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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Generation of Curses By Patricia A. Bridewell and Faatima Albasir-Johnson

Khadesia Hill’s life could not be better. She is the wife of the debonair Assistant Pastor, Malcolm Hill, youngest son and first choice to succeed his father as pastor of the mega church, Solid Rock Christian Ministries. Obedience to the Lord led her to California twelve years earlier where she later met, married Malcolm, and gave birth to their daughter.

Her world shatters when a detective shows up at her business one day. He claims to have evidence that could possibly link her to an ex-boyfriend’s murder in her home town. Secrets about her past unfold and cast shadows over her pure reputation in the church and with Malcolm’s family. When the news is revealed, Malcolm’s older brother Corbin and his wife Stacie step up efforts to win Corbin his father’s seat as the next pastor. While Khadesia fights to clear her name, Stacie’s friend Maxie, who has a long-time attraction to Malcolm, tries to sway his attention her way. Will Khadesia and Malcolm remain steadfast in faith through the crises in their marriage?

Patrica A. Bridewell is a native of Los Angeles, California. Her first Christian Fiction novel, “Reflections of a Quiet Storm,” was released in 2009. She is a contributing writer to the anthologies, Gumbo for the Soul – Women of Honor: Pink Edition, and Keeping the Faith. Her work has also been published in the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper, Advance for Nurses Magazine, and multiple online magazines. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, the Hurston/Wright Foundation, and International Black Writers and Artists – Los Angeles. Patricia is a full-time nursing professor at Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science. She is a long-time member of West Angeles Church of God in Christ in Los Angeles. She is currently working on her second novel.

Patricia is a mom, grandmother, an avid reader, and loves music.

A native of Kansas City, Missouri, Faatima Albasir-Johnson’s creative mind began at a young age. It came as no surprise that her creativity transitioned into the literary world. Her years of experience as a photo lab manager and event and party planner were a catalyst to writing. She often wrote journal notes, poetry, and developed ideas for party invitations and/or programs for events. Over the years, her interest in writing peaked, which ultimately led to an idea to co-author the highly anticipated Christian Fiction novel “A Generation of Curses.” The book is scheduled for release by NCM Publishing in 2012.

Faatima is a devoted mother and grandmother, she enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her family

Get to Know the Authors:

What motivated you to start writing and how long have you been writing?

PAB: I didn’t have a plan to become a writer, so I have to say that was God-inspired. I started journaling 7 years ago during a time of crisis, and from those notes I started writing my first book.

FAJ: My motivation came from my previous work and a desire to make a difference.

What process do you use to create a good storyline?

PAB: When an idea strikes, the first thing I do is jot down notes—character names, personalities, appearance, potential plot ideas−everything that comes to mind. From there the story begins. I may start out with a short outline, but I use a lot of notes .

FAJ: I do free-flow writing. Whenever I get a good idea for a chapter, I write down what I want to say and build on that.

Was your first book self-published, published by a small press or major publisher?

PAB: My first book was published by an independent publisher.

FAJ: My first book will be published by independent publisher NCM Publishing

Tell your readers a little about the main characters in your next book “A Generation of Curses.”

PAB: Khadesia Hill is a wife, business woman, and pastor’s wife. She becomes caught in a cross between doing what is right by telling her husband Malcolm about her past , which she knows will hurt him and possibly destroy their marriage, or doing the wrong thing and continuing to conceal that information. The story revolves around the challenges they encounter when a detective shows up at Khadesia’s job. He discloses that an old case regarding an ex-boyfriend’s death has now been reopened, and she is the prime suspect.

FAJ: Khadesia’s problem causes conflict with her husband and a host of others in her life. Malcolm also experiences problems as things spiral out of control. The story will keep readers on the edge of their seats as they enter the lives of two people who love each other, but face problems that only faith in God can resolve.

Do any of your characters depict your real life experiences or are they strictly fictional?

PAB: Yes, I have created characters that were similar to me and some of my experiences. However, many ideas for characters either come from my own image of how I envision them as I write or from people that I’ve met in the past.

FAJ: Yes and no. Some of the characters have some of my real life experiences, but not all of them. Many of my ideas are strictly fictional. I might take experiences that I have seen others go through and change or develop another idea from their experiences. Or I just create new ideas.

What do you like best about being an author?

PAB: For me writing is a ministry. I feel blessed for the gift of being able to write stories that will provide enjoyment as well as encouragement and inspiration for my readers. About six months ago, a reader emailed me and thanked me for my short story “On My Way to Where I’ve Never Been,” which was part of Christian Fiction author Vanessa Miller’s Keeping the Faith anthology. She wrote about a full page testimony on how she was touched by my story. I was in tears by the time I finished. But, this is why I right.

FAJ: The excitement of being able to connect with readers through my writing. I’m a newbie, but I am learning so much and I feel blessed for the opportunity. I hope to travel this road for many years and write many more books.

What advice would you give aspiring writers?

PAB: My best advice is learn the craft of writing, learn the publishing industry, and learn them well. Research cannot be emphasized enough. I still research and I consistently strive to improve my writing skills and enhance my knowledge about publishing. Find a good editor. And DO NOT submit your work before you have it professionally edited. I have found that networking with new and veteran authors, attending conferences, and writing groups have been particularly helpful for me.

FAJ: Network with other writers, develop relationships with book clubs, and study the craft of writing. These tools have helped me become a better writer.

Contact the Author: bridern@verizon.net

Twitter.com - PABridewell

Facebook.com – Patricia Ann Bridewell

Facebook page – A Generation of Curses




Facebook.com – Faatima Ingrid Burns Albasir

Purchase book at: www.ncmpublishing.com, www.amazon.com , bn.com

Monday, March 19, 2012

AAMBC Blog Tours with Kimberly Ranee Hicks

Kimberly Ranee Hicks (pronounced Ronnie) is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and grew up in the Hill District. She currently resides in the city of New Kensington, Pennsylvania, where she shares a home with her husband, Wesley, and stepdaughter, Nicole. Hicks has done it again by incorporating the zest and appeal that her fans came to love in Mello and June, but with a whole new twist. She is currently in the process of writing her third novel.

Get to Know the author:

Describe for our readers who Kimberly Ranee (pronounced Ronnie) Hicks is?

I’m a kind-hearted, charming, witty, genuine, sincere, energetic and animated soul who wants to share my gift of word usage with the world. There isn’t a better form of communication than the use of words to tell a great story. My creation was no mistake. I was placed here for the soul purpose of sharing my experiences with others. Gifts are meant to be given, and when readers enjoy what I have to say, it’s the highest paid honor one may receive.

What inspires you to write?

Life inspires me to write. When I look at the trials and tribulations I’ve been through, I now realize I was placed in those situations for a reason—to share what I feel with others who may be going through a similar thing. But the biggest thing that drives me to write is pain. Whenever I go through something difficult, my soul becomes full, and when it becomes overloaded, I have to write to release its pain. Some of my best work written has been through my personal pain, and being a sensitive soul, more so than others, I also can write from the pain of others and come up with great storylines to spin.

What do you want your readers to come away with from the stories you write?

I want my readers to come away with a valuable lesson—for I truly believe there isn’t a person too old to learn. I don’t just write stories for the sake of doing it or just because it’s the only thing that truly makes my soul at peace, but I want to teach someone something. I want a person to pick up one of my books and see there is more to it than just good old-fashioned entertainment. I want a person to be able to identify with a character or characters and think how it relays to his/her own life, or possibly how it relates to someone they know. Many of my readers tell me one of the greatest things they love about my stories are they appear so real and they can truly relate to what is happening, and more importantly, receive the strong message behind what they are reading. When readers are still talking about my novels, long after they have read them, I know I have accomplished my goal as an author. It’s the most gratifying feeling an author can feel. I am forever humbled by the experience.

What avenues did you explore for publishing your novels?

Before I published my first novel, Mello & June, I researched for an entire year before the outline of my first novel was complete. I spoke with agents, authors and publishers to get their views and opinions on what worked best for them and why. After trying for many years to get into a traditional publishing house and receiving rejection letters, not because my writing wasn’t strong necessarily, but because what I was writing wasn’t what they were looking for at that time. I’ve had a couple agents review my work and tell me that it’s good, but many of the publishers they dealt with wouldn’t want to put money into my type of novels. So, after compiling my information for a year, I decided to self-publish. I was warned of the pros and cons into doing this, but for me, in order for me to write what I enjoyed, I had to do what was best for me. Many of your big named authors started out self-publishing, Stephen King and John Grisham. I waited twenty years before I began writing Mello and June because that love story had to wait to be told. Self-publishing isn’t for everyone, not so one could tell by the millions being published yearly, but it is worth investigating and seeing how it works out for you.

What makes you different from other authors?

I pride myself on being different. I don’t want to do what everyone else has done, and I don’t want to get stuck in a particular genre because that happens to be what is selling now. Some have criticized me for being that way, and I say to those, so be it. I will never sell myself short nor compromise my artistry for the sake of a dollar. Sure, do I want to make money off of writing, I most certainly do, but I will not ever write stories that I don’t feel have any substance behind them. As a woman of color, I find that many writers of my same race write basically the same things, and for me, that gets old. The urban experience doesn’t always have to be the hard-knock life, thugs, drug dealers, sex, etc., there are so many stories that need to be told showing African-Americans in a positive light, which can be shared through drama, but leaving the reader saying, “hey, I got something from this story.” As I stated before, I want my readers to come away with a powerful message, one that will give them pause. I want to see more positive characters being written about people of color, instead of the same ole same. This is what sets me apart from other authors. It may be the reason my success is slow crawling, but moving forward nonetheless. I want people to feel my words, not just read them, and I want people to think about what my characters are doing and why. I’m changing the literary world one word at a time, and I’m finally gaining ground.

Why did you decide to write your current novel, Silent Knight, in the 70s era?

Simply put, I loved the 70s and it was a great era. When I think of the 70s, I am immediately thrown back into Afros, Disco, belle-bottom jeans, halter tops, platform shoes, (which are back in style again), Soul Train, TV shows such as What’s Happenin’, The Jeffersons, Saturday Morning Cartoons, The Six Million Dollar Man, etc. When I think of those things, why not write about it? Silent Knight, the novel, is a tribute to my childhood—a time of better days gone by. It’s something you don’t see in many self-published novels, so why not write a good story based in that time period? What better way to mix the past with the present, and put a spin on it while you’re at it? Again, I don’t write stories like other authors write, and as I mentioned before, I pride myself on that. I am my own person. I hold my own artistry that I’m proud of. I use my gift to educate others, and no one said you can’t have fun while doing it. I couldn’t think of a better way to pay homage to my childhood than by displaying that era in print. I had an awesome time reliving it, going through old family albums, and talking with people who lived in that time. The 70s rocked, and will forever live on in Silent Knight. Right on with the Right on!

What are your favorite genres to write?

Being that there are only 250 plots an author has at his discretion to write from, whatever way I may twist a plot, I will do it. Many of my fans were surprised to learn that I am not a huge fan of romance, but my first novel was just that. Believe me, it came as a total shock that I would choose to write such a novel, but it was meant to be—plus, romance is the largest read genre in all categories. If you’re going to put yourself out there, why not go with something that will grab the masses’ attention? There isn’t a genre I will not tackle. I believe in writing about any and everything I can. I do not like to get stuck in one spot too long, so immediately I will begin my research into topics that I feel my readers will be interested in. I do tend to like the suspense genre more so than any others, but I have several other books in mind that will be challenging, but told in the true fashion as many of my readers have come to know. I enjoy writing drama, but I most definitely do not want to live it.

From award-winning writer Kimberly Ranee Hicks comes another gripping work that is sure to stir the literary world. Published through Xlibris, Silent Knight tells how a supposedly informative documentary turns into a series of perplexing revelations.

Clarence Knight, a filmmaker who is making it big out in Hollywood, is suddenly uprooted from his city life when his best friend, Reggie Dunn, summons him to come back home because Reggie’s father is dying. After all, Mr. Dunn played an intricate part in Clarence’s upbringing. He unwillingly returns to his old stomping grounds of Woodland Heights, the Projects. Once he arrives, he discovers that his old hood isn’t quite the way it used to be when he and his family moved there twenty years ago. While visiting with his best friend and catching up on old times, Clarence figured he could make the best of the trip by surprising his friend with a camera crew that is in the process of making a documentary about their lives in Woodland Heights, the way it was in the 70s. But he also has another motive for this documentary; he longs to know what has happened to a kid named Marcus Paige whom they used to hang with.

As the camera starts rolling, secrets—dark and shocking ones—also begin to unravel. Clarence discovers that his old neighborhood has some extremely harsh realities he will have to face. After all is revealed, will Clarence still remain friends with his old crew? Or better yet, will what Clarence learns keep him silent forever? Readers will find out in this fast-paced, breathtaking mystery-suspense thriller. For more information on Silent Knight, interested parties may log on to www.Xlibris.com, go to www.70silentknight.com, www.amazon.com or any major bookstore (order desk) to get a copy.

Find the author:

Mello & June, It’s a Book Thang Blog: http://mellojune.blogspot.com

Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Kiwes

Facebook Fanpage of Mello & June: http://www.facebook.com/#!/MelloJune2009

Email Address: mellojune@kimberlyraneehicks.com

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jesus Saves Lexi By Wilhelmina Michelle Leonard

The State of Michigan attempts to kill a retired adult entertainer, as the President and U.S. Federal Government condones it to cover up two politicians involvement in double murders and a 20-year former NFL player sexual pleasure with a minor..
The high-profiled professional entertainer wanted completely out of the adult entertainment business. She turned her life over to the Lord; saved by the Lord Jesus Christ only to find getting out of the business was going to be a BIG problem! It later concludes that she was denied her U.S Constitutional Civil Rights, Freedom of Speech and Religion, where honorable humans in the state try to kill her.

Excerpt: In many circumstances, some people cannot believe truth, but God’s Word is the only truth in this world. This book is a non-fiction recollection of when the State of Michigan attempted to kill me, declared I never existed and hallucinated, for me wanting completely out of the adult entertainment business. This all arose from me getting baptized in Jesus’ name and filled with the Holy Ghost, God changing my life and the change of my mindset.

I am about to reveal many of the secrets in the exotic adult world, which the normal society does not know about, which conclusively will lead up to clues to the murder of adult entertainer Tamara Greene. These corruption schemes include governmental civil disobedience, drugs, sex, and money, along with mysteries and pursuits of death to cover up deaths. It has celebrity names and high-profiled politicians, international governments, high-profiled law firms, courts, hospitals, and licensed state physicians who committed perjury to prove there is no one more powerful than God.

I am blessed and proud to write that God loved me when I was an ungodly person. The Word of God has been taught to me by the honorary pastor (Nellie Bryant) who has been with the Word of God and walking with the Lord Jesus Christ for over 60 years, living in His perfect Will. I pray in faith and hope to better someone else’s life. It is possible for a person to do right in this world, having help from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Excerpt: In many circumstances, some people cannot believe truth, but God’s Word is the only truth in this world. This book is a non-fiction recollection of when the State of Michigan attempted to kill me, declared I never existed and hallucinated, for me wanting completely out of the adult entertainment business. This all arose from me getting baptized in Jesus’ name and filled with the Holy Ghost, God changing my life and the change of my mindset.

I am about to reveal many of the secrets in the exotic adult world, which the normal society does not know about, which conclusively will lead up to clues to the murder of adult entertainer Tamara Greene. These corruption schemes include governmental civil disobedience, drugs, sex, and money, along with mysteries and pursuits of death to cover up deaths. It has celebrity names and high-profiled politicians, international governments, high-profiled law firms, courts, hospitals, and licensed state physicians who committed perjury to prove there is no one more powerful than God.

I am blessed and proud to write that God loved me when I was an ungodly person. The Word of God has been taught to me by the honorary pastor (Nellie Bryant) who has been with the Word of God and walking with the Lord Jesus Christ for over 60 years, living in His perfect Will. I pray in faith and hope to better someone else’s life. It is possible for a person to do right in this world, having help from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Wilhelmina Michelle Leonard was born in Detroit, Michigan. She was the second highest paid adult entertainer in the State of Michigan. She has professionally entertained for 11½ years and walked away from two contracts in Canada, one for $5,000 and another for $3,500 a week.

Wilhelmina has attended Oakland Community College, Wayne State University and Marygrove College. Her activities are to study the Holy Bible (KJV), pray, read, attend church, swim, scuba dive, jog, roller blade, travel, and fine dining. Watching the History Channel and Court TV is her preference. Enduring many life escapades, she wants to continue to travel all over the world and receive as many passport stamps as possible. She loves children, but does not have any. Wilhelmina is usually relaxed being by herself in peace and to carefully think?

In the near future, she plans to learn how to snowboard and maybe publish more books. Her goals are to complete her Bachelors in Forensic Science with a minor in history and to obtain a Ph.D in Apostolic Theology. She also wants to help many people overcome obstacles that seem to be impossible. Wilhelmina loves to witness to people about the Lord Jesus Christ. She loves God with all her heart, mind and soul, and will not take it back! The Lord has been so good to Wilhelmina Michelle Leonard!

Get to Know the Author:

What inspired me to write “Jesus Saves Lexi If He Can Save Me, He Can Save You!”?

The eternal love of God inspired me to write the non-fiction book. God and the Lord Jesus loves us all so much despite our dirty, filthy, unclean rags, and wrong doings knowing we are all unworthy. God loves all of His children.

What topics are controversial in the book?

There are many of topics controversial in the book. Some controversy could evoke from the context being too graphic and explicit, and the book including actual real names, dates and times ect. The book is very detailed with a lot of hidden dark information being brought to the light and perhaps is politically incorrect.

Do I have any future projects?

Yes, I have many ideas for future projects. I will only ask for guidance from the Lord to continue directing my steps for any and all future projects.

How do I feel about speaking engagements?

I am open to speaking engagements. I prefer not to speak or to speak less as possible. I enjoy learning and observing only speaking when necessary.

Have I decided to write another book and if so, what would it pertain?

I have not decided if I were to write and publish another book. If so, the book would be the sequence part 2 or volume 2 of “Jesus Saves Lexi If He Can Save Me, He Can Save You! The name could be slightly different, but I am not certain what my next decisions will be?

Do I regret the truthful information written in the book?


How would the book affect my life?

With the professional marketing, publicity, and God’s deliverance to justice, freedom, ect., hopefully will have an life changing effect on my life from the book!

I have been evilly and brutally confined, over medicated for my death, attacked, ridiculed, disrespected, persecuted, tormented, humiliated, homeless, without a vehicle, and without sufficient currency ect, long enough in faith from retiring from the adult entertainment business and being saved by the Lord Jesus Christ!

In desperate occurrences and when there is no one in the world that will help you, 100% in faith, believe, trust, and lean on God!

Find the Author:

Website: www.Jesussaveslexi.com

Facebook weblink: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jesus-Saves-Lexi/113043338734780

Blog Spot: http://jesussaveslexi.blogspot.com/

Ebook or PDF file download @ payloadz.com: http://store.payloadz.com/details/971442-ebooks-non-fiction-jesus-saves-lexi-if-he-can-save-me-he-can-save-you-.html

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=jesus+saves+lexi&x=0&y=0

Createspace: https://www.createspace.com/3672140

Email : Acts238Acts24@JesusSavesLexi.com

Sunday, March 4, 2012

30 Day Notice By Kai Mann

Kori Maitland leaves behind everything that matters to find herself. In her search she travels from the east coast to the Midwest to find the love of her life. At least, that’s what she believes. After moving across the country and a five year relationship with Layla Bradford, Kori is given a 30 day notice. Although Kori didn’t believe that Layla would leave, she does and Kori is left with the challenges of dealing with a broken heart, being left on the west coast, and permanent employment. As Kori struggles to get her life back together she realizes that Layla’s 30 day notice was not the first one she had ever received. Kori deals with all the notices as she looks over the past five years of the relationship. As she tries to mend her broken heart she travels back to the Midwest to find a job and to hopefully start a business. It isn’t until Kori gets back to the Midwest that the betrayal from old friends turns her world upside down. Kori finds herself faced with eviction, an accident, a cheating lover, and her past.

Can Kori find who she is without losing herself along the way? Or will she succumb to the trials in life without reaching her intended goal?

(Book Excerpt)

The Beginning of the End

April 4th I woke up uneasy. I had been scrapping the side of my tongue with my teeth all night long and it was sore. Layla and I woke up on Aundrea’s couch feeling like we had been beaten with a bag of rocks. Well, I did if she didn’t. I dreaded this day and I became not mean or nasty, just pissy. I wouldn’t dare talk to Layla about it. She was walking around here like the day was the best day of her life because it was. It marked the first day of the rest of her life. Today began a new chapter for her and was the ending of one for me. I couldn’t blame her though; I knew what that was like. I’d felt that feeling before. I just guessed that now it was my turn to feel the sting of someone I love leaving me behind.

Even though it was a beautiful day, I didn’t notice it. I felt like I was driving to my doom. My quietness filled the empty spaces of the car; today was the last day and our time was up. As I was driving down the 405 to the L.A. airport, I couldn’t help but think “Man, it’s over.” So many emotions began to well up inside of me and I felt like I couldn’t do this, but I had to be strong and put on my big girl boxers. I pulled into the short term parking lot, helped her with her bags, and walked her inside. I knew I couldn’t stay there and watch her leave so I said, “Goodbye” and walked away without so much as a kiss or a hug. I’d never told anyone goodbye before. Goodbye always felt like forever, that’s it, no more, adios; I’ll never see you again. I knew that I probably would see her again, but I knew it would never mean the same ever again.

As I walked back to the parking lot, I began to feel numb. I got into my truck and made it a point to not look back. I headed back on the 405 in the other direction toward North Hollyhood, affectionately called that because it is the hood of Hollywood. I pushed play and Mary J’s “No More Drama” began to play. My feelings began to spread all over me like hot butter on third degree burns. I found myself crumbling and the composure that I was trying to keep lost its battle as tears strolled down my face. My phone rang and it was my sister. My sister’s timing was always right. As I got older, it was always like she could feel when something wasn’t right. Of course when I answered the phone she would have to ask me how I was doing and that made me cry even harder as she listened like the mother in her always did.

I could feel the life seeping from my body. I laid out for my sister the feelings that I had been trying to keep inside for thirty days as they spilled over and I could no longer talk and had to get off of the phone. I tried to convince myself as well as my sister that I would be all right. I didn’t even know how long the ride took or even how I got home, but somehow when I pulled up to Aundrea’s apartment complex, I knew it was time to get out. I took the elevator up to the fourth floor, placed my key in the lock, and began to thank God when I noticed no one else was home. I sat myself down and the pain of hurt overtook me once again. I cried like a baby as I lay balled up on the floor holding my

knees to my chest. I couldn’t believe that the woman I had loved so dearly for the past five years could leave me. The woman whom I thought the sun rose and set because of her left me. My heart ached so badly. I could physically feel it breaking into a million pieces, so I held my chest as I swallowed hard, trying to take in air. I had never felt like this before. It wasn’t like I hadn’t ever broken up with anyone before because I had. This was different.

I finally got myself off of the floor and took a shower thinking that would help soothe me but it didn’t. I kept thinking “How in the hell did I get here?” I had always thought Debra Cox’s song “How Did You Get Here” was stupid, but now I knew exactly what she meant. Thirty days ago I was living in a three-bedroom, two-bath, two-car garage home, with a pool in Orange County and thirty days later, I was sleeping on Aundrea’s couch. What the hell happened? The sad part was I knew what had happened. Thirty days ago, Layla told me she was leaving and even though I knew it, something in me still did nothing about it. I was given thirty days and still wasn’t prepared. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I thought she wouldn’t really leave me.

While I was still contemplating, Aundrea walked in and said, “Hey! How did everything go?” When I turned turn to look at her, I guess she could see how everything went. “Oh, not so good, huh?”

I pulled the covers up over my head and tried to act like I was going to sleep. All night long I could feel myself tossing and turning. After five years of sleeping with someone and they were no longer there to nuzzle up under and spoon with, how the heck were you supposed to sleep? What was I supposed to do now with this left hand that always seemed to creep under her right breast as we lay asleep like two spoons in the silverware drawer? I could feel my tongue being scraped so hard that I thought my mouth was bleeding. The stress of what to do next even in my sleep haunted me. I woke up the next morning to go to a temp job I had lined up making half the money I was making after leaving my cushy job in Orange County because this time in my life had been carefully thought out by Layla for me. After returning from a trip back home to Detroit, she stated that she could no longer live on the West Coast anymore. She said that her children were unhappy and she felt like she was on the other side of the world. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing because this was the place that she chose to live over three years ago when she said she no longer cared to live in Detroit and wanted a new start. Me being me, I would’ve moved to Timbuktu if she had wanted to and would’ve been happy doing it. I wouldn’t have even cared if I had to wear a bone in my nose and put leaves on all of my private parts.

Trying to get myself ready for work, I ironed my clothes and I got into the shower. I tried to use the noise from the shower to drown my sobs and the water to rinse away my tears. I didn’t want Aundrea to hear me. The bathroom was literally in her room. I stood there lifeless for about twenty minutes before soaping up.

I couldn’t help but feel like this was the worst time to start a new temp job, but I still

tried to seem pleasantly happy. The manager of the title agency came over and greeted me and gave me a quick tour of the office. I remember her giving me instructions on what I needed to do but for the life of me I couldn’t remember exactly what they were. Even though my mind drifted in and out on Layla, somehow I seemed to go through the motions exactly as I was told. I was on auto-pilot. At the copier, I thought of Layla. While entering in all of the loan documentation, I thought of Layla. I went over in my head every single day and every single moment that I could remember which all seemed good. When it was time to go to lunch, I walked over to Mickey D’s and grabbed a fish filet combo without cheese like normal but when I sat down to eat I took one bite and stared out the window. Forty-five minutes had passed and I had not taken another bite. I got up, threw away everything except the drink and headed back to the office. On my way I thought of the same things all over again until it was time to go home. When I pulled up to Aundrea’s, I realized once again that I had no idea of how I had gotten there. I was just glad the day was over and that I hadn’t killed myself or anyone else for that matter. I had an urge to write. Like always when things in my life weren’t going right, I needed to put my feelings on paper. This whole situation felt like it was burning a hole on the inside of me and if I didn’t get it out soon, I was going to go down in flames. I grabbed a journal from the back seat and began to write.

Right now I feel broken, like a person who was stripped down to nothing. The one person who I probably loved more than life itself is gone. Where do I go from here? How do I go on from here? My heart aches so badly. It’s all because I didn’t listen. I heard but I didn’t want to listen. Those subtle hints that people tell you without really saying the words . . . I heard them long time ago in my spirit but didn’t want to believe them. I didn’t want to hear the words even when they were spoken to me. I felt like all I needed to do was show more love, be more patient, let things just go, and now look how far it took me. I’m down to nothing once again. At least the first time I stripped myself bare to find myself, I had a bed, a room, something to retreat to. Listening to R. Kelley’s “I Believe I Can Fly” got me into this mess. Now I sit alone, lonely in my despair. Using Aundrea’s couch for a bed. How could I love someone else more than I love myself? How could I give up myself to fit into another’s world? Was I just being needy? Of all the people that I made myself available to, watching out for, doing for, making sure that they were okay, and now I’m not. I treated them better than my own family, but I guess that’s what I get. The people I have looked out for are not looking out for me. It’s my turn and when I turn around no one is here. No one could possibly understand the place that I am in. Why would they? I don’t even understand. God, help me to get out of this funk. This place is no good for me. I can’t feel any life around me. I feel like I am in the valley and the shadow of death is all around me. Lift me up, Lord, hold me to your bosom. Keep me close. Show me my errors and help me to get past all of the hurt and pain.

God, please restore my soul.

Copyright © 2011 by Kai Mann

Kai Mann, a member of the Motown Writers Network is the author of 30 Day Notice; a novel published by Scriblical Vibez Publishing, a company that she founded in 2011. Kai is also an independent contract writer for Examiner.com as Detroit’s Best Friend Examiner. As a contributor to the poetry community, Kai’s online poetry blog Kaiology Wet Your Intellectual Taste Buds is where she purposefully inspires thought pertaining to the themes of love, friendship, self-love, and self-progression. As a writer for the Scriblical Vibez publishing blog; Kai’s mission is to contribute inspiring content that not only promotes self-growth, but also content that inspires a vibrational change through written word.

Get to Know Kai:

1.How did you get into writing? I have been writing ever since I could hold a pencil. As a young child you could find me sitting in my room reading a book or writing poetry. Somewhere around the age of twelve I decided that one day I was going to write a book. I never knew what I would write about but I just knew that I would. A child-hood friend had been reading some of my poetry posts on facebook a few years ago and suggested that I start blogging. I think she believed in me more than I did myself; however, I decided to take her up on the challenge. Professionally I got into writing in 2009 when she later suggested I write for examiner.com. While writing for examiner I began writing 30 Day Notice.

2.Who are some other writers you read and admire? I admire the writings of Iyanla Vanzant, Terry McMillan, Nikki Giovanni, James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, and the late E. Lynn Harris.

3.What is your book 30 Day Notice about and how did it come to fruition? 30 Day Notice is about a woman’s journey after she has been given a 30 day notice from her lover. It’s about love, relationships, friendships, betrayal, spirituality, self-reflection, and ultimately growth. The book references many of the notices that we receive in relationships and life in general; and how we overlook those notices because we get distracted by something or someone. 30 Day Notice came into fruition one day when I was forced to think about the distractions and notices that I received in my own life, shared by countless others. I thought that some of the lessons learned could be an example to someone else. Hence, 30 Day Notice was born.

4.How did you come up with the title? When I knew that I wanted to write about a lover being left after a 5 year relationship, I thought about the timeframe that was needed to give someone a heads up so I decided to call the book 30 Day Notice.

5. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? Yes, there are a number of messages that I would like for readers to grasp, I’ll give you a few. 1. Don’t over-look the notices that happen in your life. Those notices are there to protect you, sometimes from yourself. 2. Realize that no matter where you are in your life, the Creator is always with you. 3. No matter what happens in your life you can pick yourself up. The key is to keep picking yourself up. 4. Let the Creator take care of your light weight; meaning, don’t get stuck in the negative actions of others let God handle it. 5. You don’t have to always physically fight someone to win.

6. Are experiences in the book based on someone you know, or events in your own life? Both. The book is a mixture of some of my own experiences and other people’s experiences with a lot of imagination here and there. These are experiences that almost everyone has gone through; heartbreak, betrayal, or some type of loss. Many of us haven’t gone through those experiences the same exact way, but we’ve gone through something similar.

7. What are your current projects? I am working on the 2

nd installment of the Eviction Chronicles called “Abandoned Property”. Abandoned property is about the perceptions of abandonment. I’m also working on a poetry book called “In My Mother’s

Contact Info: Email:

kai@scribicalvibez.com Website: http://kai-mann.com Blog: http://kaiologywetyourintellectualtastebuds.blogspot.com Scriblical Vibez Blog: http://www.scriblicalvibez.com/blogstuff Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006LDLQYE Goodreads Author page: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5392397.Kai_Mann Examiner: http://www.examiner.com/friendship-in-detroit Twitter: http://twitter.com/kaiology Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Kai-Kaiology-Mann/119336204811849 Purchase your copy of ’30 Day Notice’ on Publisher’s website Scriblical Vibez: http://bit.ly/s3EMzi Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006LDLQYE Smashwords.com: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/113170 Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/uTWPde Goodreads.com: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13241635-30-day-notice To view 30 Day Notice Book Trailer: http://t.co/OOjGXVzP

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