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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Blacks: LOVE'S Politics By Angelia Vernon Menchan

In Mrs. Black? Cinnamon Brown finally divorced her husband, William Brown, who had flagrantly disrespected their vows for decades. Cinnamon, however is not without sin, she had an affair with Malcolm Black and was set to become his wife. Does Cinnamon and Black get married? And if they do marry will they be able to withstand their comeuppance, because one must always pay for their transgressions. Not only that what could possibly occur if politics enter the already volatile mix? To find out, delve into the pages of, The Black's: LOVE'S POLITICS - New Beginnings and find out. You will not be disappointed as Angelia Vernon Menchan plunges you into a story filled with love, family, retribution, revenge, politics, and ultimately love.

Excerpt:To change the subject, did you know that Diaz was impeached?” Aunt Gladys asked Cinnamon.
“Get out of here, the Mayor being impeached, for what?”“Well, it seems he really likes young girls and he takes money that doesn’t belong to him. I tell you I just don’t understand.”“Me either…”“Well, you better because it seems there is a grassroots move to get your husband elected.”“What!?”“Yes, I was at a meeting last week and there is a petition with 5000 signatures with Malcolm Black for Mayor. We have never had a black mayor and if anyone can win, it sure is him.”“Does Malcolm know about this?”“Do, I know about what?” Malcolm walked into the room, like the handsome leader he was.
“I thought you were tired?” “I am but I am no longer used to sleeping by myself, now what should I know?”“Well, it seems there is a petition going around to get you to run for Mayor of Center City.”“What, no way, what happened to Diaz?”“It seems he has been sleeping with young girls and taking money.”“Surely, you knew, as much news and newspapers as you consume,” Aunt Gladys chimed in.“Ummm, not lately…”“You two, well he is and they want you. I want you too.”“Aunt Gladys, I don’t know about all that. I have been a private man for a long time and I just don’t do dirty politics.”“Boy, what is the worst that can happen? They mention you were a ladies man, well you weren’t married then and that secures the female vote. All of your money is legitimate. All you will have to do is come out and tell the world about your son.” Malcolm turned to Cinnamon.“What do you think about all this?”“I think you would be an awesome mayor, but, I don’t know about…I just don’t know. Can, we talk about this later.” Nodding Malcolm changed the subject.QUESTIONS:

1. Angelia what motivated you to write about such complicated love relationships? Malcolm and Cinnamon has an affair, her husband basically condoned it and now they are married and he is running for mayor.

That is pretty simple, really, life and love are full of complications and most books talk about the drama when a man cheatsor a woman loves too much, but I wanted to flip the script and do it differently, even making my characters older, because it seems many writers think sex and love ends at 30.

2. How have your older characters been received and do you have a younger audience as well?

Extremely well and I certainly do have younger readers, my books encompass all ages and everyone needs to know that black love never ends. I have written across genre, I have two young adult books, two non-fiction, two anthologies and seven women's fiction, I want to attract all readers.

3. Wow, how has ebooks worked for you and have you embraced them?

I must say, I embraced them with some reluctance, but once I did, it has been awesome. It seems that my local readers want actual books and my online readers prefer ebooks. Since I publish my own work, I can aim to please.

4. Why did you choose to self-publish?

It was a no-brainer for me even though in 2006 when I first started writing, it was frowned upon, still is actually. But, I had a very vivid imagination and knew what I wanted to write about, also, it allowed me to control my time and not worry about a contract. Ultimately, I plan to publish other authors, I have already published one author and have two anthologies with three other authors. Self-publishing is a great deal of work but worth it for me.

5. What do you want readers to take away from The Blacks: Love's Politics?

That it is never too late to love and find peace, also that we always must pay for our transgressions and at the end of the day we have to be responsible for ourselves, our families and those in our community who need us.

6. What's next?

On January 19th, my birthday, actually I will publish Family, Friends, Foes? which is the followup to this book and I am very excited about it and readers are blowing up my email and phone asking me to hurry up already. I love that!

7. Finally, what would you tell up and coming authors?

To write, write, write and to be open to constructive criticism but stay true to your stories, only you can tell your stories. Thanks AAMBC for having, be PEACE!

Angelia Vernon Menchan is wife, mother, nana and mentor. The former Job Corps Counselor is employed by day as a Budget Officer. However, by night she is the author of ‘Fictionalized Truths’… Since January 2006, she has published 13 books through her small publishing company, MAMM Productions. Her personal motto is, ‘There is and abundance through God for all of us, we simply have to be open for our blessings.” Her most recent offering is THE BLACKS: LOVE’S POLITICS

Find her at:

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