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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Books That Make You Go OOOOO Day 10

Twisting the Script By Justina Wheelock

TWISTING THE SCRIPT introduces Larry Aaron. A man strong enough to compete with a Gravier for a woman's love. Erica "Reka" Madison moved past her heartbreak to become a bolder and more confident woman. She staked her claim on her emotional independence and refused return to the emotional ruins left by Cyprien Gravier, two years earlier. Only the love of her childhood friend, Larry Aaron, was able to rescue her from her despair. The bond they shared was timeless.
...But, times were about to change. To keep Cyprien away, Erica and Larry play with fire. Could Erica handle the heat? The power of the passion Larry kept at bay left Erica breathless. Larry allowed Erica to discover just what she'd missed for years.
Cyprien Gravier's insecurities led him to leave town and to end his relationship with Erica Madison. He left seeking fame and fortune and returned with not enough of either. Seeing Erica Madison again made Cyprien realize that leaving Erica was a mistake and he was determined to win Erica's heart. He turns to Johnathan "Nate "Gravier for advice and tutoring. Cyprien's troubles became the Bad Boy of all Gravier's, new project.
TWISTING THE SCRIPT is the first work in the Aaron Family Series and is an offshoot of the now published Gravier Family Series.

Read Exclusive chapters from the book

Although Erica retreated behind her desk for emotional safety, this time she felt liberated. This conversation with Cyprien was one she wanted to have for years. She fought her way back and she wouldn't return to the ruins of the most debilitating relationship of her life. Erica’s afterthoughts went immediately to Larry. At this moment she missed him and wanted nothing more than to leave with him. Cyprien's behavior made her realize just how different the two men were. Larry had a strong personality as well, but he was never so prepossessing and always respected her wishes. Even through the most difficult time in her life, Larry put her feelings ahead of his own. The thoughts of just how special Larry was made her smile to herself as she looked up and through Cyprien.

Cyprien couldn't believe that Erica was ignoring him and that she now felt poised enough to smile after ordering him out of her office, especially after he opened up to her. To cope with his wounded pride he pushed into his thoughts, I'm still in mode G. He intended upon following Nate's advice to the letter on this fact finding mission.

To his disdain, once he opened the door to leave, Cyprien saw Larry and Sly coming up to it. He exchanged a chilly stare with Larry as they passed each other. Larry went immediately to Erica's side and searched her face for an explanation. Cyprien stepped out of the room into the hall, but didn't close the door as he waited with Sly outside. Sly reached to close the door, but the sight of Erica and Larry greeting each other gave him cause to delay.

“Larry, I'm glad you're here?” Erica said as she pulled her body close to his and slid her arms beneath his open leather jacket as she gave him an urgent hug.

Larry spoke softly into her ear, “Reka, is everything alright?”

Erica whispered back, “I'm ready for my streetcar.”

Erica tipped toed up and placed a light kiss on Larry's lips. Larry's irritation immediately faded by the mere touch of her lips against his. He stared down at her, then instantly and eagerly complied with her unspoken request. Larry held her chin then took full possession of her mouth. Erica sensed something strange and wonderful. Perhaps it was the decisive way he caressed her mouth while holding her with the heady look in his eyes. Automatically, she placed her arms around his neck as she stared at him. This was a man she'd known her entire life yet at this moment, she was seeing him for the first time. Temporarily, she forgot that his was a farce. Erica whispered, “Thanks, Larry.”

Larry pulled Erica closer then whispered for her ear only, “Reka, this is no streetcar...and I ain't Tennessee Williams.” They both were conscious of the fact that Cyprien hovered near the doorway with Sly.

Cyprien couldn't believe his eyes. His ears burned with intense bitterness and anger as he watched Erica submit to Larry Aaron openly and willingly.

Slowly, consciously, and yet quite passionately Erica and Larry addressed the intense energy that would no longer be denied. For Erica it was new and exhilarating. To Larry it was the pent up passion he could never negate, no matter how hard he tried. Erica closed her eyes as they exchanged another gentle and intimate embrace. Larry relished kissing her lips tenderly. For Erica, the kiss they shared became intoxicating. Erica took a cleansing breath and opened her eyes to stare at Larry and softly sighed. “Oh, what...was...that?”

“Your streetcar...remember?” he whispered back as he nibbled lightly on her ear lobe.

“Streetcar?” The kiss they shared was so thrilling that Erica forgot about the reference she made only seconds before.

“Yes...but you can also name it...Passion,” Larry said.

“And not Desire?”

Larry didn't hesitate before responding, “Never. There is absolutely no comparison.”

Erica looked up and smiled, “A streetcar named, Passion...not Desire. That's curious... ready to leave?”

Larry brushed another kiss on Erica's lips as he released her and helped her to gather her coat and bag. Erica's uneasiness about talking to Cyprien was now totally erased.

Visit the Justina at www.jwheelock.com

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