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Friday, December 23, 2011

David By. Preston Dent

In this explosive tale, the character David grows up in the foster care system, where he has no family or guidance he turns to the only male figure in his life Smooth, his foster brother where he heads down a dangerous life of crime and sexual encounters with multiple females that eventually leads to him contacting HIV. David is currently for sale on www.amazon.com, ISBN: 9781450242691 and is published through iuniverse.com a self-publishing company.

About Preston Dent:
Born in Kansas City Ms., at the age of 9 my father moved us to Harrisburg Pa, to the projects on Cameron St, at a young age Preston noticed he had a desire to write. By the age of 13, Preston A. Dent was writing love letters in form of poetry to impress girls and other class mates. “As I got older I started rapping my words and desired to become the next 2 Pac or Scarface.” Not knowing that his love for writing would lead to him becoming a Self-Published author Preston continued on the road of stardom as a hip hop artist under the pen name "Pacino", when he received the opportunity to present to a group of high school students, he noticed that his lyrical content was not a story he wanted to share with a group of that age, that is when Pacino resorted by to his form self of Preston Dent and created a novel that’s story could be shared with the world.

A conversation with author Preston A. Dent:

As a new author, what would you say was your most difficult challenge in completing your novel?

Finishing the story was the hardest part because my imagination runs so wild that i could keep adding stories forever.

What are your favorite things about the main three characters David?
My favorite three characters are David, Elektra, and Smooth
David because he was the little boy from under a rock, the boy with known family going foster home to foster home, I admire his heart and courage, even though he was taking his situation to a negative matter, his plans were always strategic.

Elektra because she was the happy little girl, her whole life changed when her mother died in a fatal car accident. She was sent to live with her uncle across the country and he started raping her until eventually she shot him to his death.

Smooth because he was about his money, he wanted better for David putting him in position to fend for his self. It wasn’t till David started using the drug they were trying to sell that he cut ties with him.

What’s the biggest compliment you’ve been getting on this book?
The people say the book makes them cry from the pain and sorrow that it makes them want to have sex from the sex scenes, and that it is the hardest book they ever read

As a writer, what are some of the most important things you try to get across through your books?
I write for the people that been through a struggle, to the people that survived tragic situations. So my points to get across would always be the reality not the fairy tale and fantasy land they print on your TV screen

What was the last book you read? Why that particular book?

48 laws of power because the knowledge that it provides is 100 % needed in a man’s journey to life success

Please give us a preview of your next project including when it will be released.
My next project which I am currently working on is the sequel to David.

Book Excerpts: Chapter 1

racy Thompson was raised in Kansas City, Missouri and lived in the inner city where her father grew up. The neighborhoods didn’t have big backyards and tall trees like the suburbs. However, Tracy’s neighbors were country and always had a barbequing going on. There was a liquor store on every corner with winos panhandling to feed their addictions. Tracy’s life was by no means perfect coming from a one--parent household, with only a father who was slowly dying from cancer. Tracy was able to rise above this difficult time in her life because she knew how much her father loved her. Tracy's mother was strung out on dope and deserted them; Tracy was eight years old at the time. Her father Michael was diagnosed with gastric cancer three years after her mother departed. Michael raised Tracy the best that he could until he became chronically ill from the dreadful cancer. He would say to Tracy, “Always remember that education is the key to success.” Tracy promised her Father that she would reach for the stars and always follow her dreams.

Tracy was young, pretty, and had a smile of pure innocence. Her father taught her to be a young lady and that receiving a good education was mandatory. Tracy was very smart in school and had a desire to strive for excellence which resulted in her making the honor roll every semester. As her father began slowly dying from cancer Tracy became spiritually stronger by reading the bible and putting her faith in God. She was able to turn her pain and frustration into a thirst for knowledge and success. Tracy’s dream was that her father would make it to her high school graduation. She prayed every day, “Lord please let my father make it to my graduation.” After years of her father going back and forth to the hospital Tracy knew that her father’s time would soon be up. Tracy began preparing for her graduation and had really high spirits awaiting her graduation date. Tracy obtained a full academic scholarship to Kansas State University and couldn’t wait to start her life at college. The only thing that troubled her was Michael’s condition and she hoped that he would be around to see her graduate.

When Tracy’s graduation day arrived she had a stomach full of butterflies, she slept very restlessly tossing and turning all night. She got up and went straight to her father’s room and knocked on the door.
“Dad you better be up because we can’t be late!”
“I’m up and don’t be rushing me you know that I’m an old man” Michael said with a laugh.
Tracy had prayed that her father would make it to see her graduate so when he responded with his normal self she showed the biggest smile. Tracy knew it was going to be a good day thinking thank you god I knew you wouldn’t let me down. Tracy started walking down the stairs heading towards the kitchen to eat a bowl of Fruity Pebbles cereal. When all of a sudden she heard strident coughs and it didn’t sound good at all. Tracy ran up the stairs and opened her father’s door and said
“Dad is you ok?”
“Yes baby I’m fine; this old man wouldn’t miss this day for nothing.”
“Dad I’m serious stop playing are you ok?”
“Yes honey, I am okay for the second time.”
“Okay then we got to go, it’s getting late.”
Tracy helped her father to the car holding his hand and opening the door for him, because he was becoming too feeble to walk by himself. Tracy made sure he was safely inside of the car before pulling off and heading to the graduation. Tracy was half way there when she looked over at her father and noticed that he was sweating and coughing.
“Dad I want you to come to my graduation but if you’re not feeling well, I’ll take you to the hospital.”
“Baby if I have to tell you one more time that I am ok, I am going to beat you.”
It felt good for Tracy to see that her father still had his sense of humor, but deep down inside she knew something was wrong. Tracy and her father pulled up to the graduation a couple minutes late. “Oh shit! I got to hurry.” as she walked her father to a seat.
“Baby I’m fine now go and make this old man proud.”
“I love you so much dad.”
Tracy gave him a hug and a kiss and began walking toward the stage to be seated with her classmates. When Tracy walked across the stage she had the biggest smile on her pretty brown face. She was waving and blowing kisses to all of her friends. When Tracy looked up to see if her father was watching she saw him waving his hand and blowing kisses back at her. Tracy thought okay he's fine and continued on with her graduation laughing, taking pictures, and hugging all the other graduates.
After everything calmed down Tracy thought, I better go check on my dad. As she approached his seat she saw her father slumped over in the chair. She put her hands to her face and screamed, “Oh my God, my dad!” As Tracy ran over to see if he was okay, He began falling off the chair hitting his head on the auditorium floor after having a stroke. He was lying next to the chair with blood leaking from the side of his head. Tracy screamed out, “God please, somebody help me, call an ambulance!” As someone called the ambulance Tracy was in a frenzy begging, “Please hurry my father is lying on the ground not moving with blood coming out of his head.” When the ambulance arrived Tracy told them that he was in his final stages of cancer but would occasionally have mild strokes. Tracy knew that her father was dying from cancer so she was already prepared for his death; she knew the reality was that her father was going to die soon. Tracy was sad but at the same time happy that her father made it to her graduation.

About the Book:In this explosive tale, the character David grows up in the foster care system, where he has no family or guidance he turns to the only male figure in his life Smooth, his foster brother where he heads down a dangerous life of crime and sexual encounters with multiple females that eventually leads to him contacting HIV. David is currently for sale on www.amazon.com, ISBN: 9781450242691 and is published through iuniverse.com a self-publishing company.

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