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Monday, February 1, 2010

Books That Make You Go OOOOO Day 1

Queen of His Heart By Adrianna Byrd

A good man can be hard to find, and curvaceous Jalila Goodwyn has had enough bad dates to know. But while Jalila is describing the hilarious details over her latest encounter over brunch with her girlfriend, another diner overhears her story and makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Television producer Keenan Armstrong believe’s Jalila search for love would make a hit reality show. Suddenly, Jalila is the start of QUEEN OF HEARTS, with a string of bachelors vying to win her attention—though it’s really Keenan that’s turning up the heat. But before the big finale, Jalila will have to figure out what’s real, what’s fantasy and what’s truly worth fighting for…

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She wasn’t aware that she’d started holding her breath, but her lungs started to burn as well as the rest of her when he stood mere inches away from her.
He reached up and caressed the side of her face. When she closed her eyes and shivered, Keenan smiled like the devil he was. Removing her hand from the doorknob, he pushed the door closed.
At the soft click, Jalila knew that she was doomed.
Keenan whispered a command, “Look at me.”
Jalila’s lashes fluttered open and she stared into eyes so black with desire that she nearly erupted with her first orgasm.
“If there’s one thing I want you to know-“ He hooked his finger onto her silk belt. “-it’s that I will never forget that night.” With a gentle tug, the belt slid open and exposed Jalila’s curvaceous body. Keenan’s gaze drifted down her face while he licked his lips. “Look at you.” He cupped one breasts and then ran the pad of his thumb against its hard nipple.
Jalila shivered again and tilted back against the door for support.
“You like it when I do that?”
She nodded and as a reward, he took possession of her other breasts. His thumbs circled and counter-circled, causing thick, hazy clouds to form in her head.
“Ooh, yeah. You really like that, don’t you?” Keenan leaned forward and brushed a feathery light kiss against her open mouth. “I betcha I can have this anytime I want to, can’t I?” He lowered his head and wrapped his mouth around a wet, strawberry scented nipple.
“Oh God.” Jalila’s head fell back with a sigh. In the back of her head she knew this whole thing was crazy. How could she just let him come roaring back into her life like this? What right did he…?
Keenan’s mouth abandoned left her large breasts to travel south. Jalila lost the ability to think clearly. On his knees, Keenan was eye level with her pulsing cherry. She waited, dying with anticipation and fearful that he was about to make her beg for what she wanted—needed from him.
Sensing her impatience, Keenan glanced up and smiled. “Open your legs.”
Without hesitation, she did as he commanded. With their eyes still locked, Keenan pressed a soft kiss against her lowers lips.
Jalila groaned with disappointment. It wasn’t enough, she wanted more.
“Did you kiss that brotha today?” he asked hoarsely.
“What?” She struggled through the lusty haze in her brain. Who on Earth was he talking about?
Keenan kissed her pussy again. “I saw you showing off your body to him today.” Another kiss. “Strutting in your bikini, trying’ to get a brotha hard. Maybe you want him here tonight?”
“No, I--”
“No?” Another kiss, this time, he slipped in his tongue and took his time letting it slide across her clit. He watched as her knees start to fold. “It sure looked to me like you wanted that steroid junkie to me. You’re trying to tell me I’m wrong?”
“Y-yes,” she confessed and then realized that it was the truth.
“Open it up for me,” he panted, his desire cracking his voice.
Jalila reached down and exposed herself before his greedy eyes.
Keenan sucked in a ragged breath. “Look at this pretty pussy.” He leaned forward, gliding his tongue in as far as it could go, his nose breathing in her feminine scent.”
“Awwww,” Jalila sighed, her knees bending further until they rested against his shoulders.
He curled and uncurled his tongue against her G-spot, sapping up her liquid candy. She was so sweet and hot, he couldn’t stand it. His cock pounded against its confinements and throbbed for release. While still lapping up her juices, Keenan reached down and freed his erection.
Tears swelled in Jalila’s eyes as she grinded against Keenan’s loving mouth. A tidal wave of pleasure rushed through her as she seemed to climb higher and higher on the clouds in her mind. She could feel the crescendo building, her soul being swept away by forces unseen.
While stroking himself, Keenan worked his mouth and tongue as if it was qualifying for its own Special Olympics. At the feel of her clit pounding in double time, he knew his baby was on the verge of her first orgasm. To make sure that he would receive every drop, Keenan reached for her legs and helped her hook them around his shoulders so he could support her full weight.
Then he went to town.
“Oooh, Gaaawwwdd, Keeeeenaaaan!” Jalila’s muscles quivered, once, twice and then a rush of honey poured from her body and into Keenan’s mouth. But it wasn’t over. His thorough clean up job had her right back where she started from: on the brink of insanity.

Visit Adrianne Byrd at www.adriannebyrd.com

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