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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Books That make You Go OOO Day 11

Bayou Drama By Darine Davis

Bayou Drama is a collection of short stories comprised of five primary characters and several sub-primaries. The primary characters struggle to provide solutions to problems with in the development of their relationships. The first is Michael (THE MAN I USED TO BE) a love struck husband trying to have his wife Joyce to be as intimate with him as he is with her. Joyce, on the other hand, feels smothered and denounces his advances using every excuse known to man. This drives Michael to giving up on his advances after one major denial from Joyce. He leaves to regroup only to meet up with his wife’s best friend Sarah. Sarah is a corporate diva who is determined to get what she wants when she wants it. She meets Michael in a club and a mild conversation leads to an illicit affair. Joyce finally confronts Michael after some time and he openly admits the affair. After amends of the marriage, Michael works hard to keep his marriage in tack but Sarah being the headstrong woman she is refuses to give up on Michael and is driven to drastic measures of trying to kill Michael and Joyce. In her mind if she can’t have him no one can. Joyce is confronted by Sarah and is near being killed herself when the police ends the dramatic turn of events by killing Sarah.

The second is Shonda (UNTIL DEATH DO WE PART) A NEWBIE IN THE Houston area starting over with a new home, a new job, a new life. She is an independent woman striving to make good on her new start. She is a confident woman who lives life as she comes. She meets Tony a comical but caring young man who has experienced his share of trauma in his life. A failed marriage and a boring career, he is looking for any escape life has to offer. Tony meets Shonda in the lounge in a most uncomfortable situation and is immediately smitten with her wit and her charm. Likewise was Shonda with Tony, she too was taken by his country humor and southern dialect. They hit it off rather well and began a rather intense relationship. They agreed to marry but the plans are threatened by Tony’s ex-wife who wishes to reunite to keep Tony from being happy. While at the church waiting on a very late groom, Shonda finds out that Tony is murdered by his ex in a murder suicide but her resilience allows her to march down the aisle in spite of her grief.

The third character Tony (YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW )is a want to be player. He feels that he can do what he wants when and how he wants to any girl he is with including his long time girlfriend Cheryl. Cheryl is a loving and devoted woman that will do what it takes to keep her relationship with Tony going. She is led to believe that she and Tony are engaged to be married but as usual Tony is stringing her along long enough to get what he needs from her. Tony’s plan soon backfires on him when he is caught with Ms. Thang, an old flame that happened to be in the wrong place, his apartment, at the wrong time. Needless to say the sparks fly between Ms. Thang and eventually Tony. But it takes a good old fashioned but whipping for Tony to realize how much he really loves Cheryl. After a few months of emotional torture, Cheryl and Tony finally reconcile and Tony vows never to take love for granted again

The fourth character Roger, (TAKE CARE OF HOUSE AND HOME) a computer support specialist making amends with his unfaithful wife Cheryl. Cheryl is caught having sex with Roger’s cousin Jeff. It has been two years after the incident and Roger is slowly beginning to forgive his wife when tragedy strikes. Roger is involved in a major accident that almost cost him his life. Now enters Sandra, a caring co-worker that has taking a liking to Roger but tries to respect his marriage until she learns from his mother of his wife’s infidelity again with Jeff. Roger’s mother, Mrs. Jenkins is a widow who is extremely devoted to the safety and well being of her son and has had all she can take of Jeff and Cheryl’s escapades. After finding out about the secrete affair from various clues carelessly left by Cheryl, he turns to Sandra to make a new start. However, the tables are turned as Cheryl realizes how well she had it tries to regain her position in Roger’s life. After a failed attempt and a family crisis, Mrs. Jenkins ends the drama permanently by putting an end to Jeff and Cheryl once and for all.

The last character Alice (A FREAK LIKE ME), is corporate suave. Extremely independent and very sure of her lifestyle, believe no man could tame her. She is sure of her life and what she wants in life and love. She has no problem putting men in their place. She has the mindset “hurt them before they hurt you. Her use and abuse mentality is met by an unlikely challenge from Greg a shy but equally assured man that believes in his abilities and what he can offer a woman. They meet by accident but challenge each others will by trying to outdo each other certain eventually the other would submit. But Alice eventually realizes that a man is not weak if he submits to a woman’s will in fact he can be equally as strong.

Visit the author at http://www.dniceone.com/

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