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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tears of a Hustler Part 3 By Silk White

Tears of a Hustler Part 3 By Silk White

Tears of a Hustler 3 picks up right where part two left off. Things get serious when Marvin the leader of a powerful up coming gang decides he wants to take over Pauleenas empire. With her back against the wall Pauleena defends her territory by any means necessary even if it means killing everything moving. With her main soldier gone she has step up to the plate and get her hands dirty. The streets will rain money or blood it s their choice but giving up her throne is not an option. Who will be the last hustler standing? Once against Silk White takes readers on a ride they wont ever forget.


Four all black Denali SUVs pulled up back to back in front of the projects. Pauleena sat in the third SUV with her legs crossed sipping on a glass of wine. Today was a day in her life that she would never forget. “You sure this where this cat lives?”

“Yes I got a man in the staircase right now who’s been watching Carl’s crib all day” Eraser Head told her.

Pauleena sighed loudly. “Let’s go get this shit over with.” Her big Muslim body guard Malcolm quickly hopped out of the driver’s seat, and walked to the back door, and opened it for his boss. Pauleena stepped out looking like a million bucks followed by Eraser Head. Seven black Muslims all wearing black suits hopped out of the SUVs and escorted Pauleena in the building, and up to Carl’s floor. Eraser Head and Malcolm kicked open Carl’s front door, then quickly barged inside.

Carl sat in his couch watching TV when his front door came crashing open, followed by men busting inside with guns pointed in his face. “What’s all this about?” Carl asked with a confused look on his face.

“You know exactly what this is about” Pauleena said entering the apartment. From the look on Carl’s face she could tell that he didn’t know who she was, but he was definitely about to find out. “Did you kill G-Money?”

“Yes I did” Carl said confidently. “He disrespected, and violated me in front of my son, and for that he had to pay.”

Pauleena smiled. “And now you have to pay” she said as she pulled a .380 from the small of her back. Just as she was about to pull the trigger, little Bobby came running out the back room. “No please don’t hurt my daddy” he cried as he hugged his father.

“You kill me in front of my son?” Carl asked looking Pauleena dead in her eyes. He didn’t fear no man or woman, but if it was his time to go he didn’t want it to be in front of his son.

Pauleena looked down at Carl with a straight face, and pulled the trigger blowing his brains out right in front of little Bobby. She then trained her gun on the young boy, and sent bullets into the boy’s boney chest killing him instantly. “A body for a body” she said as she turned, handed her gun to Malcolm then made her exit.

Back in the Denali everyone was quiet, they knew Pauleena had just crossed the line, but they knew she had to do what she had to do. If the streets spotted any signs of weakness, every stick up kid in the world would be looking for her, and hustlers would be looking to take her spot. Pauleena was on top, and she planned on doing whatever needed to be done to stay on top.

“I heard Marvin is supposed to be having a birthday party next week” Eraser Head said breaking the silence.

“Word where at?” Pauleena asked helping herself to another glass of wine.

“Some club downtown.”

“Keep me posted” Pauleena said with a smile. “I wouldn’t miss that party for the world.”

A native of Harlem, New York, Silk White began his writing career in 2006. He is the author of the three part Urban Fiction series Tears of a Hustler and Co-Owner of Good2Go Publishing and Good2Go Films. Silk has No Way Out and Black Barbie as a film credit under Good2Go Films and in his spare time, loves to write and act. He is currently producing a new movie and is hard at work on his next novel.

Interview with Silk White

1. Tell me about the finale to your critical acclaim trilogy Tears of a Hustler?

This book is the finale to a trilogy that was written 2 years ago. We took our time with releasing part 2&3 to help build up our fan base in between releases. It’s a classic finale that all our loyal fans have been waiting for. I promised I wouldn’t let them down and according to the reviews we have received so far, everyone is happy. Check amazon.

2. What made you decide to start your own publishing company rather than signing with an establish publisher?

Well after Tears of a Hustler PT 1 was released I had several offers on the table, but from a business standpoint it just made more sense to release my titles under my own company. In the short term it’s a lot of work because you have to build your fan base one fan at a time, because you don’t have any distribution. But once you’ve established your brand like we have, you make 100% of the profit. At the rate we’re going we should be one of the biggest independent african american owned publishing companies out there in a few years. We’ve reached over 70,000 households in two years with no help. Right now we have good2go publishing and good2go films our movie Production Company and Third Lane Marketing.

3. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Writing was a natural process for me, growing up in the environment that I grew up in and my life experiences help enhanced my already vivid imagination. My ability to translate my imagination thru writing was a god gifted talent that I discovered when I was going thru unforeseen circumstances.

4. What’s the best thing about being an author?

I really appreciate all the love and support that I get from the fans. They are the ones that keep me motivated. It’s amazing to see all the support that I get from all parts of the country, outside the country also. Shout out to all my UK Fans. I never thought that one day my work would have reached over 70,000 households.

5. What are you working on now?

Well I just wrapped up my 5th book which is slated to be released Nov 25 2011. Its called The Teflon Queen. So be on the look out for that. You can pre-order an autograph copy now from www.good2gopublishing.com I also just finished shooting my 2nd movie under good2go films its called Black Barbie. The first movie is called No Way Out you can get that at www.good2gofilms.com

6. What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

This piece of advice is not just for writers but any aspiring entrepreneurs out there. Especially, the youth coming from underprivileged communities. Sometimes in life we get a bad hand to play with. You have to make the best out of the hand you’re given. The best piece of advice I can give is, spend all your time and energy focusing on accomplishing your goals whatever it may be, you’re going to get results. Surround yourself with good people you trust, Sleep 5hrs work 19hrs.

I just want to say Thanks to everyone out there for the love and support. Keep supporting me and Good2go Publishing

Silk White

Find Silk at:

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Silkwhite212
twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/good2gobooks
author site: www.good2gopublishing.com
blog: http://www.good2gopublishing.com/blog
Email address for readers to contact you : G2g@good2gopublishing.com
Buy Books at http://www.amazon.com/Tears-Hustler-PT-Silk-White/dp/0578084740/ref=tmm_pap_title_0

Friday, December 23, 2011

David By. Preston Dent

In this explosive tale, the character David grows up in the foster care system, where he has no family or guidance he turns to the only male figure in his life Smooth, his foster brother where he heads down a dangerous life of crime and sexual encounters with multiple females that eventually leads to him contacting HIV. David is currently for sale on www.amazon.com, ISBN: 9781450242691 and is published through iuniverse.com a self-publishing company.

About Preston Dent:
Born in Kansas City Ms., at the age of 9 my father moved us to Harrisburg Pa, to the projects on Cameron St, at a young age Preston noticed he had a desire to write. By the age of 13, Preston A. Dent was writing love letters in form of poetry to impress girls and other class mates. “As I got older I started rapping my words and desired to become the next 2 Pac or Scarface.” Not knowing that his love for writing would lead to him becoming a Self-Published author Preston continued on the road of stardom as a hip hop artist under the pen name "Pacino", when he received the opportunity to present to a group of high school students, he noticed that his lyrical content was not a story he wanted to share with a group of that age, that is when Pacino resorted by to his form self of Preston Dent and created a novel that’s story could be shared with the world.

A conversation with author Preston A. Dent:

As a new author, what would you say was your most difficult challenge in completing your novel?

Finishing the story was the hardest part because my imagination runs so wild that i could keep adding stories forever.

What are your favorite things about the main three characters David?
My favorite three characters are David, Elektra, and Smooth
David because he was the little boy from under a rock, the boy with known family going foster home to foster home, I admire his heart and courage, even though he was taking his situation to a negative matter, his plans were always strategic.

Elektra because she was the happy little girl, her whole life changed when her mother died in a fatal car accident. She was sent to live with her uncle across the country and he started raping her until eventually she shot him to his death.

Smooth because he was about his money, he wanted better for David putting him in position to fend for his self. It wasn’t till David started using the drug they were trying to sell that he cut ties with him.

What’s the biggest compliment you’ve been getting on this book?
The people say the book makes them cry from the pain and sorrow that it makes them want to have sex from the sex scenes, and that it is the hardest book they ever read

As a writer, what are some of the most important things you try to get across through your books?
I write for the people that been through a struggle, to the people that survived tragic situations. So my points to get across would always be the reality not the fairy tale and fantasy land they print on your TV screen

What was the last book you read? Why that particular book?

48 laws of power because the knowledge that it provides is 100 % needed in a man’s journey to life success

Please give us a preview of your next project including when it will be released.
My next project which I am currently working on is the sequel to David.

Book Excerpts: Chapter 1

racy Thompson was raised in Kansas City, Missouri and lived in the inner city where her father grew up. The neighborhoods didn’t have big backyards and tall trees like the suburbs. However, Tracy’s neighbors were country and always had a barbequing going on. There was a liquor store on every corner with winos panhandling to feed their addictions. Tracy’s life was by no means perfect coming from a one--parent household, with only a father who was slowly dying from cancer. Tracy was able to rise above this difficult time in her life because she knew how much her father loved her. Tracy's mother was strung out on dope and deserted them; Tracy was eight years old at the time. Her father Michael was diagnosed with gastric cancer three years after her mother departed. Michael raised Tracy the best that he could until he became chronically ill from the dreadful cancer. He would say to Tracy, “Always remember that education is the key to success.” Tracy promised her Father that she would reach for the stars and always follow her dreams.

Tracy was young, pretty, and had a smile of pure innocence. Her father taught her to be a young lady and that receiving a good education was mandatory. Tracy was very smart in school and had a desire to strive for excellence which resulted in her making the honor roll every semester. As her father began slowly dying from cancer Tracy became spiritually stronger by reading the bible and putting her faith in God. She was able to turn her pain and frustration into a thirst for knowledge and success. Tracy’s dream was that her father would make it to her high school graduation. She prayed every day, “Lord please let my father make it to my graduation.” After years of her father going back and forth to the hospital Tracy knew that her father’s time would soon be up. Tracy began preparing for her graduation and had really high spirits awaiting her graduation date. Tracy obtained a full academic scholarship to Kansas State University and couldn’t wait to start her life at college. The only thing that troubled her was Michael’s condition and she hoped that he would be around to see her graduate.

When Tracy’s graduation day arrived she had a stomach full of butterflies, she slept very restlessly tossing and turning all night. She got up and went straight to her father’s room and knocked on the door.
“Dad you better be up because we can’t be late!”
“I’m up and don’t be rushing me you know that I’m an old man” Michael said with a laugh.
Tracy had prayed that her father would make it to see her graduate so when he responded with his normal self she showed the biggest smile. Tracy knew it was going to be a good day thinking thank you god I knew you wouldn’t let me down. Tracy started walking down the stairs heading towards the kitchen to eat a bowl of Fruity Pebbles cereal. When all of a sudden she heard strident coughs and it didn’t sound good at all. Tracy ran up the stairs and opened her father’s door and said
“Dad is you ok?”
“Yes baby I’m fine; this old man wouldn’t miss this day for nothing.”
“Dad I’m serious stop playing are you ok?”
“Yes honey, I am okay for the second time.”
“Okay then we got to go, it’s getting late.”
Tracy helped her father to the car holding his hand and opening the door for him, because he was becoming too feeble to walk by himself. Tracy made sure he was safely inside of the car before pulling off and heading to the graduation. Tracy was half way there when she looked over at her father and noticed that he was sweating and coughing.
“Dad I want you to come to my graduation but if you’re not feeling well, I’ll take you to the hospital.”
“Baby if I have to tell you one more time that I am ok, I am going to beat you.”
It felt good for Tracy to see that her father still had his sense of humor, but deep down inside she knew something was wrong. Tracy and her father pulled up to the graduation a couple minutes late. “Oh shit! I got to hurry.” as she walked her father to a seat.
“Baby I’m fine now go and make this old man proud.”
“I love you so much dad.”
Tracy gave him a hug and a kiss and began walking toward the stage to be seated with her classmates. When Tracy walked across the stage she had the biggest smile on her pretty brown face. She was waving and blowing kisses to all of her friends. When Tracy looked up to see if her father was watching she saw him waving his hand and blowing kisses back at her. Tracy thought okay he's fine and continued on with her graduation laughing, taking pictures, and hugging all the other graduates.
After everything calmed down Tracy thought, I better go check on my dad. As she approached his seat she saw her father slumped over in the chair. She put her hands to her face and screamed, “Oh my God, my dad!” As Tracy ran over to see if he was okay, He began falling off the chair hitting his head on the auditorium floor after having a stroke. He was lying next to the chair with blood leaking from the side of his head. Tracy screamed out, “God please, somebody help me, call an ambulance!” As someone called the ambulance Tracy was in a frenzy begging, “Please hurry my father is lying on the ground not moving with blood coming out of his head.” When the ambulance arrived Tracy told them that he was in his final stages of cancer but would occasionally have mild strokes. Tracy knew that her father was dying from cancer so she was already prepared for his death; she knew the reality was that her father was going to die soon. Tracy was sad but at the same time happy that her father made it to her graduation.

About the Book:In this explosive tale, the character David grows up in the foster care system, where he has no family or guidance he turns to the only male figure in his life Smooth, his foster brother where he heads down a dangerous life of crime and sexual encounters with multiple females that eventually leads to him contacting HIV. David is currently for sale on www.amazon.com, ISBN: 9781450242691 and is published through iuniverse.com a self-publishing company.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Blacks: LOVE'S Politics By Angelia Vernon Menchan

In Mrs. Black? Cinnamon Brown finally divorced her husband, William Brown, who had flagrantly disrespected their vows for decades. Cinnamon, however is not without sin, she had an affair with Malcolm Black and was set to become his wife. Does Cinnamon and Black get married? And if they do marry will they be able to withstand their comeuppance, because one must always pay for their transgressions. Not only that what could possibly occur if politics enter the already volatile mix? To find out, delve into the pages of, The Black's: LOVE'S POLITICS - New Beginnings and find out. You will not be disappointed as Angelia Vernon Menchan plunges you into a story filled with love, family, retribution, revenge, politics, and ultimately love.

Excerpt:To change the subject, did you know that Diaz was impeached?” Aunt Gladys asked Cinnamon.
“Get out of here, the Mayor being impeached, for what?”“Well, it seems he really likes young girls and he takes money that doesn’t belong to him. I tell you I just don’t understand.”“Me either…”“Well, you better because it seems there is a grassroots move to get your husband elected.”“What!?”“Yes, I was at a meeting last week and there is a petition with 5000 signatures with Malcolm Black for Mayor. We have never had a black mayor and if anyone can win, it sure is him.”“Does Malcolm know about this?”“Do, I know about what?” Malcolm walked into the room, like the handsome leader he was.
“I thought you were tired?” “I am but I am no longer used to sleeping by myself, now what should I know?”“Well, it seems there is a petition going around to get you to run for Mayor of Center City.”“What, no way, what happened to Diaz?”“It seems he has been sleeping with young girls and taking money.”“Surely, you knew, as much news and newspapers as you consume,” Aunt Gladys chimed in.“Ummm, not lately…”“You two, well he is and they want you. I want you too.”“Aunt Gladys, I don’t know about all that. I have been a private man for a long time and I just don’t do dirty politics.”“Boy, what is the worst that can happen? They mention you were a ladies man, well you weren’t married then and that secures the female vote. All of your money is legitimate. All you will have to do is come out and tell the world about your son.” Malcolm turned to Cinnamon.“What do you think about all this?”“I think you would be an awesome mayor, but, I don’t know about…I just don’t know. Can, we talk about this later.” Nodding Malcolm changed the subject.QUESTIONS:

1. Angelia what motivated you to write about such complicated love relationships? Malcolm and Cinnamon has an affair, her husband basically condoned it and now they are married and he is running for mayor.

That is pretty simple, really, life and love are full of complications and most books talk about the drama when a man cheatsor a woman loves too much, but I wanted to flip the script and do it differently, even making my characters older, because it seems many writers think sex and love ends at 30.

2. How have your older characters been received and do you have a younger audience as well?

Extremely well and I certainly do have younger readers, my books encompass all ages and everyone needs to know that black love never ends. I have written across genre, I have two young adult books, two non-fiction, two anthologies and seven women's fiction, I want to attract all readers.

3. Wow, how has ebooks worked for you and have you embraced them?

I must say, I embraced them with some reluctance, but once I did, it has been awesome. It seems that my local readers want actual books and my online readers prefer ebooks. Since I publish my own work, I can aim to please.

4. Why did you choose to self-publish?

It was a no-brainer for me even though in 2006 when I first started writing, it was frowned upon, still is actually. But, I had a very vivid imagination and knew what I wanted to write about, also, it allowed me to control my time and not worry about a contract. Ultimately, I plan to publish other authors, I have already published one author and have two anthologies with three other authors. Self-publishing is a great deal of work but worth it for me.

5. What do you want readers to take away from The Blacks: Love's Politics?

That it is never too late to love and find peace, also that we always must pay for our transgressions and at the end of the day we have to be responsible for ourselves, our families and those in our community who need us.

6. What's next?

On January 19th, my birthday, actually I will publish Family, Friends, Foes? which is the followup to this book and I am very excited about it and readers are blowing up my email and phone asking me to hurry up already. I love that!

7. Finally, what would you tell up and coming authors?

To write, write, write and to be open to constructive criticism but stay true to your stories, only you can tell your stories. Thanks AAMBC for having, be PEACE!

Angelia Vernon Menchan is wife, mother, nana and mentor. The former Job Corps Counselor is employed by day as a Budget Officer. However, by night she is the author of ‘Fictionalized Truths’… Since January 2006, she has published 13 books through her small publishing company, MAMM Productions. Her personal motto is, ‘There is and abundance through God for all of us, we simply have to be open for our blessings.” Her most recent offering is THE BLACKS: LOVE’S POLITICS

Find her at:

ebook link

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bumped By Sibylla Nash

What happens when you’re blindsided by betrayal and happy hour is no longer an option?

Elle Nixon seems to have the perfect life. As a music PR maven and party girl on the L.A. social scene, she attends the hottest parties and has a roster of artists that reads like the who’s who of Billboard magazine. Her upwardly mobile bound

boyfriend lavishes her with plenty of gifts and attention until he disappears…during the middle of a high-profile fraud investigation into his investment firm by the FBI. Add an unplanned pregnancy to the mix and suddenly, it’s not so fun anymore to walk a mile in her Louboutins.

Will Elle’s search for answers help or destroy her as she confronts the past and tries to reinvent her future?


AFTER A FULL DAY of sightseeing in Paris with eight writers and then a sound check at the
famed Olympia, I wanted nothing more than to close my eyes and sleep. Long and hard. I unlocked
my hotel room, took two steps in and flung myself face down on the bed, landing on top of the
scratchy, green bedspread with my high heels and short trench coat still on. My room was the length
of my arm span, which was fine on a day like today. Tiny, dark, enclosed spaces couldn’t make me
feel any worse.
I buried my face in the pillow and tried to stave off the nausea. It felt like the beginning of the
flu and it had followed me from Los Angeles to Paris, and had dug its heels in at the hotel along the
Champs Elysees. It didn’t help that Paris hadn’t gotten the memo that it was spring, or maybe I
didn’t read the memo that said to pack layers of clothes. Either way, it was damp and chilly outside.
It was hard to look chic in goose bumps, no matter how cute my shoes were, and my Louboutins
were hot; save for the beating they were taking from all the cobblestone walkways.
I checked the time on my cell phone. I had less than two hours before I had to wrangle
everyone back on the bus for the main purpose of the trip, watching one of the biggest hip hop
artists in the world, Cameron perform at the Olympia, one of the oldest concert halls in Paris. He
was signed to Savage Rhythms, the record label that employed me as a publicist and subsidized my
stiletto habit.
My phone chimed and a text message from my friend Justine came through. Growing up, we
used to live four doors down from one another in New Jersey and had been as inseparable as cake
and ice cream at a birthday party. Now, living on opposite coasts, we were like caviar and a bottle of
hundred-year-old scotch, only on special occasions.
Happy B-day Ellie! Hope ur enjoying ur trip in city of love!  :> :>)
She included her usual assortment of happy faces and other crazy icons that always made me
wonder if she dictated her text messages to her 12-year-old.
Bleh! Another birthday. I grabbed a pillow and put it over my face. Born four years apart, my
sister Evie and I shared the same birthday. I’d much rather pretend the day didn’t exist. I moved the
pillow and rolled over on my stomach to send Justine a quick message.
35. Yaay. I’m working & how much fun can it really b w/my man on another continent?
Before she could reply, my phone rang.
“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!” Diego Rivera’s baritone sang in my ear with
only the slightest of interference from across the Atlantic. I smiled, happy to avert a trip down
memory lane. Even after two and a half years of dating, the sound of his voice still made my
stomach tingle with erratic butterflies…or it could have been the escargot from the other night. Two
words. Never. Again.

Sibylla Nash is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and author. She has written about a variety of topics that have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers. She is also the author of several books including DreamCity, Baby Modeling & Beyond: From the Stroller to the Red Carpet and her newest novel, Bumped. She holds a degree from the University of Southern California in print journalism and is the extremely proud mom of a young actress. You can find her on the web at sibyllanash.com, divaluscious.com, starbabyla.com, bumpedthenovel.com on Facebook and tweets @starbabyla.

Get to Know the Author:

1.) How did you begin my journey as an author?

I started off as a freelance writer but as an avid reader, novels were always in my future. This is my fifth book – all independently released - and it’s been a long work-in-progress! When I released my first novel eleven years ago, life was pretty different. The author tag line on the back of that book (DreamCity) read something like “Sibylla Nash lives in Los Angeles with her dog.” Since then, I became a mom, the dog died, I moved back to NJ and then moved back to LA. Life happens and I think that’s part of what helps one grow as a writer. Experiencing and living life and then obsessing and rehashing the details, exploring the “what if’s” and “could be’s” in the pages of the worlds we create.

2.) What compelled or inspired you to write this book?

Who hasn’t had that one relationship where you’re scratching your head after the fact asking yourself, how could I not see this? I wanted to explore betrayal in such way that seemed more organic. You really go through stages of grief after being betrayed and I wanted to show a character dealing with the ultimate betrayal, which is not necessarily the physical, cheating act. I wanted to take this character from point A of thinking everything’s great to point B where she’s like oh my gosh, who is this person? I can rattle off a list of women in that past few years that have been through a very public and humiliating scandal like Sandra Bullock, Maria Shriver, Elin Woods, etc where they’re with someone who totally turns out to be so different with the emotional and physical cheating. For the public, that’s the big story but for them, life goes on and they have to pick up the pieces.

3.) How do you develop the plot?

I use index cards, and I like to break the story up into three parts, which is from Syd Fields screenwriting technique. I plot it out and usually deviate from many of my plot points, but I always have an idea of where I’m going and I definitely know where I want to end up.

4.) How long did it take to write Bumped?

Bumped has been a labor of love for quite a few years. I always thought my second novel after DreamCity would be a sequel but the characters in Bumped demanded to be written. DreamCity was written before I became a mom and Bumped was written late at night, in between auditions for my daughter and play dates. It has taken quite a few years and revisions and was finally birthed in August 2011.

5.) What types of books do you like to read?

I have a very eclectic taste and will read everything from horror, mystery, thriller, self-help, history and anything else that catches my eye. I’ll read it on the Kindle or in printed form, whichever I can get my hands on first. I’m not a die-hard purist and love the opportunities that e-books offer.

6.) How do you feel about selling digital books vs. selling in a brick and mortar store?

I love it! That coupled with social media allows me to find and connect with a wider audience that was harder to reach with my previous books. It certainly levels the playing field and allows new voices to be heard without having to fight through the gatekeepers of the old guard.

7.) What’s next?

I’m updating my guide, Baby Modeling & Beyond. So much has changed since I wrote it six years ago and there seems to be an even bigger market of moms who are curious about getting their kids started in the business. I’m also re-releasing my first novel DreamCity at the end of the year. There’s a fun sequel to that which will be out next year. I’m staying pretty busy. I have so many stories in my head bouncing around that are demanding to get out and strut their stuff on the page or screen.

Find Sibylla Nash at:

sibyllanash.com, bumpedthenovel.com, facebook.com/bumpedbysibyllanash, Twitter @starbabyla

Email address: sibylla22@gmail.com

Buy Book at: http://www.amazon.com/Bumped-Sibylla-Nash/dp/0970170637/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1318560856&sr=8-1

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