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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Books That Make You Go OOOOO Day 3

Now You Wanna Come Back By. Anna Black
Letting go is not always easy, and in some cases it can be close to impossible, like it was for Leila. She was stuck on her husband, and never thought she would ever stop loving him; even through the constant pain and suffering, she still had hopes that he’d come back to her. Cold and unwilling to do right, her husband, Devon did what was best for him, and that was treat Leila horribly and lie to her time after time, leaving her no choice but to be rescued by another man. Rayshon Johnson, not the perfect man - but a good man - came along, and rolled the storm away and gave Leila back all the things that Devon took away. He kissed her where it hurt, and helped her to get over her insecurities about herself. By giving her back that confidence, she let go, and letting go was the wrong answer for Devon, and he refused to let her move on without him. He was determined to get his good thing back - no matter what the cost, he was determined to come back.

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I know you see this rock on my finger, Leila thought to herself as she handed her customer his bank card. He had come into her bookstore about an hour ago to purchase some literature on healthy eating. Yes, he was fine and had a killer body, but she was in no mood to deal with his arrogant ass.
He walked in the store confidently - because he was drop-dead gorgeous - but as soon as he opened his mouth he was drop-dead asshole. He went on and on about himself and how he was this well-known personal trainer in the Chicago area. Of course, Leila, a size sixteen mother of an adorable three-month-old little girl, did not have any knowl-edge of whom or what he was, nor did she care. Although he meant no harm and was not the egotisti-cal asshole she perceived him to be, the sound of his confident voice made insecure Leila want to scream.
She showed him the health items that she had in stock and made a huge mistake by telling Mr. Physical to let her know if he needed any help. She went back to her stool behind the counter and opened the novel that she was reading by Anna Black called Relax Your Mind, when he asked his first question. She got up, walked over and grabbed the book that he asked her about - that sat right in front of his face - and handed it to him.
‘If it hadda been a crocodile, he’da been eaten, that’s for sure,’ she said to herself as she walked away. She headed back toward the counter and question number two came, which caused her to stop in her tracks. She turned her attention back to him and satisfied him with an answer and by question number fifteen, she referred him to the Internet, which was set up in a nice and quiet corner of her store to allow customers to look up material on their own.
That computer and Internet set up was a lifesaver for her on the days she worked by herself and ‘days like this when annoying ass customers won’t leave you the hell alone,’ were her thoughts as she sat back behind the counter. The store was empty for a Saturday and she took advantage of it by catching up on some of her reading. It was usually a madhouse, but since the day was slow, she sent her other staff home.
Once she put her nose back into her book, she was praying he would get what he needed and bounce because it was getting good and she didn’t want to stop reading. He finally made his way to the counter with only one book to purchase, after all that.
“Would this be all?” Leila asked him when he handed over his card.
“It would be nice if I could get your number.”
“Ump, ump,” she said, clearing her throat, handing him his card and pointing out the fact she was wearing a ring. Not just a ring, but a gorgeous three-karat, princess cut diamond ring.
“Aw, my bad, I didn’t realize that was a wedding ring,” he said, as if he were implying her stone wasn’t all that.
“Yes, it is,” she said sharply.
“Oh, excuse me, I do apologize, Miss Lady.”
“It’s okay. You have a nice day,” she told him and handed him his bag. He stood there for a mo-ment like he was waiting for something more.
“Hey, Leila,” he said reading from her name-tag. “My name is Rayshon Johnson, but mostly everyone calls me Ray. Here is my card. If you are ever in need of a physical fitness trainer, hit me up. I’ll give you a good deal,” he said, giving her one of his cards. She took it, looked at it quickly and put it with a stack of business cards that had been left by other customers who had made purchases at her store and like those cards, she would never call him either.
“Well, Rayshon, I thank you for your offer, but as you can see, I don’t do gyms, nor do I do physical trainers. Have a nice day,” she said, giving him a wink.
“Oh, you think only fit people have trainers?”
“Are you implying I’m not fit?” she asked with much attitude.
“No, no, I’m not, you are a thick sista and that’s fine. You look damn good and I’m not trying to make you skinny; just wanna help you to be healthy. So please don’t take it offensively, because I person-ally prefer a thick sista, but at the same time, I want my woman eating right and putting in some type of cardio. Even if it’s only thirty minutes a day, it all helps for a healthier heart,” he said, sounding caring, not like the ‘I’m too sexy for my shirt,’ asshole that he came into the store as.
“Well, Rayshon thanks, but I’m good. If ever a day my husband and I wanna hire a personal trainer, you’ll be the first one we call,” she said, changing his bright smile to a look of defeat. He eased back from the counter he was leaning on and backed up a bit.
“Well, alright, Ms. Leila, you take care and tell that husband of yours that he is a lucky man.”
“I sure will,” Leila said and Rayshon walked out of the door.
“Yeah, I’ll tell him whenever I get a chance to have a conversation with him again,” Leila said out loud once Ray was on the other side of the door. She had only been married for six years and as soon as she got pregnant Devon made an exit, not because of the baby and responsibilities, but because he was no longer inter-ested in her.
It started out subtle at first, but it didn’t take Devon long before he got his own place. First, it was staying out super late and then turned into not coming home at all. By her third month, she was on her own. The day Deja was born, Devon swore he would get his act together and come home, but that was three months ago. Three months of lying, false hope and fake promises.
He takes care of them still with no fuss and makes sure everything is paid. She never has to ask for this or that because money has never been an issue with him. The problem with Devon was the in and out. One minute he was in and wanted to make it work and the next minute he was out. Finally, after all of the drama, he told Leila that he was going to file for divorce, but she still has yet to see that happen.
Leila didn’t even flinch, when he said the word “divorce,” because it had almost been two years since she even considered them husband and wife. She already cried all she could cry, prayed all she could pray and pleaded all she could plead for him to come back to her and for them to be a family again.

Visit The Author at www.annablack.net

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