenda Jackson, Iris Johansen, Jackie Collins, James Patterson, Rochelle Alers, Beverly Jenkins, E. Lynn Harris and so many others. I think the crowning moment to date was hitting the Essence Best-seller’s list, then the Black Expressions Bestsellers list; or when I walked the red carpet with my son in Los Angeles for the NAACP Image Awards.

What advice would you give up and coming authors?

Self-publish, learn the industry, set some goals, build a name, then spread your wings. The people mentioned in this article inspired me to follow in their footsteps...I'm happy that I self-published first as it allowed me the opportunity to learn and grow. Self-publishing venues have made it easy for authors to get a book into print and into the hands of avid readers. There are a great deal of authors who started on that path and eventually swept into a lane which put them on the New York Times Best-seller's list.

Case-in-point, the Romancing the Stone series written by Catherine Lanigan writing as Joan Wilder, was on the NY Times for several weeks, then eventually made into a movie. Robert T. Kiyosaki was turned down by several major houses before he published his own book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, then hit it big on the NY Times list. Louise L. Hay's self-published book, You Can Heal Your Life, was on the NY Times list for thirteen consecutive weeks. She went on to publish other powerhouses such as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Suze Orman, Doreen Virtue, Sandra Brown, Tavis Smiley and many others. And it goes to show that what's in, what's popular, what's perfect to publish with major houses is subjective. So do not give up. Even John Grisham’s A Time to Kill was rejected by several major houses before The Firm was eventually picked up. Then they went back to publish A Time to Kill, which in my estimation, was his best work (and a great movie, too!).

Every Woman Needs a Wife by Naleighna Kai

“Wild...an awesome ride! After reading Every Woman Needs a Wife, I knew I needed one too!”
---L.A. Banks, New York Times Best-selling author

“What Naleighna Kai has done with this book--this story line--is create a work of imaginary genius.”
---Zane, New York Times Best-selling author

“Outrageously funny and entertaining! The clever story is one that will have most women thinking...what if?”
---Mary B. Morrison, New York Times Best-selling author

“An implausible premise evolves into a fascinating story. Kai has penned a novel that plumbs the emotions of three people caught up in an all-too-common triangle.”
Evelyn Palfrey, national best selling author of Three Perfect Men

“Simply marvelous! An original story which takes a different approach on a subject that strikes a chord with all women. Definitely a novel that book clubs will be talking about for years to come. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.”
--Ella Houston, The Book Lovers Club, Chicago

“Kai has given an original twist to an age-old problem that shows the many dynamics of marriage and what one must do to get over the betrayal. It also shows that it is possible to heal from past wrongs.’
---Nina Lewis, RAWSistaz Guest Reviewer

“Every Woman Needs a Wife is an ingenuously crafted novel from Naleighna Kai which is more than a catchy title with over the top drama; it is a plausible storyline with an inspiring and empowering message for all women who have ever felt they were less than a woman if they did not have a man in their life. Naleighna Kai has created a compelling read with unforgettable characters and sub-plots. If you are looking for a contemporary fiction relationship novel to enjoy with a cold glass of lemonade or sweet tea on a warm, summer day, then check out Kai's latest novel.”
--Yasmin, APOOO Book Club

Naleighna Kai
, a Chicago native, is the author of the national best-selling novel, Every Woman Needs a Wife, coauthor of Speak it into Existence and a contributing author to a New York Times Best-seller. Naleighna started writing in December of 1999, self-publishing her first three novels before landing a deal with an imprint of Simon & Schuster. She is the mother of, J. L. Woodson, NAACP Image Award Nominee for Outstanding Literature (Superwoman’s Child: Son of a Single Mother). Every Woman Needs a Wife is currently required reading for Indiana University’s Women and Gender Studies Course and has received rave reviews and awards across the nation. Naleighna is currently working on a new project: Wife-in-Law and the next novel, The Pleasure’s All Mine is set to release April 2010.


contact her at lissawoodson@aol.com, 888.854.8823

Purchase the book at Amazon.com

it's under the name of Naleighna Kai


Friday, February 12, 2010

Books That Make Yo Go OOOOO Day 14

Rhythm Can’t Keep Time, Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough

Story Synopsis

Can people really be two halves of the same whole? If so, Sterling and Sheridyn are a perfect fit. Sterling is an intelligent salesman who has a great sense of humor and charming personality. After experiencing one betrayal after another, he has put his heart under lock and key. When beautiful Sheridyn enters his life, will he unlock the one place no one can enter? Or, will he be afraid of another disappointment and be unwilling to commit?

Sheridyn is a vibrant, witty young lady who can mesmerize men with her captivating smile and magnetic personality. After her first love left her broken-hearted, she vowed to never love again…until she meets the handsome Sterling. From the onset of Sterling and Sheridyn’s first encounter, they possessed a harmonic rhythm laced in humor and vicarious personas. When Sterling and Sheridyn’s worlds collide, will they be able to control the passion between them? Or will their seductive love dance to burn up in flames?

Sometimes where we start determines how we end. Sterling never imagined Sheridyn outside the bedroom, as Sheridyn poised herself for a place in Sterling’s life and in his heart, but settled for a place in his bed. The passion between them was so sensual and their connection surreal, Sterling thought anything that good was never meant to last forever.

Just when Sheridyn thought she was gaining ground with Sterling, he would disappear from her life, each time resurfacing in synch. The on again off again song lasted 10 years as Sheridyn put her life on hold waiting for Sterling to get himself together. Just when you think the rhythm and time are in synch, Sheridyn realizes songs are timeless, melodies may be the same, but dances never last forever.

Throughout the story, readers are entranced by Sterling and Sheridyn’s dance. They are engaged by the ability to identify with the characters in a straight forward, down to earth storyline that cleverly wraps nuggets of wisdom that speaks to the soul and ministers to the audience’s heart.

Scenic Colorado serves as the back drop to this unique melodic performance between Sterling and Sheridyn. Rhythm Can’t Keep Time is not a sappy love story or an unrealistic male-bashing narrative but it explores love through an erotic lens and exposes the battle of the sexes. Love is subject to the understanding and expression to which individual’s experience, which makes love relative.

Visit the author at http://www.rhythmcantkeeptime.com/

Books That Make You Go OOOOO Day 13

My Own terms By T Niclole Robinson

Leaving Philadelphia could only mean one thing for Shana, a new beginning. She had no choice; she was forced out. Her husband couldn't accept her leaving him and he made every attempt to make her come back. The stalking of friends and family was too much for her to handle. She had an out and it was three thousand miles away. Drastic times call for drastic measures. A drastic move is exactly what she needed, desperately. Despite her not knowing anyone but her one friend, she relocated with hopes of building a new life. Even with her making a cross country move, her husband continues to be a major road block in her endeavor to start her life over.
Shana's love for men will never die, but her willingness to be with just one had. There are too many men out there for her to settle down with just one. Because of what her husband put her through, she is choosing not to allow another man to do her dirty. With only being in her new life for a week, Shana finds her self tangled up with different men. The lust these men demonstrate for her only drives her to continue on in her quest to be free. She conveniently leaves out the part about her being married and being stalked. No matter how hard she tries to dodge this issue, the truth always finds its way to the light.
Come what may, she is determined to live her life on her terms... .

Read exclusive chapters from the book

My Own Terms Excerpt:

I walked into the apartment and caught Africa looking through my bags.

“Damn!” I yelled, scaring Africa half to death. “You nosy!”

“Gurl, please! You know I’m jealous. Ya ass only been here for one damn day and already got a nigga spoiling ya ass,” she looked at me, “and not just any nigga - my cousin!”

“What can I say?”

“I never seen or heard of him doing no shit like this for no other chick.”

“I ain’t one of those other chicks,” I smiled. “I got lingerie, shoes, clothes and everything else I picked up and liked. He had to have spent at least seven or eight hundred dollars on me - and that’s not even including the spa we went to after the mall.”

“Ohhh…the spa. How was it?”

“Let’s just say, I loved it!”

“Eweeeee! Y’all nasty!”

“What?! We ain’t do nothin’!”

“Yeah? And I ain’t nosy,” she sarcastically said.

We both burst out in laughter because we both knew she was one of the nosiest people alive.

“Gurl, let me tell you how when we was ridin’ all the way up to LA for some damn IHOP, all of Shawn’s…”

“Shawn?!” she looked at me. “Since when did he become Shawn?”

“After he picked me up this morning…you know we ain’t like family no more,” I grinned.

Africa just shook her head in disgust. Well, she asked right?

“Anyway, on the way up there, all of Shawn’s hoes keep callin' his phone. Even Deja mom called him, rammin’.”

“Deja mom always got drama. I told DeShawn about her way before she even got pregnant. Of course, he ain’t listen.”

“Yeah, well by the time I finished with him he couldn’t do nothin’ else but put his phone on vibrate. They kept callin’, but he didn’t dare answer.”

“You musta put some kinda spell on his ass. I can’t even believe that.”

“That’s not even all of it. We got to IHOP on Wilshire Boulevard…”

“Wilshire Boulevard?!” she yelled with a confused look.

“Yeah, he took me all the way up there so he wouldn’t run into none of his chicks. He said that wasn’t why and it was because he had the reservations at the spa, but he full of shit, and I know it. There are a million spas between here and LA - why all the way in LA?”

“Didn’t I tell you he was…”

“Wait, I’m not done yet,” I interrupted her. “We gets to IHOP, and this bitch keep looking at him. Now you know how jealous I can be; I was not having that shit.”

“Here we go!” she blurted out as she covered her mouth.

“I walked right up to the bitch and cussed her ass out. She claimed she never messed with him, but one of her girlfriends did. I told her that her and her friend could get it ‘cause Shawn was wit me.”

“No, you didn’t, you trippin’! He ain’t even ya man.”

“So what! That bitch didn’t know that, and the way she was starin’ and pointin’ at me was real disrespectful.”

“You ain’t changed a bit; still rowdy.”

“You know it” I laughed as I stood up and started picking up my bags.

“Come on, help me get this stuff in my room.”

“Where you puttin’ all of this shit? That room ain’t big enough for all this shit.”

“I know, but I don’t plan on being here that long, so it should be cool.”

I knew Africa didn’t care how long I stayed, but being as independent as I am there was no way I could stay at her place for that long.

“I know they got some one-bedrooms around here. People always movin’ in and out,” she informed me.

“Aight. I’m gonna go to the rental office in the morning.”

We finished putting all the bags in my room and the other guest room, then went back to the living room.

“I think I may have found you a job,” Africa said as she sat down on the couch.

“Doing what?”


“Oh, God!” I interrupted.

“No, no it’s nothing like that. I have a position available in the adoption department and one in the foster care department. They both pay about the same.”

“Hmmm…” I paused as I thought about my options. I had done both types of work before, but the adoption services are more up my alley. “I think I’ll go for the adoption.”

“Sounds good. I’ll bring you in on Tuesday for an interview,” she stopped and grinned, “Although, I do run the show and you my gurl, so an interview is really not needed as far as I am concerned. But, it’s protocol.”

“Alright with me.”

I stood up and went into the kitchen, looking for something to snack on. I really hadn’t eaten much all day since IHOP; I was having too much fun in other areas of my life. I found some chips and salsa to munch on as I watched late night TV. I went back into the living room and sat on the couch. Just as I got comfortable on the couch with my chips and salsa, I realized I still hadn’t checked the messages on my phone. I changed the channel to watch the news, and my phone rang. My heart started to beat fast; I thought for sure it was Aamir.

“Hello,” I answered, not even looking at the screen to see who it was.

At that point, if it were Aamir I was just going to deal with it.

“Hey babe,” Shawn replied back. “I’m home.”

I was so happy that it was him and not that idiot.

“Hey, there,” I answered.

“I made it home unscratched,” he replied sarcastically.

“You probably had one of ya chicks following you and didn’t even know it,” I laughed.

“Whateva, girl. I’ll call you tomorrow.”


I hit the ‘End’ button and hung up the phone. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to check those messages tonight or tomorrow. I had such a good time today, I really didn’t want to spoil it.

“Shana,” Africa called out as I sat there staring into space. “You aight? Who was that?”

“Huh?…oh, yeah, I’m fine. It was Shawn.”

“Well, then, what the hell is wrong wit you?”

“Gurl, while we was at the spa, Aamir was blowin' my phone up.


“He called me sixteen times and left at least one message. Shit, knowing him, he probably left sixteen.”

“You ain’t check ‘em yet?”

“Nope,” I shook my head. “I didn’t want to mess up my day with Shawn. I mean, he did have a bunch of chicks calling him while we was together. I don’t even think I want to check ‘em at all.”

“Now, you know damn well you gotta check ‘em,” she smiled. “You gotta check ‘em at least for me.”

“You are so damn nosy,” I told her as if she didn’t know, “Aight, I am kinda curious.”

I grabbed my phone and prepared myself to listen to the idiot’s message or messages; hopefully it was only one. I navigated my way through my phone to retrieve my voicemail. I was finally going to check my voicemail, so I prepared myself to get mad. Every time I had talked to him since I had left had not been a pleasant experience.

“You have fourteen new messages,” the voice on phone informed me.

“What?!” Africa asked as she noticed me rolling my eyes as I listened to the phone.

“Gurl, he left fourteen messages. What a dumbass!!”

“Put it on speaker,” she insisted.


I pushed the left button under the word ‘Speaker’ on my phone. Now we both were going to be witness to how verbally abusive he could be. There was no way these messages were on a positive note.

“If you would like to listen to your messages, please enter your password,” the voice on the phone continued. I quickly put my password in and pressed the pound key. “First message,” the voice replied.

“You think you could leave town, and I wouldn’t find out. And, I bet you think I don’t know where ya ass is, huh? Bitch, you are still my wife, and I own you. I am coming to get you - count on that!”

My Own Terms 2: Never Settle

“Babe, ya phone,” Aiden told me as if I didn’t hear it.

“I know, but I don’t wanna move. I wanna just lay here with yall.”

“It might be Africa tryin’ to check on you.” Shawn logically pointed out.

“True,” I paused and grinned, “I’m good.”

“She gonna keep callin’ or textin’ if you don’t answer. You know how she is.”

Shawn was right; I was already tired of hearing the beeping. I got up off the floor, barely able to stand.

“Ohhh…” I jumped as I felt a smack on my ass. I didn’t know which one did it, they both smiled. Who ever it was, it made me want to turn right back around and give it to them again. “Wait ‘til I get back from checkin’ my phone, it’s gonna be on.”

“Don’t tease me!” Shawn played.

“Oh, I’m not”

“I’m game for that!” Aiden replied as he cut his eyes and licked his lips.

They had licked, sucked, caressed, poked, and everything else possible to me and my body. They didn’t seem to mind having to share; in fact Shawn performed better. I couldn’t believe they were so open about that shit. I mean most guys want a threesome, but with two chicks. The fact that they didn’t know each other was even stranger.

“Was it Africa?” Shawn yelled.

I didn’t respond, I just looked at the phone in utter shock.

I’m in San Diego. Told you I was coming for ya ass!!

The phone fell out of my hand onto the floor. I was in disbelief.

“Shana, what’s up?” Aiden stood up putting his boxers on. He walked up behind me nudging his hardness into my back. I couldn’t move, not an inch. How was he in San Diego? That couldn’t be possible, it just wasn’t possible.

Shawn jumped up off the floor, bent down and picked up the phone. He read the text and couldn’t hold himself together.

“What the fuck?! Is this who I think it is?!”

“Yeah,” I could barely speak. I walked away from Aiden, grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom. I threw clothes on my bare bathroom floor and sat on the cold toilet. I couldn’t believe what I had just read. He had threatened to come out to San Diego, but I didn’t think he had the balls to do it. I didn’t think he had the funds to do it. The farthest he had ever gone out of Philly was to New York and that was only because his cousin begged him to.

“What?!” I heard him yell from the living room, “Her husband?!”

I assumed Shawn was filling Aiden in on my situation. I quickly jumped up off the toilet seat, washed minimally, and threw my clothes on. I opened the bathroom door.

“What the fuck is goin’ on Shana?!” Aiden was standing in the doorway of my bathroom fully dressed.

“Aiden,” I sighed as I walked passed him,“ I have been trying to tell you all day. You wouldn’t let me, you wouldn’t let me explain anything.”

“This shit is major! You got your husband Shana, your husband, comin’ for ya ass all the way from Philly. What kind of shit is that?!”

“Aye,” Shawn interrupted, “calm the fuck down! She’s already stressed the fuck out and you sittin’ here yellin’ at her is not helpin’!”

“Whateva nigga! I’m out!”

“Aiden…wait. Please!”

“Naw, this shit is for the birds!” Aiden flagged me.

“Let him go Shana, let him go,” Shawn pushed his arms forward as if he was fleeing Aiden. “Now you know who is really here for you and about you.”

Aiden turned around and flagged Shawn back, “Nigga, shut the fuck up. That nigga gonna come the fuck up in here and fuck both yall up and I ain’t tryin’ to be around for none of that shit!”

Shawn began to walk toward Aiden with the grizzly look on his face. I jumped in front of him redirecting him to the kitchen area.

“Get the fuck out!” Shawn yelled across the apartment, “You a nut!”

Aiden didn’t even respond; he just slammed the door behind him. I could understand his frustration but he didn’t allow me to explain anything. I’ll call him tomorrow; he’ll be over it by then, I thought to myself trying to get my bearings together.

“You think that nigga really here for you? He want those drawls and that’s it, like every other nigga out here but me. I know you and I know what you need, these other niggas don’t!” Shawn bluntly explained interrupting my train of thought.

“I don’t know what he really wants, but right now it don’t even matter.”

“You think he’s really here? You think he would come all the way to Cali to find you?”

“Don’t know…I mean he told me the other day when he called talkin’ shit that he was gonna find me. I thought he was bullshitin’. The number the text came from, I don’t recognize it. It’s not his cell phone number, at least not the one he’s been callin’ me from all week long. What are some other area codes out here?” I paused thinking about the situation. “But I guess that don’t even matter 'cause he coulda got a cell phone from anywhere. DAMN!”

“So if you don’t recognize the number, how do you know it’s him?”

“Who the fuck else would send me a text like that. Plus, the text said ‘told you I was comin for ya ass’,” I pointed out with a little attitude.

“So what are you gonna do?”

“I gotta get dressed,” I looked toward my bedroom, “I got some things I gotta handle.”

“I’m in, let’s do it,” Shawn replied with his game face on.

I ran into my bedroom to find something else to put on. I needed to be dressed and ready for whatever. I found my pink and brown Baby Phat sweat suit and threw it on. I still had to look cute because you never know who you might run into when you’re out and about.

“Let’s go.”

“Where? I mean you actin’ like we bout to go on a manhunt for this nigga,” Shawn pointed out as if he had a problem with that scenario.

“What you ain’t down now?! All that shit you was talkin’ a few minutes ago and now you actin’ like you got a problem with somethin’!”

Visit the author and purchase your copy at www.tnicoleonline.com

Books That Make You Go OOOOO Day 12

Love Never Fails By Carla Victoria Wallace

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fall in love with someone of a different race? According to Jada Calloway, she has never considered dating outside of her race. When Jada is introduced to Pete McKnight, the handsome single brother of her co-worker, she suspects that he's interested in more than friendship.

Mike Jenkins is a familiar face from Jada's childhood who has finally captured her attention. Jada is interested in Mike at first, but gradually, Pete begins to intrigue her.

Pete's mother, Mrs. McKnight, fears that Jada is getting too close to her son. Mrs. McKnight does not approve of Jada because of her race and has no shame in letting everyone know. With each encounter that Jada has with Mrs. McKnight, the tension increases and Jada's insecurities resurface. Will Jada put her bitterness and insecurities aside to pursue a new relationship, or will she go back to what’s familiar?

Visit the author at:


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Books That make You Go OOO Day 11

Bayou Drama By Darine Davis

Bayou Drama is a collection of short stories comprised of five primary characters and several sub-primaries. The primary characters struggle to provide solutions to problems with in the development of their relationships. The first is Michael (THE MAN I USED TO BE) a love struck husband trying to have his wife Joyce to be as intimate with him as he is with her. Joyce, on the other hand, feels smothered and denounces his advances using every excuse known to man. This drives Michael to giving up on his advances after one major denial from Joyce. He leaves to regroup only to meet up with his wife’s best friend Sarah. Sarah is a corporate diva who is determined to get what she wants when she wants it. She meets Michael in a club and a mild conversation leads to an illicit affair. Joyce finally confronts Michael after some time and he openly admits the affair. After amends of the marriage, Michael works hard to keep his marriage in tack but Sarah being the headstrong woman she is refuses to give up on Michael and is driven to drastic measures of trying to kill Michael and Joyce. In her mind if she can’t have him no one can. Joyce is confronted by Sarah and is near being killed herself when the police ends the dramatic turn of events by killing Sarah.

The second is Shonda (UNTIL DEATH DO WE PART) A NEWBIE IN THE Houston area starting over with a new home, a new job, a new life. She is an independent woman striving to make good on her new start. She is a confident woman who lives life as she comes. She meets Tony a comical but caring young man who has experienced his share of trauma in his life. A failed marriage and a boring career, he is looking for any escape life has to offer. Tony meets Shonda in the lounge in a most uncomfortable situation and is immediately smitten with her wit and her charm. Likewise was Shonda with Tony, she too was taken by his country humor and southern dialect. They hit it off rather well and began a rather intense relationship. They agreed to marry but the plans are threatened by Tony’s ex-wife who wishes to reunite to keep Tony from being happy. While at the church waiting on a very late groom, Shonda finds out that Tony is murdered by his ex in a murder suicide but her resilience allows her to march down the aisle in spite of her grief.

The third character Tony (YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW )is a want to be player. He feels that he can do what he wants when and how he wants to any girl he is with including his long time girlfriend Cheryl. Cheryl is a loving and devoted woman that will do what it takes to keep her relationship with Tony going. She is led to believe that she and Tony are engaged to be married but as usual Tony is stringing her along long enough to get what he needs from her. Tony’s plan soon backfires on him when he is caught with Ms. Thang, an old flame that happened to be in the wrong place, his apartment, at the wrong time. Needless to say the sparks fly between Ms. Thang and eventually Tony. But it takes a good old fashioned but whipping for Tony to realize how much he really loves Cheryl. After a few months of emotional torture, Cheryl and Tony finally reconcile and Tony vows never to take love for granted again

The fourth character Roger, (TAKE CARE OF HOUSE AND HOME) a computer support specialist making amends with his unfaithful wife Cheryl. Cheryl is caught having sex with Roger’s cousin Jeff. It has been two years after the incident and Roger is slowly beginning to forgive his wife when tragedy strikes. Roger is involved in a major accident that almost cost him his life. Now enters Sandra, a caring co-worker that has taking a liking to Roger but tries to respect his marriage until she learns from his mother of his wife’s infidelity again with Jeff. Roger’s mother, Mrs. Jenkins is a widow who is extremely devoted to the safety and well being of her son and has had all she can take of Jeff and Cheryl’s escapades. After finding out about the secrete affair from various clues carelessly left by Cheryl, he turns to Sandra to make a new start. However, the tables are turned as Cheryl realizes how well she had it tries to regain her position in Roger’s life. After a failed attempt and a family crisis, Mrs. Jenkins ends the drama permanently by putting an end to Jeff and Cheryl once and for all.

The last character Alice (A FREAK LIKE ME), is corporate suave. Extremely independent and very sure of her lifestyle, believe no man could tame her. She is sure of her life and what she wants in life and love. She has no problem putting men in their place. She has the mindset “hurt them before they hurt you. Her use and abuse mentality is met by an unlikely challenge from Greg a shy but equally assured man that believes in his abilities and what he can offer a woman. They meet by accident but challenge each others will by trying to outdo each other certain eventually the other would submit. But Alice eventually realizes that a man is not weak if he submits to a woman’s will in fact he can be equally as strong.

Visit the author at http://www.dniceone.com/

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Books That Make You Go OOOOO Day 10

Twisting the Script By Justina Wheelock

TWISTING THE SCRIPT introduces Larry Aaron. A man strong enough to compete with a Gravier for a woman's love. Erica "Reka" Madison moved past her heartbreak to become a bolder and more confident woman. She staked her claim on her emotional independence and refused return to the emotional ruins left by Cyprien Gravier, two years earlier. Only the love of her childhood friend, Larry Aaron, was able to rescue her from her despair. The bond they shared was timeless.
...But, times were about to change. To keep Cyprien away, Erica and Larry play with fire. Could Erica handle the heat? The power of the passion Larry kept at bay left Erica breathless. Larry allowed Erica to discover just what she'd missed for years.
Cyprien Gravier's insecurities led him to leave town and to end his relationship with Erica Madison. He left seeking fame and fortune and returned with not enough of either. Seeing Erica Madison again made Cyprien realize that leaving Erica was a mistake and he was determined to win Erica's heart. He turns to Johnathan "Nate "Gravier for advice and tutoring. Cyprien's troubles became the Bad Boy of all Gravier's, new project.
TWISTING THE SCRIPT is the first work in the Aaron Family Series and is an offshoot of the now published Gravier Family Series.

Read Exclusive chapters from the book

Although Erica retreated behind her desk for emotional safety, this time she felt liberated. This conversation with Cyprien was one she wanted to have for years. She fought her way back and she wouldn't return to the ruins of the most debilitating relationship of her life. Erica’s afterthoughts went immediately to Larry. At this moment she missed him and wanted nothing more than to leave with him. Cyprien's behavior made her realize just how different the two men were. Larry had a strong personality as well, but he was never so prepossessing and always respected her wishes. Even through the most difficult time in her life, Larry put her feelings ahead of his own. The thoughts of just how special Larry was made her smile to herself as she looked up and through Cyprien.

Cyprien couldn't believe that Erica was ignoring him and that she now felt poised enough to smile after ordering him out of her office, especially after he opened up to her. To cope with his wounded pride he pushed into his thoughts, I'm still in mode G. He intended upon following Nate's advice to the letter on this fact finding mission.

To his disdain, once he opened the door to leave, Cyprien saw Larry and Sly coming up to it. He exchanged a chilly stare with Larry as they passed each other. Larry went immediately to Erica's side and searched her face for an explanation. Cyprien stepped out of the room into the hall, but didn't close the door as he waited with Sly outside. Sly reached to close the door, but the sight of Erica and Larry greeting each other gave him cause to delay.

“Larry, I'm glad you're here?” Erica said as she pulled her body close to his and slid her arms beneath his open leather jacket as she gave him an urgent hug.

Larry spoke softly into her ear, “Reka, is everything alright?”

Erica whispered back, “I'm ready for my streetcar.”

Erica tipped toed up and placed a light kiss on Larry's lips. Larry's irritation immediately faded by the mere touch of her lips against his. He stared down at her, then instantly and eagerly complied with her unspoken request. Larry held her chin then took full possession of her mouth. Erica sensed something strange and wonderful. Perhaps it was the decisive way he caressed her mouth while holding her with the heady look in his eyes. Automatically, she placed her arms around his neck as she stared at him. This was a man she'd known her entire life yet at this moment, she was seeing him for the first time. Temporarily, she forgot that his was a farce. Erica whispered, “Thanks, Larry.”

Larry pulled Erica closer then whispered for her ear only, “Reka, this is no streetcar...and I ain't Tennessee Williams.” They both were conscious of the fact that Cyprien hovered near the doorway with Sly.

Cyprien couldn't believe his eyes. His ears burned with intense bitterness and anger as he watched Erica submit to Larry Aaron openly and willingly.

Slowly, consciously, and yet quite passionately Erica and Larry addressed the intense energy that would no longer be denied. For Erica it was new and exhilarating. To Larry it was the pent up passion he could never negate, no matter how hard he tried. Erica closed her eyes as they exchanged another gentle and intimate embrace. Larry relished kissing her lips tenderly. For Erica, the kiss they shared became intoxicating. Erica took a cleansing breath and opened her eyes to stare at Larry and softly sighed. “Oh, what...was...that?”

“Your streetcar...remember?” he whispered back as he nibbled lightly on her ear lobe.

“Streetcar?” The kiss they shared was so thrilling that Erica forgot about the reference she made only seconds before.

“Yes...but you can also name it...Passion,” Larry said.

“And not Desire?”

Larry didn't hesitate before responding, “Never. There is absolutely no comparison.”

Erica looked up and smiled, “A streetcar named, Passion...not Desire. That's curious... ready to leave?”

Larry brushed another kiss on Erica's lips as he released her and helped her to gather her coat and bag. Erica's uneasiness about talking to Cyprien was now totally erased.

Visit the Justina at www.jwheelock.com

Books That Make You Go OOOOO Day 9

Love Lessons By Terren Grimble

Stacey Jackson has the perfect life. A senior at Howard University she is blessed with brains, beauty and popularity, a loving family, not to mention a handsome basketball player boyfriend, Patrick. But all is not what it seems, especially when it comes to her relationship with Patrick. Stacey wants nothing more than to cut Patrick’s out of her life completely. However, Patrick’s holding a damaging secret over her head and before she knows it, more problems arise within their already troubled relationship. To make matters worse, Stacey’s long-time crush, Ronnie Morgan, enters the picture.

Ronnie is the drop-dead gorgeous co-captain of the Howard University basketball team and aspiring singer. Stacey’s had a thing for Ronnie when she first laid eyes on him during their freshman year. Unbeknownst to her, Ronnie has wanted to get with Stacey as well. When Patrick goes home the summer before their senior year, Stacey realizes “God definitely has a sense of humor,” because Ronnie starts making his moves. In the beginning, Stacey resists Ronnie’s advances, but after spending an innocent evening together, she gives into her longtime desires. Once those desires are unleashed, there’s no turning back and it’s not just about the sex!

Despite her current relationship, Ronnie feels that Stacey is a safe bet for “no drama” but he has no idea about the abuse both physical and mental that she endures from Patrick. Ronnie tries to be supportive of Stacey’s decision to remain with Patrick but soon, enough’s enough. When Stacey doesn’t break up with Patrick after an ultimatum, Ronnie ends their relationship. Will Stacey let her secret, tear her new relationship apart before it gets a chance to blossom?

Read Exclusive Details from the book

The Perfect “10”

Number 10—Ronnie Morgan, the six-foot-five forward and co-captain of the Howard University men’s basketball team—he led the Bison in scoring and rebounds, averaging six steals per game, shooting eighty-five percent from the free-throw line. And on top of all that, he was fine! Ronnie was so fine that he made my eyes water.

My knowledge of Ronnie wasn’t limited to his basketball stats. Ronald Steven Morgan, Jr., was from Brooklyn, New York. He was a senior and a hospitality-management major. He had an older sister, Raina, who was twenty-seven and a younger brother named Robert, who was eighteen. His parents owned two restaurants and a nightclub.

Howard’s football team was alright but the basketball team had been to the Mid-Eastern Atlantic Conference (MEAC) finals the past three years, so that made Ronnie a big man on campus. It also meant every girl on campus wanted him. I guess I fell into that category too. All the attention never seemed to go to his head though. He was real cool about it.

Since I was a finance major, Ronnie and I both took most of our classes at the School of Business, and I would always see him around campus. I finally met him one night sophomore year after one of our home basketball games.

My best friend, Erika had set her sights on David Washington, the other co-captain of the basketball team. She finally decided to make her move that night. She wanted to wait for the team to come out of the gymnasium and of course, I had to wait too. We were sitting outside on her car freezing our butts off. It had to have been almost thirty degrees that night. After waiting about a half hour, I was about to leave.

“C’mon, Stace, five more minutes,” Erika begged.

Five minutes came and went.

“E, it’s cold as hell out here. I’m ‘bout to be out.” Dave was a nice-looking brother but not all that for me to be freezing. Just as I was getting ready to leave, he and Ronnie walked out of the door. Now Ronnie Morgan was a reason for me to freeze. Dave smiled at Erika, noticeably happy to see her.

“Sorry I took so long. I was waiting for my boy Ron,” Dave explained.

“That’s okay,” Erika responded, smiling widely.

She was so busy being in Dave’s face that she didn’t even introduce me. I nudged her to make sure I would get my introduction.

“Oh, ah Dave, this is my best friend, Stacey.”

“What’s up, Stacey?” Dave said, shaking my hand. “This is my man Ron.”

Ronnie said, “Nice to meet you, Stacey,” and extended his hand. When my hand touched his, it was the first time in my life that my knees actually buckled.

“Nice to meet you too,” I replied, smiling almost uncontrollably.

After that night, whenever Ronnie saw me on campus, he would make it a point to speak. I loved the way he said, “How you doing, Stace?” with his New York accent. He made my name sound so sexy.

Ms. Jackson, Ms. Jackson

In the three years I’d been at Howard, there was never any one girl that I had really been interested in. I mean, I went out with a lot of girls, a hell of a lot, but nothing serious. Most of them were just jocking me because I played ball.

Being a captain on the basketball team did have its advantages. Pulling females was one of them. Also, having females think you’re fine added to my pulling power. It wasn’t like I went out chasing these girls. Many times—actually most of the time—they were right there, handing themselves to me on a silver platter. And there was no way I was going to turn down all of them.

Of course, there were a few girls who would say I was the biggest dog on campus. But I didn’t see it that way. Plus, I found out girls talk a lot of smack when they’re around their friends. There was this AKA from Richmond, VA who was always talking about how big a dog I was. But once she wasn’t around her girls, she was all up in my face—and in my pants. I could call her at anytime, day or night, and she’d let me come over.

It’s not like I wasn’t honest with all the girls I went out with. I told them I wasn’t trying to have a girlfriend. I had tried the girlfriend thing freshman year and it didn’t work for me. Once we broke up, my fun really began.

There were a few girls here and there who started liking me after we kicked it but the feelings weren’t mutual. Besides, my music was my first priority, and I wasn’t going to let anything, especially some female, interfere with that.

Howard, hell all of D.C. for that matter, had no shortage of fine women. When my boys came down from New York, they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. They acted like kids in a candy store. They couldn’t understand why I wasn’t as hyped as they were. All those girls didn’t faze me. No girl on that campus had yet to really turn my head. That was until Stacey.

Stacey Jackson was beautiful. She had the kind of beauty that caught you off guard. Everything about her was so natural that you almost didn’t notice her. But right when you thought you hadn’t seen her, you realized you most definitely had. She had the most gorgeous mocha-colored skin I had ever seen, lovely brown eyes and the kind of smile that made a brother melt like chocolate. Not to mention a body that could bring you to your knees. She was thick as hell! From head to toe, everything about that girl was sexy.

I had been seeing Stacey around campus since our freshman year. I wanted to step to her plenty of times, but two things stopped me—her twin brothers, Kevin and Devin. They had finished undergrad at Howard the year before, but were still on campus going to grad school and they made it known she was their little sister and anybody who messed with her would get his ass kicked. So for a long time, nobody really stepped to her.

Then my boy Dave finally introduced me to her after a game during our sophomore year. Man, I wanted to step to her then but she was talking to this kid, Pat, who played ball with us. Pat got on my damn nerves—more than likely because he was with Stacey. But besides that, he was always talking about his father owning his own accounting firm in Jersey. I was like big deal. My pops owned a club and two restaurants in Brooklyn.

I didn’t know what to do about Stacey. I really wanted to get with her. I wasn’t really trying to be ruthless but when I heard Pat was going back to Jersey for the summer, I figured I’d stay in D.C. and keep his girl company. As far as I was concerned, what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. He didn’t know what to do with a girl like Stacey anyway. She needed a real man. And I was just the man for the job.

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Rekaya Gibson, Author of The Food Temptress

What is The Food Temptress?
“The Food Temptress” is a fiction novel about a single woman named Ambrosia who uses food to seduce men and it converts them into the perfect guy. Set in New Orleans, she captures the hearts and minds of 16 men, ranging from the local sheriff to a Bourbon Street musician. Each short story serves up a delectable treat connected by Ambrosia’s continuing quest for both romantic and culinary perfection.

How did the Food Temptress come into a reality?
I spent ten months writing “The Food Temptress.” I searched for an agent for twelve months, to no avail. I conducted research on several publishing companies. Xpress Yourself Publishing Company (XYP) was the right fit, so it was the only one that I submitted my manuscript to for review. Six months later, I received a contract.

Growing up what was your favorite genre to read and why?
I loved reading romance fiction. Authors captured romantic scenes so well that I believed them. I am still a helpless romantic.

What is one thing you must put into your books when writing and creating your stories?

What is your inspiration to writing?
The creative process and the power of words inspire me.

When all is said and done what do you want readers to take from your books?
I long for readers to have an emotional connection to my characters.

Is it true that authors place a little of themselves into their books? If so, have you done this?
I believe this is true. I did put a little of myself into “The Food Temptress.”

What projects do you have coming out next?
The sequel, “The Food Enchantress,” will be released in mid-April and a cookbook in November by XYP. I just signed a contract with NCM Publishing for my fiction novel, “Mama Don’t Like Ugly.”

Rekaya Gibson, Author
The Food Enchantress, Coming April 2010
The Food Temptress, Now Available...
on Amazon, BarnesandNoble.com, and at Bookstores
ISBN-10: 0-977-9398-3-9 / ISBN-13: 978-0-9779398-3-1

Visit the Author at www.rekayagibson.com

Books That Make You Go OOOOO Day 8

My Husband’s Fiancée By. Kaira Denee

Kaira Denee’s latest relationship saga “My Husband’s Fiancée” is a complicated threesome filmed by a T.V. executive with her own relationship issues. The inspiration behind this twisted story line spawned from Twitter the increasingly popular social networking site. As a married women speaking to her single friends and colleagues about relationship woes, Denee realized that more than a few had the same type of problems “Is it possible for a man to love two women at the same time?” She posted that question as an update on Twitter and received a floodgate of debatable responses. She knew that there was enough back and forth drama to make this part of her plot. “Infidelity--it’s a more familiar topic than people care to admit.” Denee added the reality show perspective because it brings another level of trending pop culture interest to the reader. “Whether we are watching ABC, VH1, MTV, BRAVO, BET or CW11, we are all addicted to some reality show right now.

Read exclusives chapters from the book

Kimberly Rose is a television producer that has it all. Riding on the success of her hit reality show, Frat House, she’s constantly keeping her eye open for her next big hit. After a failed sitcom attempt she realizes that with the popularity of reality television these days, she should stick to what she knows best; putting real people in staged situations to make for drama filled must-see T.V.
Visiting Connecticut one afternoon, Kimberly overhears a three-way lover’s quarrel that entices the reality show producer to eavesdrop.
Kimberly learns that Eric and Mikelah are a couple that have been married for over ten years. However Eric has not only cheated on his wife with another woman, he has fallen in love with that woman. The other woman is Tangie (the same Tangie from Denee's 1st novel “Take it There” who is Brittany’s little sister and the other woman in Nia and Mike’s relationship). Not only has Eric fallen in love with Tangie, he’s even proposed to her and she has the two carat diamond ring on her hand to prove it.
Tangie found out early on that Eric was married and for a while didn’t care. But finally and especially after his proposal, Tangie grew tired of being the other woman. She followed Eric and his wife to the mall that day and planned to confront them and make Eric choose. The confrontation turned into a loud dramatic scene with onlookers stopping and slowing down to be nosey.
Producer, Kimberly saw stars in her eyes as she spied on the scene unfolding before her. Immediately she decides to approach the trio and give them her business card and a quick pitch on starring in her reality show. The wife, Mikelah, tears the card in pieces and refuses to hear anything Kimberly has to say. Tangie also refuses but Kimberly smirks when she notices Tangie keep the card. She senses that she’ll be able to convince her to go through with the project.
After a while, Kimberly convinces Eric, Mikelah and Tangie, all for their own selfish reasons, to star in her next reality show, Choose Me or Lose Me.
While the anticipation for the new show is high, Kimberly's personal life isn't as successful as her career.

Kimberly’s love life has never been a priority to her. She does, however, enjoy the company of her latest boyfriend, Billy Drake. Being that Billy is ten years her junior and was drafted straight out of high school into the NBA, she views this relationship as one of pure pleasure with no possibility of getting serious in the long run.Her past is filled with damaging secrets that still haunt her dreams.
In addition to hiding secrets from Billy, Kimberly has family issues too. When her father's health begins to decline, Kimberly's mother can't understand why she's unaffected by the tragedy. Her mother doesn't know it but Kimberly and her father also share a wicked secret.
My Husband’s Fiancée is the best reality show you will ever read! Tune in to see whether the husband chooses to stay with his wife or marry his mistress and whether Kimberly resolves her past demons and lets love into her life.

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Facebook: Kaira Denee

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Books That Make You Go OOOOO Day 7

The Appetizzer: When Your Not His Main Course By. Ni'cola

Three girlfriends with three totally different lives, or they think……..
Yazmin and Trey have been together for five years. Enjoying her life as a stay at home wifey, the couple is expecting a set of twins. Their life could not have been any more picture perfect, until the day that Yazmin was involved in a hit and run accident. Scared for the life of her babies, Yazmin damn near goes into shock after she attempts to call Trey only to be greeted by his wife of the past ten years……
Monae and Malik have had a drama free long distance relationship for the last two years. Malik is a Marine, and is stationed in San Diego. They both have an understanding that once Monae graduates from UCLA, they will have their dream wedding. Planning an intimate surprise party just for two in his apartment, Monae discovers that she is not the only woman waiting for “her” man to come home……
Knowing that Devaugn is in a relationship, Nia simply don’t care. He is the ideal man, and Nia is convinced that if she works hard enough, she can show him that she is all the woman that he needs. Stephanie will be a thing of the past and Devaugn can start taking care of Nia and her three children full time. Or will he…….

Read a exclusive chapter now

Excerpt from The Appetizer

“Okay, ma’am, here you go,” he said, handing me the basic flip phone. “I am going to step back and call your friend right now. What did you say her name was again?”

I rattled off the information to the officer again, and slowly flipped the phone open.

I hope Trey answer the phone! It should be about nine or ten in New York, so he should be on his way to his meeting. “Please, Lord, let him answer this phone,” I whispered. I slowly lifted the phone to my ear.

In the distance, I could hear Officer Gonsalves reassuring Nia that I was okay and telling her where to come. The phone rang and rang until his voice mail came on.

“Trey! It’s me!” I yelled into the phone frantically. “I was in an accident! I am going to try to call you again.” Pushing the end button on the phone, Officer Gonsalves informed me that Nia was on her way. “Okay, thank you,” I replied to him, redialing Trey’s number. I was grateful to how kind the man was to me, but was beginning to get pissed off.

I knew sometimes when Trey was away it is hard for me to get a hold of him, but damn! This didn’t make any sense! I had been calling him all night. What was going on? That time, the phone only rang once before someone finally answered.

“Hello,” a woman’s sleepy voice barely whispered into the phone.

Who the hell is this? I wondered, trying not to lose control. “Um, maybe I called the wrong number… I was trying to reach Trey, but- -”

Before I could go any further, the woman rudely interrupted. “No, you did not call the wrong number. Trey is right here, but he is asleep. Who is this?”

He’s asleep? This bitch is bold! She must not know who I am! Oh my gosh, what is going on! So many things were running through my head as I tried to respond to her last statement.

“Who is this, and why are you answering Trey’s phone? I don’t have time for this. It is an emergency; put him on the damn phone!”

I could tell that I must have pissed her off, because her voice went from tired and groggy, to wide awake and alert.

“First of all, bitch, I don’t take too well to demands. Trey is asleep, and this is his wife, Jill. So, unless you tell me what your emergency is…. I am not waking Trey up. We renewed our vows yesterday, and I might say, the combination of Hawaiian weather, liquor, food, and for dessert, me, is not going to allow him to wake up. So, I think you better check your tone and tell me what the hell is so fucking important.”

Jill paused and waited on me to speak my peace, but no words could come out of my mouth. I was dumbstruck by everything that came out of Jill’s mouth. I didn’t know who the hell Jill was, but I could tell by her tone that she was older and she sounded so serious.

By that time, the officer was instructing me to get off the telephone so that they could start working on cutting me out of the vehicle. Nia had pulled up with the girls and was rushing over to make sure that I was okay.

“Hello!” Jill said with even more force and attitude. “You say that this is an emergency call. You better speak your peace and tell me what do you want with my husband?”

Husband, why does she keep saying that?

Before I could respond, Nia grabbed the phone away from me and took over.

“Trey, Trey, its Nia? Yaz- - Who is this? Jill? Wife? Well, I am Nia, Yazmin’s best friend, who is the fiancée of your HUSBAND! Matter of fact, put that negro on the phone, I am done talking with you!

Trey, what the hell is going on? Yazmin been in an accident and her car is crumpled. When you are done playing with your wife, or whoever the fuck that was, your FAMILY NEEDS YOU!” By that time Nia and I both were crying.

Officer Gonsalves ordered Nia to step away from the vehicle and go back to her car. He informed her that he would call her over once they were through cutting me out.

Purchase your copy at www.nicolacmitchell.com

Books That Make You Go OOOOO Day 6

What We Want Do For Love By Mz. Robinson

Octavia Ellis is a sexy restaurant owner who plays it safe when it comes down to relationships. She lives by one rule: keep it strictly sexual. Octavia is living her life just the way she wants. NO man. NO issues. NO drama. However, this all changes when Octavia meets Damon Whitmore Jr.
Damon is everything a woman could want in a man. He’s charming, educated, rich, and successful. In addition to appearing picture perfect, Damon has a body that can make the strongest of women weak.
Damon slowly begins to breakdown the walls Octavia has firmly put in place around her heart. However, temptation can be hard to resist, especially when temptation comes in the form of a sexy-hardcore thug named Beau. Beau is not only mysterious but possibly a woman’s worst nightmare.
Octavia’s world begins to unravel when a series of accidents occur and people start turning up dead. In an instant things are out of control and Octavia is left evaluating her life and the people in it. She comes to the conclusion that Beau is bad news and he has to go. However, dismissing Beau is easier said than done. When he has his mind made up that he wants something or someone he’ll stop at nothing, not even murder to get what he desires.
Octavia finds her life and those she loves in great danger. She discovers in life there are no guarantees and she’s shocked to discover what she herself will do for love.

Read exclusive chapters from this book

“Nothing happened with Nadia." I turned back around facing him, trying hard to force away my tears.
“I don't care Damon." I said, softly. “It’s over and done."
He rubbed his hands over his head.
“Just like that?" He asked, staring at me.
“Just like that." I said, tears now streaming down my cheeks.
“After every thing we've been through." He said, taking steps towards me.
“You want to just walk away?" He asked. I looked at him with my eyebrows raised. He stood in front of me with a mixture of confusion and anger on his face.
“No Damon," I said, wiping my face with the back of my hands. “I don’t care what happened with you and Nadia."
“I love you and I want you.” I said. “Only you.”
He pulled me into his strong arms.
“I love you too.” He whispered, running his fingers through my hair. He cradled my face in his hands then kissed me as if it was our last kiss on Earth. He slid his hands up my skirt then caressed my round firm ass. I stepped back then removed all of my clothing. He looked at my naked body, with shear lust illuminating in his eyes. I quickly helped him take off his shirt then his shorts and finally his boxers. His beautiful dick stood out like a hungry serpent ready to devour its prey. My kitty got wet just from the thought. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders as he lifted me up around his waist. He carried me the short distance to the wall then pushed my body up against it. I moved my lips from his then down to his neck then back up to his earlobe. He entered me with full force, causing my back to slam against the wall. I held onto his shoulders tightly with my arms and held his dick tightly with the walls of my throbbing pussy. Damon pulled my back off the wall, and then bounced me up and down wildly on his dick.
“Oh... yes...” I moaned. “Harder baby...harder!”
I wanted him to knock the pain I had been feeling for the past weeks out of my body. I dug my nails into his shoulder blades. At the same time, I wanted him to feel my pain and know just how hard my life had been without him. He carried me over to the kitchen island and laid me down. He dove as far inside of me as our bodies would allow then began pounding my pussy harder. He moved inside my body like a new man. It was at that moment that I knew our relationship would never be the same. It would be better! He was showing me that he was all I needed emotionally and sexually. Tears of joy and pain rolled down my face as I arched my back and released my hot sticky wetness.

Visit the author at www.mzrobinsonwrites.com

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Books That Make You Go OOOOO Day 5

The Ultimate Moment No Regrets By. Tamika Newhouse

The famed characters from The Ultimate NO NO are back and are still searching for love. The scam Nitrah and Dahlia created was just the beginning of their heartaches. Now time has past and the ladies are back for round two. Nitrah has decided to move on with her life and even took a new step in her career, but as soon as she moves on Troy comes back to Fort Worth. Not only does Nitrah face Troy, she also will face the past when Michael is back to start a committed relationship with her. She is now torn between the two, and you want believe who she chooses. Jazzaray and Tim are now married. But aren t you suppose to be living the happily ever after. Well that isn t the case when Jazzaray and Tim both face so many turmoil s that they will be tested in some of the most difficult ways. Now, Monica who turns out to be a predator for married men will make it her mission to make Tim all hers. Will Tim and Jazzaray s relationship survive or did they jump the broom too soon. Finally, will Dahlia find true love with the man who got away? Can she finally let go of the past with Troy. Things for her becomes worse before it gets better and as you expect for her to finally get her prince charming, her life takes a unexpected twist that you will be shocked to see how it all ends. Are all her sister s secrets really out of the closet? Can these women finally find true love and stop playing with people s hearts. They will all come face to face with their problems in their final Moments, and in the end they must make a choice and having No Regrets in the end. It s now or never!!

Read a exclusive chapter from this sequel

Fuck no, this was not happening to me! Was Troy really sitting here agreeing that he was going to marry that dirty bitch? It hit me hard, hard like a slap to my face. Why would he marry her instead of me? I looked at her and rolled my eyes with all the sassiness I had.
I thought the last time I would see Teresa was in Florida. Apparently she got around pretty quick. I couldn’t stand the look on her face as she stood outside of Troy’s car with her arms crossed and tapping her foot. I knew that Teresa wouldn’t be happy to see her boyfriend sitting in the car with me, his ex. She knew me and Troy’s history. Hell, everyone knew. I was the woman who was supposed to be wearing Troy’s ring, or maybe even Denim’s ring, but that’s another story. Denim and I both had a problem when it came to a relationship together, neither one of us could stay faithful.
It sure seemed like I couldn’t win at love. I wanted to punch Teresa and knock her down. I needed her to feel what I was feeling, which was embarrassed, hurt, and confused. It had been months since I’d seen or heard from Troy and when I did, he blindsided me with this news, after he said that he would always love me. Ugh, why did I have to do that stupid scam Dahlia wanted? I forgave her, but it was obvious that Troy couldn’t forgive me. Better yet, why couldn’t he just tell me that he was kidding? Why didn’t he say that he wanted to marry me and that Teresa was a clouded misjudgment?
See it all started off when Dahlia came to me and a couple of our other friends about her secret. Dahlia had been my friend since college. Of course I thought that we had no secrets, but she revealed that her ex was Troy of all people. Back in college he had broken her heart; in return, she wanted me to break his.
How was I supposed to do that? Simple. I was to date him, make him fall in love with me, and then dump him. In retrospect, it was a no-win situation, especially since I fell in love with him. He fell hard for me, too. Now of course, I was stupid for saying yes to the scam anyhow. But at the end of the day, I wanted to be with Troy. Dahlia, however, in the end hated us together, which started all the heartaches in our little circle.
Now looking at Troy, sitting in the driver’s seat, gripping the steering wheel, made me think. I waited for him to say Teresa was lying but that did not come out of his mouth. Instead he sat across from me as if he were waiting for a reaction. Was this a show he was putting on for her sake, so that they could witness my pain? It was cruel being in the vicinity of the woman he had originally cheated on me with a while back. I still felt like a fool. Why her? A little over a year ago Troy and I were in love. Despite all the mess and the fact we both withheld secrets, we loved each other. He never knew why I started to date him. He never told me about his past with Dahlia, nor did he tell me about Teresa. We were doomed from the get-go. I had agreed to the scam, and I had different motives from the beginning. Troy also had secrets. He never wanted anyone to find out about Dahlia and he. But this wasn’t what made us breakup the first time. When I had found out that he had possibly fathered a child by Dahlia’s sister, I went livid. Fortunately, Troy wasn’t the father but Dahlia’s current boyfriend was, which was reason number one for me and Troy’s reunion. Now, Dahlia was happy when we had broken up. But when she saw we had gotten back together, her hate for Troy had resurfaced, causing her to tell everyone about the scam, which in turn was the reason why Troy and I broke up for the last time. Until today, I hadn’t spoken to him or seen him since our last goodbye a year ago.
Teresa was his other woman the whole time we had dated. I had given Troy my heat but he was never faithful to me until it was too late. I cleared my thoughts. No one had uttered a sound in the last few minutes. I didn’t wish them well, so saying congratulations would be a lie.
I wanted Troy to marry me. I wanted to make love to him in the front seat of his truck right in front of her, just to show her who was boss. But I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t make a scene. My best friend’s wedding reception was going on ten feet away from us. I had to stay calm.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Books That make You Go OOOOO Day 4

Message From a Mistress By. Niobia Bryant


Three female friends, whose husbands are on an outing together, are at their favorite day spa when each simultaneously receives a text message from a mutual friend, Jessa Bell, taunting them that she has run away with one of their husbands. Question is: Which one?
Message from a Mistress is loosely based on the 1940's movie A Letter to Three Friends and is approximately seventy thousand words in length.
Jaime Hall, Renee Clinton, and Aria Livewell all reside with their spouses in the affluent gated community, Richmond Hills, in New Jersey. The ladies are all best friends with their Richmond Hill neighbor, Jessa Bell–a sexy and single socialite. Trouble is Jessa Bell has just sent them all a text message taunting that she has run away with one of their husbands. That message opens the door to each of the woman’s unspoken insecurities in their marriage as each recalls incidents that hint that their husband is the one. And with the husbands away—and unreachable-- on a chartered fishing boat all day and Jessa not answering her phone, they have all day to wonder.
Throughout the book–which takes place in one day–Jessa Bell also recalls her steamy relationship with her unidentified lover. Everything about their explicit romps are revealed from the day she first seduced him up until the day he agreed to leave his wife–her friend–for her.
The ladies attempt to reach their husbands who are away together on a deep sea fishing trip, but the lack of a signal stops any calls from going through on the men’s cell phones.
In the process of flashing back on their marriages, the women are also forced to look at secrets of their own. Jaime lives in fear that her hopes to have her marriage renewed will never happen and so she has been siphoning money and building a nest egg for herself—in case Eric divorces her and uses her adultery to avoid paying alimony. The tension of Renee’s marriage pushed her into the arms and the steamy bed of a co-worker. For once it felt good to have her power and position respected. And Aria’s poor upbringing, criminal background, and promiscuous past are things she kept from Kingston to present the perfect image to catch him. These are secrets they thought they shared with a good friend. Secrets that Jessa Bell might have used to help woo one of their husbands into her bed.

Exclusive Read of the Book

| Jessa’s Prelude |

Where do I begin? How do I tell the story? Our story. His and mine.
He was my lover and her husband. You would think that wasn’t possible–like saying dry rain or cold heat–but it was true. She had the ring and the certificate… but I had him. From that first heated moment in their kitchen when his strong hands reached beneath my skirt to grab my soft, bare ass I knew I had him.
I don’t recall the specific moment when our lust turned to love. When our time spent together became about more than just fucking, more than just rushing through electrifying sex that left us both panting, sweaty, and in various stages of undress. We shifted so easily from sharing clandestine and wonderfully sneaky moments--even in their house while she was there--to him sneaking out of their home to be in my arms and in my bed.
I hated to lie alone at night surrounded by nothing but cool cotton sheets and plush down pillows, while she had his hard and warm body to hold close.
I knew the time would come when I would want more from him than just his dick. I wanted his love, his time, his all…for me and only me.
She was my friend–true, but he was my lover, my love and in this game there could only be one winner as far as I was concerned.

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Books That Make You Go OOOOO Day 3

Now You Wanna Come Back By. Anna Black
Letting go is not always easy, and in some cases it can be close to impossible, like it was for Leila. She was stuck on her husband, and never thought she would ever stop loving him; even through the constant pain and suffering, she still had hopes that he’d come back to her. Cold and unwilling to do right, her husband, Devon did what was best for him, and that was treat Leila horribly and lie to her time after time, leaving her no choice but to be rescued by another man. Rayshon Johnson, not the perfect man - but a good man - came along, and rolled the storm away and gave Leila back all the things that Devon took away. He kissed her where it hurt, and helped her to get over her insecurities about herself. By giving her back that confidence, she let go, and letting go was the wrong answer for Devon, and he refused to let her move on without him. He was determined to get his good thing back - no matter what the cost, he was determined to come back.

Read a exclusive excerpt from the book and purchase at www.delphinepublications.com

I know you see this rock on my finger, Leila thought to herself as she handed her customer his bank card. He had come into her bookstore about an hour ago to purchase some literature on healthy eating. Yes, he was fine and had a killer body, but she was in no mood to deal with his arrogant ass.
He walked in the store confidently - because he was drop-dead gorgeous - but as soon as he opened his mouth he was drop-dead asshole. He went on and on about himself and how he was this well-known personal trainer in the Chicago area. Of course, Leila, a size sixteen mother of an adorable three-month-old little girl, did not have any knowl-edge of whom or what he was, nor did she care. Although he meant no harm and was not the egotisti-cal asshole she perceived him to be, the sound of his confident voice made insecure Leila want to scream.
She showed him the health items that she had in stock and made a huge mistake by telling Mr. Physical to let her know if he needed any help. She went back to her stool behind the counter and opened the novel that she was reading by Anna Black called Relax Your Mind, when he asked his first question. She got up, walked over and grabbed the book that he asked her about - that sat right in front of his face - and handed it to him.
‘If it hadda been a crocodile, he’da been eaten, that’s for sure,’ she said to herself as she walked away. She headed back toward the counter and question number two came, which caused her to stop in her tracks. She turned her attention back to him and satisfied him with an answer and by question number fifteen, she referred him to the Internet, which was set up in a nice and quiet corner of her store to allow customers to look up material on their own.
That computer and Internet set up was a lifesaver for her on the days she worked by herself and ‘days like this when annoying ass customers won’t leave you the hell alone,’ were her thoughts as she sat back behind the counter. The store was empty for a Saturday and she took advantage of it by catching up on some of her reading. It was usually a madhouse, but since the day was slow, she sent her other staff home.
Once she put her nose back into her book, she was praying he would get what he needed and bounce because it was getting good and she didn’t want to stop reading. He finally made his way to the counter with only one book to purchase, after all that.
“Would this be all?” Leila asked him when he handed over his card.
“It would be nice if I could get your number.”
“Ump, ump,” she said, clearing her throat, handing him his card and pointing out the fact she was wearing a ring. Not just a ring, but a gorgeous three-karat, princess cut diamond ring.
“Aw, my bad, I didn’t realize that was a wedding ring,” he said, as if he were implying her stone wasn’t all that.
“Yes, it is,” she said sharply.
“Oh, excuse me, I do apologize, Miss Lady.”
“It’s okay. You have a nice day,” she told him and handed him his bag. He stood there for a mo-ment like he was waiting for something more.
“Hey, Leila,” he said reading from her name-tag. “My name is Rayshon Johnson, but mostly everyone calls me Ray. Here is my card. If you are ever in need of a physical fitness trainer, hit me up. I’ll give you a good deal,” he said, giving her one of his cards. She took it, looked at it quickly and put it with a stack of business cards that had been left by other customers who had made purchases at her store and like those cards, she would never call him either.
“Well, Rayshon, I thank you for your offer, but as you can see, I don’t do gyms, nor do I do physical trainers. Have a nice day,” she said, giving him a wink.
“Oh, you think only fit people have trainers?”
“Are you implying I’m not fit?” she asked with much attitude.
“No, no, I’m not, you are a thick sista and that’s fine. You look damn good and I’m not trying to make you skinny; just wanna help you to be healthy. So please don’t take it offensively, because I person-ally prefer a thick sista, but at the same time, I want my woman eating right and putting in some type of cardio. Even if it’s only thirty minutes a day, it all helps for a healthier heart,” he said, sounding caring, not like the ‘I’m too sexy for my shirt,’ asshole that he came into the store as.
“Well, Rayshon thanks, but I’m good. If ever a day my husband and I wanna hire a personal trainer, you’ll be the first one we call,” she said, changing his bright smile to a look of defeat. He eased back from the counter he was leaning on and backed up a bit.
“Well, alright, Ms. Leila, you take care and tell that husband of yours that he is a lucky man.”
“I sure will,” Leila said and Rayshon walked out of the door.
“Yeah, I’ll tell him whenever I get a chance to have a conversation with him again,” Leila said out loud once Ray was on the other side of the door. She had only been married for six years and as soon as she got pregnant Devon made an exit, not because of the baby and responsibilities, but because he was no longer inter-ested in her.
It started out subtle at first, but it didn’t take Devon long before he got his own place. First, it was staying out super late and then turned into not coming home at all. By her third month, she was on her own. The day Deja was born, Devon swore he would get his act together and come home, but that was three months ago. Three months of lying, false hope and fake promises.
He takes care of them still with no fuss and makes sure everything is paid. She never has to ask for this or that because money has never been an issue with him. The problem with Devon was the in and out. One minute he was in and wanted to make it work and the next minute he was out. Finally, after all of the drama, he told Leila that he was going to file for divorce, but she still has yet to see that happen.
Leila didn’t even flinch, when he said the word “divorce,” because it had almost been two years since she even considered them husband and wife. She already cried all she could cry, prayed all she could pray and pleaded all she could plead for him to come back to her and for them to be a family again.

Visit The Author at www.annablack.net

Books That Make You Go OOOOO Day 2

D'Andra Smalls has had enough. She's tired of being overwieght, she's had it with her overbearing family, and she's fed up with settling for any guy who'll have her--especially since she caught her boyfriend cheating with her best friend.

But working out and avoiding delicious food is easy compared to resisting the charms of Los Angeles' hottest personal trainer, JaJuan "Night" Simmons. Six feet of chiseled muscle and fine chocolate, he's challenging her body in all the right ways--and proving there's a sensitive, caring guy under the good looks. Their shared career goals of promoting health and fitness bring them even closer together. But D'Andra feels it may be too much of a good thing. After succeeding in taking command of her life, can she risk losing control of her heart?

Read the Excerpt from Body By Night and Purchase Wherever Books are sold!

Night’s vast knowledge of exercise equipment was apparent to D’Andra as they walked around the gym and he explained each device and its function. Promises to herself aside, it was a continuous struggle for her to turn her mind from the curve of his luscious lips to the words coming out of them. But she would need to; he’d just asked her a question.



“The treadmill, I was asking if you’re ready to give it a try.”

D’Andra looked at the other exercisers—some walking comfortably, others running on the fast rotating rubber. An image of flying off the device and landing spread-eagled on the gym floor rose up unbidden in D’Andra’s mind. It was not a pretty picture. She shook her head no, slowly at first and then more vigorously. Her bouncy black curls added to the objection.

“I can’t take that chance; I’ll fall off that thing and break my neck.”

“No you won’t,” Night said softly. “I’ll be here to catch you.”

One look at Night’s muscled biceps and D’Andra went from praying she wouldn’t fall to hoping it would happen. Having that man put his arms around her was worth a broken toe. She looked in his eyes, full of assurance and kindness, and back at the treadmill.

“I don’t know,” she whispered.

“Come on, doll,” he said, taking her arm and coaxing her towards the daunting machine. “It’s not as hard as it looks. Step up.”

“But I can’t run like that.” She looked over at a woman sweating profusely as she moved her size five legs vigorously to keep up a fast pace on the machine.

“You don’t have to run like that. D’Andra, look at me.”

D’Andra looked down. In that instant she was back in grade school gym class: not fast enough, skinny enough, or good enough.

Night placed a finger under her chin and raised her head to meet his eyes. “You’re not here to compete with anyone in this gym. The only person you have to impress is yourself. Don’t worry about what others are doing, their routine or how they look. We all had to start somewhere and your deciding to come here was the hardest step of all. Compared to that decision the rest is easy. Now step up, doll.”

Night started D’Andra off on an easy walk, with very little incline. She thought it was too easy for the first two minutes. But two minutes later she was wondering if she could last the full ten. On the spot Night had developed what he called an inside/out workout routine, one that would exercise her heart and lungs as well as muscles and bones. It consisted of ten minutes on the treadmill, ten on the stationary bike, and a series of weight training and strengthening exercises for the remaining ten. It sounded easy enough when he said it, but now she didn’t know if she could make it through a measly half hour.

While she was trying to figure out where all the air in the room went, a man who could have passed for The Rock’s brother greeted Night.

“Hey, how you doing man?”

“It’s all good, bro’. How are those plans for your gym coming along?”

Night stepped away from D’Andra’s side by the treadmill and turned to fully engage his friend.

It was just as well. She was already sweating like a pig on a spit and to make matters worse, her spandex pants refused to expand and, like her, were not breathing well. Her thick thighs in the non-porous fabric resembled two pieces of wood being rubbed together: fire starters. With Night around she was already aflame, the last thing she needed was a match from her thatch. Thank goodness her hot pink t-shirt with the, bouncing brown-skinned Betty Boop logo hid the incendiary action going on above her knees, and since she knew she was sweating enough for people to believe she’d peed on herself, thank goodness her leggings were black.

She felt like a hot mess, but decided to do her best. So dabbing at the sweat pouring down her forehead, she concentrated on moving her arms as well as her legs, as Night had instructed. I’m walking my weight off with a huff and a puff. And in a few months I’m gonna strut my stuff. She smiled at the diddy that popped into her head and began whispering it aloud. Her confidence began to build, and she imagined herself looking as good as anybody else in the gym. She pumped her arms more vigorously, determined to prove she had what it took to take on this tread mill. It would take more than ten minutes and a piece of moving rubber to beat D’Andra Smalls!

Her mind was in agreement but her body had other plans. Only thing is, D’Andra didn’t get the memo; not at first. She frowned as Night came towards her in what seemed like slow motion. His hard, defined thigh muscles bulged with each step while his mouth formed words she couldn’t hear, like either she or they were in a tunnel. His stark white teeth glistened and his dark brown eyes sparkled…part mischief, part seduction. Was the treadmill still moving underneath her feet? D’Andra couldn’t tell, mesmerized as she was by Night’s arms reaching towards her in an unspoken invitation. Come to me doll. Come inside my chocolate paradise and let’s run some laps together…

“D’Andra!” Night reached D’Andra just as she was about to tumble off the treadmill. He caught her, as he’d promised. She stayed on her feet, but just barely.

“D’Andra,” Night said again, keeping his arm around her for support. “Are you alright?”

D’Andra shook her head, trying to make sense of what just happened. One minute she was cognizant of being on the treadmill, the next she was off it and in the arms of her dream man—albeit not as she had expected. She gave Night a confused look, even as she tried to clear the fuzziness from her head.

“Come on, sit down.” Night lowered D’Andra to the now still treadmill and sat down beside her.

“Take deep breaths. That’s it; stay calm. You’re going to be fine.” He checked her pulse, looked to see if her eyes were dilated. Then he reached for her water bottle. “Drink some water, D’Andra,” he quietly commanded.

D’Andra kept her head down as she slowly drank from the water bottle. Embarrassment replaced the confidence she’d felt only moments before. Here she’d been worried about looking like a fool and that’s exactly what had happened. She knew she shouldn’t have done this, come to the gym thinking she could actually act like she wasn’t an obese, out of shape woman about to die. Maybe her mother was right; maybe some women were destined to be fat. She’d been heavy her whole life.

The words of her doctor replaced those of her mom. D’Andra, for your health’s sake, you have to lose weight. But was this the way? She thought of trying a different approach, perhaps starting with a food plan like Nutrisystem or the more drastic Lemonade Diet she’d heard about. Maybe it would be better to start exercising after she lost twenty, thirty pounds, when her thighs didn’t resemble tree trunks and she could actually stay upright on the machines.

“What did you eat today?” Night’s voice was calm, and full of concern.

“Some chips and a soda.”

D’Andra’s shame deepened. She knew that the word salad, vegetable or fruit should have been somewhere in her answer. But it wasn’t. Night probably suspected that all the food she ate was either junk or fried, and here she was living up to the hype.

“Is that all?”

D’Andra nodded; then remembered breakfast. “Oh, and I had a Slimfast this morning.”

She missed Night’s look of compassion mixed with chagrin as he shook his head slowly. “Keep taking deep breaths, slow your heart rate. I’ll be right back.”

If she’d had the energy, D’Andra would have run out of the gym; away from Night and the illusion that she could change her life. But she was too out of breath. She glanced around the room, expecting to see eyes on her from every direction. But aside from a middle-aged Mexican man who smiled flirtatiously and nodded when their eyes met, no one was paying her any attention at all. Everyone seemed to be into their workout; watching the TV screens mounted on the wall, listening to their iPods, chatting with friends.

D’Andra turned the other way and saw a fifty-something, slightly heavy set woman sit down on a stationary bike. Looking like a cross between the food channel’s Paula Deen and the actress Cathy Bates, she seemed not at all self-conscious of the varicose veins that ran down her exposed thighs to her ankles, or of the mounds of flesh hanging over her tight, sleeveless top. The woman adjusted the seat and the handle bars, settled herself onto the bicycle, plugged in a pair of earphones and began peddling to a rhythm D’Andra couldn’t hear. D’Andra continued to look around and was struck at the focus with which people went about taking care of their bodies: the men lifting weights or doing bench presses, the women doing crunches on pilate balls and push-ups on floor mats, and the step class taking place at the back of the gym. She so wanted to feel a part of this world, to know what it was like to exert energy and feel good as a result, instead of how she’d felt just moments earlier, like she was borrowing breath from her next life.

“Okay doll, drink this.” Night stopped in front of D’Andra and handed her a plastic bottle filled with a thick, brown liquid.

“What is it?”

“It’s a protein drink, with all the vitamins and minerals of a full-course, well-balanced meal.” Night sat down next to her and continued. “What are you trying to do, starve yourself skinny or something?”

“Or something,” D’Andra responded. “To make a long story short, I have to lose weight. My doctor said I need to change my diet, exercise…”

“But did he say you had to do it by Monday?”

D’Andra smiled even as she shook her head no.

“Look, working out takes a lot of energy; especially when your body isn’t used to it. The last thing you want to do is come in here for the very first time on an empty stomach and more than that, you don’t want to stop eating to try and lose weight. That’s just going to throw off your metabolism and encourage your body to hang on to the very fat you’re trying to get rid of.”

“But you don’t understand, Night, this is about life and death for me!”

“It’s about life and death for everybody. But just like you didn’t gain the weight overnight, you’re not going to lose it overnight either. The more methodical you are about taking the weight off, going for a change in lifestyle instead of a change in diet, the better you’ll be at keeping it off.”

D’Andra turned and looked at Night. Who was this man? And why was he paying attention to her? She decided to find out. “Why are you doing this?”

“Doing what?”

“Taking all this time with me, helping me?”

Night shrugged. “I don’t know; I guess it’s because I saw you in your car, struggling with whether to come in here or not…and then you decided to do it, even though you were scared. That took courage. I like that.”

Except for her exceptional work ethic and make-you-slap-somebody home-cooked meals, it had been a long time since D’Andra had heard anything about her being likeable. She couldn’t remember the last time such words had come from a man; compliments from Charles had been as rare as a homeless man with a house key. But it didn’t make sense; this gorgeous specimen named Night was paying all this attention to her and she couldn’t figure out his true motive.

“My favorite aunt was a big woman,” Night continued as D’Andra sipped her protein drink. “I spent the last five years trying to get her inside a gym. She never made it though…”

“Why, what happened?”

“They say it was cardiac arrest. She threw a birthday party for my uncle; we partied all night long. She did the electric slide until the power went out, danced until the sun came up. It looked like she was having the time of her life. That was the last time I saw her alive.”

So that’s it, D’Andra thought. I remind him of a dead relative he couldn’t save and now is his moment of redemption. It was just as well she knew the truth; that his attention was driven by sympathy, not male/female desire. She knew all along there had to be a reason for his kindness, but the fact still made her sad. She didn’t want his pity.

“I’m sorry for your aunt Night,” she said. “But you don’t have to feel sorry for me. I’m not trying to leave this earth any time soon. That’s why I’m here. I appreciate what you’re doing and all but really, you don’t have to feel obligated to help me. I may have taken on a little too much anyway; maybe it’s best I lose a few pounds before trying to move all this weight around.”

D’Andra struggled to her feet; Night immediately jumped up to help her. She started towards the door.

“Do you feel better?”

“Yes; that drink really helped.”

“Then where are you going?”

“Didn’t you say I shouldn’t—”

“Exercise on an empty stomach? Yes, I did. But now that you’ve had a meal,” Night pointed to the empty bottle, “I think you should finish your workout. We’ll skip the bike but you can handle a few weights. I have a feeling if you walk out that door I won’t see you again. I’m not going to let that happen, and not out of some kind of obligation as you put it.”

“Then why? You don’t even know me.”

“Being a personal trainer is more than what I do, it’s who I am. I like helping people feel better, look better. And I’d love helping you work on that body and further enhance those light eyes and sexy dimples.”

A slow blush crept across D’Andra’s butter-colored skin. Her heart raced as if she was exercising even though she was standing still. And while she knew she should say something, once again coherent thought fled from her head. What was it about this man that left her speechless?

“Let’s go over to the weights; keep your body moving.”

Well, she determined, it definitely wasn’t his bossy attitude. “Night, I’m not sure I should do weights today.”

“Yes, you should. I won’t start you off with anything too heavy. We have to add weights to your cardio work out. I said I’ve got you, right? I’m not going to let you hurt yourself, doll.”

“What’s with this ‘doll’ stuff; is that the new “in” word I haven’t heard yet?”

“Naw, it’s an old school term. Speaking of old school, remember the song, Brickhouse? Well, I’m going to turn you into another type of house, a dollhouse. When I get through with this body you’ll be ‘D’Andra the living doll’.”

D’Andra laughed. “That’s so corny.”

Thankfully Night had gotten over the pain that being laughed at used to cause him. “Yeah,” he drawled. “But you liked it.”

D’Andra tried but couldn’t stop the smile that lit up her face. For the first time since they met, she felt comfortable. To be that fine yet talk that dorky…maybe they could be friends after all. And even though she hated men, the least she could do was be polite.

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