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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dealt The Wrong Hand By Queen BG

Keshawn “KeKe” Flower is an 8 year old little girl who was taken in by her grandparents. Though Compton, Ca. was where she resided, the household and neighborhood in which she lived was far from ghetto. As a matter of fact it was close to perfection.

Unforeseen circumstances forces KeKe into the street life. Gang banging, dope selling, and numerous robberies are the highlights of her new life. It was go hard or go home and unfortunately there was no home.

The demon inside KeKe had turned into the Incredible Hulk. She flips the city upside down killin’ everything in sight. Rage is her new best friend and the streets of Los Angeles are learning first hand what KeKe brings to the game.


After numerous failures at convincing me to get out and work the track for him, he changed his approach. “You pretty as a muthafucka, I know you would make more money than all dem hoes out there put together,” he said.
I remember thinking to myself, No this bitch ass nigga didn’t! “You wanna see what a hoe would do? Ima show you!” The voice in my head wanted me to say it out loud, but instead I smiled like the naive little girl he mistakenly took me to be. “Okay,” I said, “but how am I gonna know what to do?”
Being as dumb and trifling as all niggas had proven to be in my past, this fool said, “You could practice on me.”
Now you know yo’ girl had to take him up on his offer. At that very moment, the deal was sealed, and we proceeded to leave the house to check into the nearest motel. I got in the car with my bag in hand, equipped with panties, bra, soap, a change of clothes, and a little surprise.
The motel we went to was a serious hole in the wall. The outside was shabby and resembled the projects buildings. The inside was nasty looking and roach infested. I looked around in disgust thinking, “And this nigga wanna be a pimp,” Shit! From the looks of his game, I should have been his pimp. But still I played my position.
“First thing you do is take charge, and then…,” he rambled on and on about his sorry ass version of what he thought should take place, and then he lay back on the bed, naked. His body was amazing, complete with a washboard six pack, but, all I saw was a disgusting pedophile- a nigga with no morals or respect.
“How about I tie you up and kiss you all over your body?” I asked.
“Don’t nobody want no kisses! You have to suck some dick, do some fuckin!” he yelled, irritated by my foolishness.
“Oh okay. Well I’ll tie you up and suck your dick then.” His eyes widened and his smile grew bigger. He nodded his head in a ridiculous way that made him look like a bobble head.
I grabbed the two silk scarves from my bag and straddled him. I roughly placed his arms above his head and tied each one to a bed post. My titties hung just above his lips, bouncing with my every move. Once the restraints were secure, I removed my bikini top shirt to let the fullness of my breast spill out.
He seemed to be enjoying this a little too much a little too fast. His dick was rock hard, already standing at attention, and his toes curled with excitement. When I stood to my feet I said, “That little dumb-ass girl you thought I was died a long time ago. Next time, do yo’ fuckin’ homework.” And with those final words, I revealed the surprise I had in my bag, my snub-nosed .38, and put two in his head.

Queen B.G. was raised by her grandparents in Compton, Ca for the early part of her life. The foundation in which her grandparents provided aided her in succeeding in many things. At the age of 12 she was sent back to live with her parents inLos Angeles, Ca. It was there that she was introduced to the street life. Coming from a long line of gang members and not having too many options, she became a gang member herself at the age of 13. Her childhood consisted of violence, drugs, and nonsense. With her parents not being able to supply her with the foundation she craved so deeply things went down hill quickly. The constant contact with police, the lost of far too many loved ones, and being homeless opened her eyes to the reality of what the streets really had to offer her, NOTHING. And this is where her writing progressed. Now a mother herself, she is determined to be everything she didn’t have in her parents as a child.

Writing was always a passion of hers and an outlet for her frustrations. Never in a million years did she think it would become something so powerful in her life. As a writer and the President of Cali Connection, she hopes to be and remain a voice for all of those living the street life or that are homeless or just simply feeling alone out here in the world. She wishes to be motivation for anyone who thinks this is it and it gets no better. She’s a real testament to the fact that anything is possible. With integrity and humbleness she embraces herself as a Queen not only in the game but in life. She currently resides in Los Angeles, Ca. with her four children and spends her free time enjoying quality time with them. Her novel, Dealt the Wrong Hand, is the first of many more books to come.

Real Talk with Queen B.G

Q: So how long have you been writing?

A: I always loved to write but I’ve been writing with purpose for about 10years.

Q: What inspired you to write?

A: My life’s journey. It was how I vented and coped with life. I found that the easiest and most powerful way to express myself was when using a pen.

Q: Who are some of the authors you look up to?

A: There are so many but I would definitely have to say Wahida Clark, K’wan, Omar Tyree, and JM Benjamin.

Q: What is the title of your book and what is it about?

A: Dealt the Wrong Hand is a story of a young girl who is forced out of her comfort zone and into making grown up decisions. She links up with the wrong crowd and gets so deep in the game she’s lost. With her life falling apart before her eyes she terrorizes the streets and finds herself torn between breaking the code of the streets or sentencing an innocent victim to death.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with this story?

A: I want to bring hope and shed light on the hood. There are young girls and boys going through this same situation everyday and may feel like no one understands. I want them to look at me and see themselves, not only in the content of my book but in the success of my life. And I want to open these grown men and women eyes to the effect they have on kids lives, whether at home or in the neighborhood.

Q: When you’re not writing what do you do?

A: I’m either working or spending quality time with my family.

Q: Can we expect anything more in the future?

A: Definitely! This is only the beginning of many more to come.

Find Queen BG at:



Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ladies Man By Frederick Germaine

Part I-Betrayal
Spring 1993: Los Angeles, CA
Damien Hardy is a six-foot one, one hundred ninety-five pound high school baseball player. He is a seventeen year old senior at Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles where he excels as an academic and athletic All-American. Damien accepts a baseball scholarship to USC so he could be close to his girlfriend, Crystal Gayle, who he has been dating for the last three years. Crystal who was a former cheerleader at Dorsey High (Baldwin Hills), is now a freshman at USC majoring in pre-med. One day after baseball practice, Damien decides to surprise Crystal at her off campus apartment. The surprise is actually on Damien as he catches Crystal in the bed with a USC football player. After the incident, Damien is distraught and vows never to give his heart to a women or fall in love again.
He tells no one of the incident, not even his grandmother who has raised him since his parents died in a car accident when he was younger. He refuses to talk to Crystal again and simply wants to move far away from Los Angeles.
He rescinds his scholarship to USC against the wishes of his mentor and father figure, Coach Frazier. He decides to accept a baseball scholarship at the University of Miami which is three thousand miles away.
Part II-The Starting Five
Spring 1998: Miami, FL
Damien is disappointed as his college baseball career is less than stellar due to injuries. His baseball teammate/roommate named “Mookie” convinces Damien to move to Atlanta after graduation. Mookie also turns Damien on to the “Starting Five Concept.” Mookie was a three sport high school All-American at Southwest DeKalb High in Decatur, GA. While at the University of Miami, he was too busy chasing skirts instead of fly balls and never really applied himself academically. Mookie was known as a party guy and received two DUI’s while at UM. Subsequently, he was kicked off the baseball team during his senior year. Damien graduates from UM with a 3.25 GPA in business but Mookie does not.
Part III-Welcome to Atlanta
Summer 1998: Atlanta, GA
With the help and wits of Mookie, Damien finds an apartment on Chandler Road (Decatur, GA) and a modest car. He also secures a job at Macy’s (South DeKalb Mall) in the ladies’ shoes department until he can find a job in his career field. While working there he meets Diamond who is a senior at Spelman College but dances at the infamous Gold Club to offset tuition/living expenses. Diamond is a very attractive young woman who has a fetish for designer heels and lives well in an upscale high-rise in Buckhead. The two hit it off immediately and have several hot and passionate sexual encounters. Diamond graduates from Spelman in the spring and moves back to Chicago to start her own business.
On the Fourth of July, Damien celebrates Mookie’s birthday at Club 112. Damien promised Mookie’s mom he would look after him as his drinking has gotten out of control. That same night, Mookie gets wasted and is involved in a fatal car accident killing a neurosurgeon. He is eventually sentenced to ten years in state prison. Damien feels guilty for what happened.
Damien finally receives a job in his career field as a marketing specialist and goes to work for Coca-Cola. There he meets Nicole, who is his boss and is married and miserable. Damien and Nicole end up having a sexual rendezvous.
Part IV-Full Circle
Summer 2008: Atlanta, GA
Damien loses his job at Coca-Cola due to the recession. After ten long years working for the company, he feels betrayed.
Damien reconnects with Diamond who has now relocated to Atlanta. She owns an upscale salon on Piedmont Road in Buckhead. He later finds out Diamond’s nine year son is actually his.
Crystal resurfaces in Atlanta as well. She relocates her medical practice from L.A. to Atlanta and wants to rekindle her relationship with Damien.
Mookie finally gets out of prison as a “changed man” but turns Damien on to a new hustle.
Raphael, Damien’s flamboyant gay cousin from L.A., relocates to Atlanta and works as a stylist in Diamond’s salon. He adds the comical element within the novel.
Damien is torn between choosing Diamond or Crystal as his true love interest. In the meantime, he has to find a way to eliminate a few other woman in the picture: Nicole, who is still married and miserable but wants Damien all to herself. Katrina, the high profile corporate attorney, who can’t seem to find love and wants to make Damien her “boy toy.” Tameka, Diamond’s fake friend who works at her salon. She is jealous of Diamond and Damien’s relationship and wants Damien to be exclusively hers.

Frederick Germaine has always been fascinated how writing could be so intriguing. It takes dedication and an imaginable thought process to capture an audience within a good novel. After writing leisurely for years, Frederick Germaine decided to pen his first novel. Ladies’ Man is an entertaining love novel from a male-perspective. He wrote the novel because he felt almost everyone has previously been in love, is currently in love or simply seeking love. Thus, we all can relate to it. After the release of Ladies’ Man, Frederick Germaine was featured in Xtra Magazine.
Besides being an author, Frederick Germaine is an advocate for mentorship programs. He currently serves as a mentor to the youth and young adults. Additionally, he is a motivational speaker compelling individuals to make the right “choices” in life.
Frederick Germaine graduated from Jacksonville State University where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. He currently resides in Atlanta where he continues to write and promises to deliver another hot novel.

Interview with Frederick:

1) Tell us about your novel.
Ladies’ Man is the ultimate entertaining love novel from a male-perspective. The story begins when the main character, Damien Hardy, finds his girlfriend of more than three years cheating on him when he catches her in bed with another man. His girlfriend, Crystal Gayle, breaks his heart and he basically vows never to fall in love again or commit to a woman. Damien eventually turns into a ladies’ man and goes through a plethora of beautiful black women but eventually has second thoughts on falling back in love again. This is caused when Crystal reenters his life after many years have passed. A dilemma develops when Damien has to choose between the former love of his life or attempt to balance the women in his life now. There are a cast of women characters that will stop at nothing to have Damien all to themselves.
2) Where did you get the idea for the storyline and do you plan to continue its development?I develop my storyline for all my novels in an unorthodox way. First, I brainstorm on the hottest titles or topics and write them down. Then, after I narrowed them down to the final two or three I make a selection. That’s how I came up with Ladies’ Man. I chose the title first, and then wrote the storyline from there. I figured everyone could relate to it and know what it means to be a “ladies’ man.” Most men want to me a ladies’ man which means being charismatic, attractive, and well dressed. And of course, women are attracted to a ladies’ man by the traits he possesses. The storyline basically centers on love and romance which I know mostly all readers can relate to.
I plan to develop Ladies’ Man into a play or movie in the near future. A few people who read the advanced copy are already asking me if there will be a sequel. I wrote the novel without a sequel in mind. I wanted Ladies Man to be a classic. In my opinion, classics don’t have sequels.
3) Do you have anything in common with the characters?It’s so funny you asked that because a few of my close friends (who read the book) are asking me if I am Damien Hardy in the book. I laughed at them but the answer is no. The real ladies’ man is definitely Damien not me. I did use to play a lot of baseball growing up but that’s the only similarity Damien and I have in common.
4) What/Who inspired you to write a novel?I love reading African-American Literature and have been writing leisurely for a few years. I’m a big fan of Michael Baisden and he was my biggest inspiration to pen my first novel. I read all his books and constantly listen to his radio show. He is always pushing for entrepreneurship and wants everyone to reach for their dreams. Plus, he does so much for the African-American community. I finally woke up one day and said I was going to stop sleeping on my dream.
5) What advise you would you give to someone who is interested in getting published?First and foremost, learn the business of what publishing is. Many times new authors go into publishing novels without learning the business end first. Publishing is the backbone in the book industry. Always retain your publishing rights no matter what!
After learning the business end, authors should be prepared for running into roadblocks along the way. Never give up on your dreams and aspirations to pen a novel. If you’re denied by a major publishing company try to self-publish your novel. If you are indeed a great author with an excellent novel, the major publishing companies will eventually find you and eagerly come knocking on your door. Remember, for every one hundred doors that close on your dream, there is one that will open. That one might be your big break. Never let anyone say “no” to your dreams. Simply implement your plan if you indeed believe in yourself.
6) Where can we purchase your book?
Ladies’ Man will be available in paperback and eBook format at all major on-line retailers including: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lulu. It will be available in Kindle, Nook, and the iBookstore as well.
7) Are you available for speaking engagement, events, or book signings?Yes, very much so. I currently participate in various speaking engagement in Atlanta now. I speak to the youth and young adults about making the right choices in life. I believe we can’t give up on our youth because they are our future.
All events including book signings can be viewed on my website: www.frederickgermaine.com. For anyone wishing to book me for an event, please make the request from my website.

Find Frederick at:

My email address: fg@frederickgermaine.com

Sunday, May 15, 2011

By The Grace By Jessica T. Rogers

Jessica T. Rogers has wanted nothing more than to write her entire life. At an early age, she drew her inspiration to write short stories from children's books graduating to romance novels and Christian novels. She temporarily put her dream on hold to work as a journalist and raise her family. After allowing her stories to sit on her computer for years, she finally decided to self publish her first novel. She recently re-dedicated her life to the Lord, making a personal vow to serve God by sharing the gospel through her novels. Her first novel, By the Grace, was published under her self publishing company, Way of Grace Media, in December 2010. Jessica is currently working on her next project, The Conversation, to be released in late 2011.

Q&A with Jessica:

What inspired you to write? I have been writing since I learned how to put words together as a child. I learned how to use quotation marks in elementary school by mimicking Beverly Cleary. Writing is all I ever wanted to do. I love it. This is a dream come true!

Will you write more books? Absolutely! I am currently working on some projects. I am expected to release my next novel, The Conversation, this year.

Who is your favorite author? I just like a good book. I can't pick a favorite. There are so many fabulous writers out there.

What are you reading now? I try to read the Bible from cover to cover every year. And every year, I find something new. Plus, I have to read it for research for another project. But when I need to get into another world, there's always Terry McMillan.

What puts you in the mood to write? Anything can trigger it. I have been on the Interstate and had an idea. I would pull over, jot it down and keep rolling. When I write, I like a quiet area, preferably outside.

This is your first published work. Anything you plan to do differently the next time? Yes. I am learning a lot with this project. There is so much I want to say. I have so many ideas in my head. I have learned not to try to say it all at once...just pace myself and allow the story to flow.

What are your writing goals? What are you trying to accomplish? I am not in this to make a name for myself, which is one reason why I choose to use a pen name. I feel as if I have finally found the truth about the Bible and God. I feel as though I am closer to Him than I have ever been. And when you feel this good, you want to share it! That's what I want to do. If these books can reach just one person, than I am satisfied.

Mary is a local adult porn star looking for a way to finally tame her childhood demons born from childhood sexual abuse. She abandoned her church and her family to seek fortune and fame in adult films. She settled into a world filled with sex, drugs and money. But after her abuser dies, Mary questions her chosen path. She comes to a crossroads when she meets Derek, a young new pastor of a church in her neighborhood. Can she finally let go of the past and seek the relationship with Christ she never thought she could have?

Derek is a young new pastor in Mary's neighborhood struggling to get rid of the shadow of corruption and religious abuse that his father left behind. When he attempts to make much needed changes in the church, he is faced with opposition from his older congregation and his long time girlfriend who wants him to give it all up and marry her. Derek handles this stress by indulging in his secret addiction to pornography. Filled with guilt and shame, Derek questions his call to the ministry until his path crosses with Mary. Is his faith strong enough to pass this ultimate test?


In her rush to get out of the building, Mary used the side exit

close to Cheryl’s office. She was outside when she realized she

had walked to the office.

“Damn!” she said out loud. She slid her sunglasses onto her

face and looked around. No protesters from the church were in


I am trippin. I ain’t scared of the hypocrite church roaches!

She slowed her pace to a leisure stroll, taking in the sight of

the slowly transitioning streets. Old worn out buildings were

being remodeled and turned into stores and loft apartments. She

had never bothered to take the time to study her neighborhood.

Mary appreciated the coming beauty. There was even a

neighborhood garden. It was a small patch of grass and flowers

screened in with a wire fence. But it was a charming addition to

the area. She opened the gate and walked inside.

A little peace of heaven, she thought and sniffed the air.

That’s alright.

She fell onto her knees in front of a bush of yellow roses and

felt the pedals with her fingertips. She closed her eyes and

savored the aroma coming from the buds.

“It kinda takes your breathe away, doesn’t it,” Derek asked

from behind her. Mary whipped around and faced him. He stood

behind her with his hands in his pockets. The sun blocked the

details of his face but she knew he was smiling at her. She

hopped to her feet and brushed the soil from her knees.

“Didn’t mean to interrupt,” he apologized, backing away to

give her more space.

“It’s cool,” she said, taking another look at the flowers. “I

was about to get outta here anyway.”

“Why,” he asked, really sorry he had interrupted her. “It’s a

beautiful garden. It was made to enjoy.”

“It is a nice space,” she agreed, trying to get a quick look at

everything around them.

“I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m Derek Caruthers

from New Hope Church,” he held his hand out. Mary nodded and

walked past him towards the front gate.

“I do remember you, Pastor,” she said, checking out the rest

of the garden. “Thanks for taking care of the noise.”

He laughed. “You’re welcome,” he said, turning her way.

“The noise may be gone completely soon.”

Mary stopped and spun around. “You’re moving already?”

“No, no, no,” he said, taking a step. “It’s just my teaching is

not exactly popular. Some more traditional church goers may not

like it.”

Mary grinned. “Why? What are you teaching that would

offend those people?”

“The truth,” he said bluntly.

Find Katina at : www.wayofgracemedia.com

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