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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Books That make You Go OOOOO Day 4

Message From a Mistress By. Niobia Bryant


Three female friends, whose husbands are on an outing together, are at their favorite day spa when each simultaneously receives a text message from a mutual friend, Jessa Bell, taunting them that she has run away with one of their husbands. Question is: Which one?
Message from a Mistress is loosely based on the 1940's movie A Letter to Three Friends and is approximately seventy thousand words in length.
Jaime Hall, Renee Clinton, and Aria Livewell all reside with their spouses in the affluent gated community, Richmond Hills, in New Jersey. The ladies are all best friends with their Richmond Hill neighbor, Jessa Bell–a sexy and single socialite. Trouble is Jessa Bell has just sent them all a text message taunting that she has run away with one of their husbands. That message opens the door to each of the woman’s unspoken insecurities in their marriage as each recalls incidents that hint that their husband is the one. And with the husbands away—and unreachable-- on a chartered fishing boat all day and Jessa not answering her phone, they have all day to wonder.
Throughout the book–which takes place in one day–Jessa Bell also recalls her steamy relationship with her unidentified lover. Everything about their explicit romps are revealed from the day she first seduced him up until the day he agreed to leave his wife–her friend–for her.
The ladies attempt to reach their husbands who are away together on a deep sea fishing trip, but the lack of a signal stops any calls from going through on the men’s cell phones.
In the process of flashing back on their marriages, the women are also forced to look at secrets of their own. Jaime lives in fear that her hopes to have her marriage renewed will never happen and so she has been siphoning money and building a nest egg for herself—in case Eric divorces her and uses her adultery to avoid paying alimony. The tension of Renee’s marriage pushed her into the arms and the steamy bed of a co-worker. For once it felt good to have her power and position respected. And Aria’s poor upbringing, criminal background, and promiscuous past are things she kept from Kingston to present the perfect image to catch him. These are secrets they thought they shared with a good friend. Secrets that Jessa Bell might have used to help woo one of their husbands into her bed.

Exclusive Read of the Book

| Jessa’s Prelude |

Where do I begin? How do I tell the story? Our story. His and mine.
He was my lover and her husband. You would think that wasn’t possible–like saying dry rain or cold heat–but it was true. She had the ring and the certificate… but I had him. From that first heated moment in their kitchen when his strong hands reached beneath my skirt to grab my soft, bare ass I knew I had him.
I don’t recall the specific moment when our lust turned to love. When our time spent together became about more than just fucking, more than just rushing through electrifying sex that left us both panting, sweaty, and in various stages of undress. We shifted so easily from sharing clandestine and wonderfully sneaky moments--even in their house while she was there--to him sneaking out of their home to be in my arms and in my bed.
I hated to lie alone at night surrounded by nothing but cool cotton sheets and plush down pillows, while she had his hard and warm body to hold close.
I knew the time would come when I would want more from him than just his dick. I wanted his love, his time, his all…for me and only me.
She was my friend–true, but he was my lover, my love and in this game there could only be one winner as far as I was concerned.

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