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Monday, September 27, 2010

Get to Know Coach Sandra

Author Sandra Peoples ripped these keywords straight from the headlines and placed them within the pages of her book, "Foolish". Take a seemingly perfect marriage. Bring in a scrumptious ex-boyfriend, a jealous best friend, and a sexy secretary and you've got a story that drips with sex, lies and deceit. Journey with Sandra to the city of New Castle Beach. Where the drama is real, the people are real, and the results could be deadly.

Excerpt:“I’ll only be gone three days.”
“I’ll be counting every minute,” Sharee` replied, her eyes soaked with tears as she stood outside
the shiny black Cadillac Escalade staring in at her husband Jeremy.
“I wish I could take you with me,” He said as he reached for her slender hand.
“I know baby. But business is business. I’ll be fine. If I get bored, I can always go shopping.”
Jeremy smiled, wiping the tears from his wife’s face with his fingertips.
“Well, you’ve got the number to the hotel where I will be staying, just in case you can’t get
through to me on my cell for some reason.”
Sharee` ran her lips across Jeremy’s thumb.
“Call me as soon as you get there,” She whispered.
“You’ll tell me what you’re wearing?” Sharee` blushed.
“Go ahead and go baby. I’m sure Lamont is probably tired of hearing our conversation.”
Lamont was Jeremy’s driver.
“Alright, alright, I’m going. But I promise to call as soon as I roll up in front of the hotel. Now,
give me the luscious.”
Sharee` leaned in through the rear passenger window and planted a warm kiss on her husband’s
lips. For one brief moment, she was lost in the very essence of him. Then, she pulled away.
Jeremy kept his eyes closed, just like he used to do when they first started dating.
Lamont smiled as he watched the couple in the rearview
“Are you love birds done yet?” He teased, Sharee` blushing yet again and Jeremy doing the
“I’d better go. I’ll call you.”
Sharee` stepped back away from the Escalade, watching as the shiny black beauty rolled around
the circular driveway and out to the gated entrance. She waved goodbye, hugging herself
tightly as the SUV disappeared into the slowly setting evening sun. She turned, making her way
back up the perfectly manicured lawn and onto the pebble stone sidewalk which would lead her
to the front door. She took her cell phone out of the leather hip case and pressed the number one,
then held the phone up to her ear. One ring. Two rings.
“Hello,” The sexy masculine voice answered on the other end.
“Hey baby, it’s me,” Sharee` began, stepping inside the house and pulling the front door closed
behind her.
“You can come over now. He’s gone.”

Interview with the Author

1. How long have you been writing?
I have been writing since the tender age of eight. I ‘published’ my first book in the second grade and have entered and won several awards for my writing. Since that first home made book, I knew that I liked to make up stories and I just never stopped.
2. What event or events made you want to become a professional writer?
It was when I entered a writing contest at the age of eight sponsored by JET magazine and they addressed me as a writer, that I knew I wanted to write. I would enter all kinds of writing contests and win them. In high school, I had written a short story for my English class and my teacher wrote on a sticky note, ‘you should get this published’. I still have that paper. In college, my English professor told me that I should definitely pursue a career in writing. I just went with what I had been told, and now, here I am.
3. What is your writing process?
I like to write listening to music, and even that depends on my mood. My MP3 player has everything from gospel to rap, Marvin Sapp to T.I. But even though I like to write to music, I don’t like any other distractions, so I wait until I put my kids to bed and write, or get up at like four or five in the morning and write. Once I get into my ‘flow’, I can’t stop until my pen (or fingers on the keyboard) stop moving.
4. What advice would you give to someone looking to self-publish a book?
To those aspiring to become authors, I would definitely recommend self-publishing; the right way though. Not through companies that take a cut of your money, but when you truly do everything on your own. One thing I truly stress is to invest in a good editor. I skimped on that with my book, and I missed some errors. Also, be willing to work. When you publish a book, that book becomes your product that you have to sell. Take some sales courses if you have to, but learn how to sale, how to market, and how to promote your book. It’s a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun and it will definitely strengthen your entrepreneurial muscle.
5. Why did you choose to self-publish?
I chose to self-publish because I wanted to test the market with my book first. I wanted to see if more people besides my family and friends thought that I could write. I also wanted to learn the publishing industry inside and out, and I learned that even though having a traditional publisher could result in big money for the author, it could also result in financial distress if the author does not understand this industry. I wanted to learn how to promote, how to market, everything, so when I am picked up by a publishing house, if I decide that’s the route I want to go, I won’t be taken advantage of.
6. What are you working on right now?
The sequel to ‘Foolish’, my radio show, a print magazine, and growing my business. Of course, I am working on projects for my clients as well. I am working on making Sandra Nicole Peoples a brand in sort of way.
7. How can your fans get in touch with you?
Email me at coachsand@gmail.com, visit my website: www.authorsandra.info, friend me on facebook: www.facebook.com/sandrap, follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com/authorsandra

About the Author
Sandra Peoples is a young lady who wears many hats including those of mother, author, entrepreneur and coach. She is the author of ‘Foolish’ and ‘No More Drama’. She is the creator and founder of Building Successful Entrepreneurs LLC and moderator of the cafĂ© mom online support group, ‘The Women of Incarcerated Men’ and a contributing writer for brass, a national magazine. She is also a self-publishing consultant and a freelance writer, creating content for websites, blogs, magazines, and newsletters for clients nationwide. Sandra resides in Michigan with her two daughters.

To contact the author, email coachsand@gmail.com
To schedule the author for book signings, interviews, or other engagements, contact:
Kevin Peoples
(810) 962-6499
Or email solopublisher@gmail.com

Thursday, September 16, 2010

AAMBC Fall Virtual Book Tours w/ Arquila Todd

Synopsis : My Testimony documents Arquila's remarkable journey from dating drama and distress to dating experiences with knowledge and revelation. This highly personal yet universally relatable book outlines how Todd rose from the depths of despair after finding the true love of her life, God. Through her inspiring story readers will learn:
What the Bible really says about relationships - key Scripture to uplift, enlighten and heal.
How to learn, grow, and mature from your past boyfriends or partners no matter how painful or dysfunctional, with the help from Jesus Christ. She sat at His feet and was transformed.
The secrets to living a happy, fulfilled single life, whether dating or not. Discover the inner strength you didn't know you had by relying on God's glorious Word.
Through Todd's honest frank and always engaging personal history, readers will gain life-changing insights into the way God really commands us to live and the peace and fullness of life that follows. This book is for all women who have ever struggled with the answers that solve their dating frustrations.

Excerpt: So many men have been conditioned by the reactions of women. A man will mention plans and not follow through, which causes the woman to chase after him because the woman wants what he has suggested. Pavlov was a scientist famous for demonstrating that if you give a dog something to eat every time you ring a bell, soon the dog starts to salivate when you just ring the bell because it has associated one stimulus with the other. It’s the same way with men. The ladies they date enjoy spending time with them, and after a while, they just offer to spend time with the women, who begin to salivate, wishing for the reward of being with these men.
Awareness of the situation is key. We have a choice to step back for a moment and witness what is happening. Is a man putting a carrot in front of his woman’s face because he’s so conditioned to seeing women chase after the hope of being with him? He wants her to chase after what he is offering or what he has. And if so, we can make a conscience choice to not chase that carrot. We accomplish this by not allowing their proposals to get us so excited that we plan everything or nag them about their suggestion. We don’t run after what they are offering; we simply allow them to give to us. We can see the proposal for what it is—just a suggestion—and say, “Oh, well, maybe he will follow through but maybe not. We will see. I am not affected by what he does or doesn’t do. I can make a conscious choice to not get bent out of shape if he doesn’t follow through. His proposal doesn’t make me or break me. His calling or not calling doesn’t rock my world. His follow-through, or lack thereof, doesn’t ruin my day. He doesn’t have that kind of control over my feelings. He is not the be-all to end-all. If he doesn’t make plans, life goes on. I am not thrown off one bit.”
Now, that’s girl power!

Biography:Arquila grew up in small town Phenix City, AL where her parents instilled in her a reverence for God. She graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Airway Science Management and has been an air traffic controller for the past 20 years. Arquila enjoys reading, vacationing and visits with friends and family. She lives in Arlington

Interview with Arquila

1. What was the biggest problem in your dating relationship? I put the man before God. I loved the creation more than the Creator. I had forsaken my first love which caused chaos in my relationship.
2. What was your biggest lesson you learned during your journey? That there is a cost for the sin I commit. Scripture teaches me not to fornicate which is having sex and I am not married. I could not be mad at the guy I was dating because of my choice to be disobedient which caused me pain. I was experiencing consequences for what I choose to do. In taking responsibility I could never say, “There are no good men left or all men are dogs.” If I want things to go better in my relationships, the change starts with me.
3. How was your past affecting your dating? I grew up in a house hold were my father would tell me I would never amount to anything and couldn’t do anything right. My ex-husband had that same condescending attitude towards me. What I learned is I had to forgive my father because that childhood relationship was still affecting me. And I had to learn what godly relationships looked like. I read how Boaz protected and provided for Ruth and she let him. Now this is my example and new standard for the special man in my life.
4. What did Scripture teach you as far as dating? First, Scripture taught me the difference in a man who treats me as someone who is special compared to someone he just wants to sleep with. The example is Jacob, Rachel and Leah where Jacob had an outward show of affection for Rachel. Jacob knew who he wanted and chose Rachel. He helped her with her task. He wanted to be in her presence. She was special and he waited to have sex with her. Jacob did not choose Leah but had sex with her and the next morning was calling for Rachel. Leah having sex with Jacob did not keep him from calling the woman who had his heart. Leah had sex with Jacob but was miserable and unloved. Jacob used Leah but loved Rachel. There was no mention of any outward show of affection or any mention of him spending time with Leah. All Jacob wanted was sex from Leah. As women we must decide if we are going to be a Leah or a Rachel.
5. How do you handle a guys disappearing act? By having a life that does not revolve around him. I had to learn to keep my appointments with my friends and family and it was okay to tell him no to us getting together when I had previous plans. Absence makes the heart grown fonder and too much of anything is not good. I do not want my male companion complaining of Arquila overload. Balance is key. So I volunteer with big brothers and big sisters, spend time writing books and hanging out with friends.
6. How do you handle the frustration when a guy makes possible plans for the weekend but doesn’t follow through which leaves many women sitting a home waiting on his call? I have him RSVP. I tell him to let me know by Wednesday if we are going to get together on Friday or else I will make alternate plans. This way my life is not on hold because of some possible plans he may have.
7. Does it frustrate you if a guy gets your number but does not call? No, I had to learn that when a guy does not call he is not the one for me. God blocked the connection and instead of being angry I am thankful. Life is all about perspective.

Email address Kinsmanredeemer41@gmail.com
Author Site: www.outskirtspress.com/mytestimony

Sunday, September 12, 2010

AAMBC Fall Virtual Book Tours with Maxx Kilborune

Synopsis: The story of Love, lust and memories lost. Sam Bradford is the only hope of a desperate professor, the only love of a jealous harlot and the only friend to a man facing insurmountable odds. While Sam holds the key to so many lives, he can't remember anything of his own life, not even the reason an ambitious prosecutor hopes to lock him away forever.

Rising from her chair, the old woman slowly stepped towards an open window. “You young folks are disillusioned by your fancy machines and your cell phones. You’re too busy Facebooking and emailing to know what real emotion looks like. I know it. I’ve seen it. I know that boy is innocent.”
Pointing her finger outside the window she motioned for each juror to join her. “Look, look over there” she instructed. “See those people? Tell me what you see? Ms. Mad-at-every-man, tell me what your eyes see over yonder.”
“I see people walking” the girl reluctantly answered. “Why? What does it have to do with anything?”
“Oh my child” the old woman winced. “It has everything to do with everything. You kids are so unfeeling now. Alla’ these shoot’em up movies and killing makes you forget what real smiles and frowns look like, you’re missing the big picture. When I look from this window I see that young mother walking her child to school for the first time. I see the fear in his eyes and in hers. I see the way he holds his head and the uncertainty they both surely feel. I notice her apprehensiveness to let him go and the pride she has that he’s grown. I see it because I’ve been there before.”

Maxx Kilbourne was born and raised on the Eastside of Detroit, Michigan, an area known for drugs, gangs and violence. Kept in line by a stern mother, supportive father and strong male role models, Maxx graduated from Denby High School and received a Bachelors Degree in History from Thomas Edison State College in Trenton New Jersey. Maxx worked in the radio industry for ten years before leaping into the world of writing, penning his first novel, "Heart of Justice" in 2009 as a tribute to a fallen comrade.
Maxx carefully crafts his novels in a manner that appeals to readers of all backgrounds, he's a product of the inner-city, not a hostage. Maxx knows the "hood" is more than sex, drugs and violence and believe Urban novels should be more as well. Each Maxx Kilbourne novel is written to entertain readers and offer insight to virtues of life, each interjects comedy, drama and pleasant subtleties of life without a single phrase of profanity. Maxx Kilbourne novels are easy reads offering messages of hope and understanding to men and women alike.
Maxx is currently writes for The Source Magazine and working on a Masters of Education degree from the University of Southern California.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

AAMBC Fall Virtual Book Tours with T Nicole

Synopsis - People always say that journaling is good for the soul...those people don't know Sheree. She knew the deal when she married Matt. She was suppose to be the silent wife, but when that silence made her invisible, it was a problem. Her invisibility allowed Kelly to be the woman in the eye of Matt's friends, family, and colleagues. Matt was the kind of professional that had to keep a perfect image; an image that didn't include a black wife and mixed breed baby. Trying to deal with Matt, Kelly, and the fact that she can never be seen, was proving to be to much for her. To add insult to injury, their baby is stuck not knowing his fathers side of the family; he is the biggest secret of all.
All the while she continues to be the perfect wife and mother. The rage inside and builds until she can't hold it anymore. There is a plan brewing and her diary is the only one that knows...

Excerpt“Hold on,” he told the person on the other end of the phone. Looking at Sheree, “I am not discussing this with you right now. I am tired and I need to get some sleep before I have to go back to work at nine,” he informed Sheree calmly as he walked off. He pinched the baby’s cheek and walked up the stairs toward the bedroom. “I’m sorry, what were you saying?” he continued on the phone.
Sheree couldn’t believe what had just transpired. She and Matt had been married for a little over a year and had dated for three years. She had never seen him act like that. She was used to coming second when we in the eye of the public, but never in their own house. He was treating her like some ho off the street. Sheree didn’t understand it, but she damn sure wasn’t about to settle for it. She put Lil Matt’s swing on automatic and ran up the steps. By the time she got to the top of the steps she heard the shower start. She attempted to catch him before he actually got in the shower.

“Matt!” she pounded on the door. “Matt, open the fucking door!”

“Sheree, I am not in the mood for this right now; I just wanna clean up so I can get a quick nap,” Matt replied in his normal, non-emotional voice.

“Not in the mood….just wanna clean up?! Don’t you think I need to know where you been all night?!”

“A meeting ran late,” he responded.

By this point Sheree was heated. She couldn’t believe he was acting like it was no big deal that he hadn’t been home since the morning before. It was almost as if he thought since Sheree hadn’t made a big deal out of anything before that he could do whatever he wanted to.

“Matt if you don’t bring ya ass out of that bathroom, we gonna have a problem,” she threatened.

The door didn’t budge. Matt was not going to open that door. Sheree decided that if he wasn’t going to open the door himself, she was going to do it for him. She ran down the steps to grab a butter knife. She heard noises on the way down the steps. She had completely forgotten Lil Matt was in the swing. He was giggling and enjoying another half hour of Blue’s Clues on the TV. She tiptoed behind the swing into the kitchen. If he saw her he would want to her to pick him up. She inched into the kitchen, opened the silverware drawer and grabbed a butter knife.

She tiptoed back by the swing and ran up the stairs. Matt was still in the shower and it didn’t look like he even attempted to come out and talk about anything. She was livid, so much so that she couldn’t get the knife in the straight keyhole because her hand was shaking so much. She took a couple of deep breathes, gripped the knife with both hands. She slipped the knife into the long shaped slot and turned it slowly. She didn’t want him to know she was coming in.

She turned the doorknob and entered the bathroom and looked around. His clothes were on the floor and his cell phone was on the sink counter. Sheree thought about checking his phone to see who he was talking to when he entered the house. Matt had no idea she was in the bathroom and she wanted to keep it that way. She grabbed his cell phone and pushed the talk button. The last seven calls came up on the screen. Five of those calls were from Kelly. Most importantly, she was the last call outgoing call. That call was made at three forty-five in the morning. It was almost like he had been with her at the ‘business dinner’, left and went out with the potential clients and met back up with Kelly later on that night. The pattern of the calls made it evident that she was calling him to see when he was going to be done with those clients. Sheree was far from stupid and her imagination was far from being dull. She put that whole scenario together by just checking a phone log. She placed the phone back on the sink counter and thought about what she should do. She had no concrete evidence, but she knew the two of them were together.

“Matt?!” she yelled at the shower curtain. “You ain’t gonna just walk up in here and not acknowledge the fact that you just got home! It’s almost five in the morning…”

Matt slid the shower curtain back and gave her the nastiest look, “Why are you in here?”

“’Cause you wouldn’t open the door. And I’m not leaving until you answer some questions!” she screamed holding the butter knife upright, as if she was threatening to stab him.

“I am not answering any questions you have. I told you I had a business dinner and that is that. You need to put that knife down before you do something you are going to regret.”

Biography - T. Nicole has always had a love for writing. As a young child she could be found in her room writing anything from poetry to short stories and graphic novels. Her love for the written word has continued to grow and she now has decided to share her projects with the world. T. Nicole has experienced much in her short time on this earth and she allows her everyday occurrences to guide her in creating innovative and never to be duplicated works. She takes every moment in her life and uses it as inspiration to do better things.

T. Nicole currently resides in Philadelphia, Pa. where she works as a Social Worker to at risk youth. She enjoys reading the works of others, listening to music, and hanging out with her girlfriends. She takes life as it comes, one second at a time.

To find out more about T. Nicole go to www.tnicoleonline.com

Interview with Author T. Nicole:

1. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I can remember when I was about 7 pr 8 years old and I had an assignment in school. The assignment was to write a poem. Now most of the children in the class wrote the typical "Roses are red, Violets are blue", but not I. I decided to write a poem about something completely different involving intense feeling about my 7 or 8 year old life. Ever since that day I have been writing.

2. When did you write your first book and how old were you?
I have written several short stories in my younger years, but never did anything with them. I took all the poetry I had written over the years and put them together for my first book. That was released in December 2007.

3. How long does it take you to write a book?
It depends on what the book is about. Some situations and characters come easy because they are loosely based on people I have encountered in my life. Other books may take longer if I am basis the characters off of one or nothing. It typically takes me about 6 months to come to a final draft of a book.

4. Do you have any suggestions to help others become a writer? If so, what are they?
The one suggestions I have for others trying to become authors is to stick to your guns. Listen to your inner voice and strive to achieve what you have set out to accomplish. Also, attend as many literary events as you possible can - they are filled with information and chances to network with other authors.

5. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
It is not as cut and dry as the readers may think. The writing of the book is the easiest part. Publishing your book is what is going to test your dedication.

6. What’s next for you?
I am working on several projects right now. I have my third novel, The Diary of the Secret Wife hitting stores on September 14th. I am always busy working on my next creative venture.

7. How can fans get in contact with you?

I can be reached at www.tnicoleonline.com

Book Trailer:

The Secret Wife (Coming Soon)

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