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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Someday By Jae Henderson

After embracing careers as a radio talk show host, marketing and media professional, freelance writer and voice over artist, Jae Henderson is making her debut as an Christian/Inspirational romance author.

Through her website, www.imagoodwoman.com, Jae is constantly motivating women to embrace their virtue and accomplish great things. The I’m A Good Woman series, beginning with her debut novel, Someday, is an extension of that spirit of success and will impart lessons of love, perseverance and triumph. Join Jae as she uses her wit and way with words to take us on a most entertaining journey that imparts some sage wisdom and assists readers in further realizing that we may not be perfect but we serve a perfect God.

Jae Henderson is a graduate of The University of Memphis where she earned a BA in Communications and an MA in English. She is the former host and producer of On Point, a popular talk show geared toward youth and young adults. Other accomplishments have included serving as a contributing writer for the award-winning, syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show and a successful career as a voice over artist. Her signature voice has been heard in hundreds of commercials and even a couple of cartoons. Jae currently resides in her hometown of Memphis, TN.

Get to Know Jae:

1.What type of stories do you write? What is it about those stories that draws you to that subject?

I write urban inspirational romance. I enjoy being able to share God’s love for us while depicting Christians in realistic, fun and relatable ways. We, as human beings, are flawed but with faith and God’s help we can overcome our trials and tribulations. My stories illustrate that.

My books also contain what I call moral messaging. I am concerned about the decline of morals in America, especially in the African American community. It has been proven that women set the standard within American society. We may not be looked at as the traditional head of a family and we may be considered the weaker sex but we have always been the backbone of society. We support and encourage our mates while rearing the children–teaching them how to behave, manners and right from wrong. We determine the type of respect we receive from the opposite sex by determining what is and isn’t acceptable. I’ve noticed that there seems to be a lack of positive role models and influences in the home and many women and men are looking to television and other forms of entertainment for guidance. For example, women now refer to themselves as female dogs and allow men to do it as if it is a compliment. That used to be unacceptable from a man or woman. Women are running around half naked and it’s considered cute. Bedding multiple people or sleeping with every person you date is talked about as if it’s appropriate behavior and having babies by several different people is starting to be considered the norm. Much of the entertainment we are presented with contains messages about casual sex, money, materialism, drugs and other negativity.

I wanted to offer an entertaining alternative with Someday and the I’m A Good Woman literary series. I wanted to create something full of positivity, light and love that helps people to understand that we are contributing to our own detriment and that asks people to think before they act. Living in the moment isn’t always harmless. There could be serious consequences to deal with afterward.

So, I guess my short answer is I’m drawn to asking people to try things God’s way because the way of the world isn’t working. We are hurting ourselves.

2. How did you start your career as a writer?

I’m a writer by trade but I mainly do public relations related pieces–press releases, bios, web site content, letters–that type of thing. One day I sat down at the computer and started writing a fictional story and the words began to flow. I haven’t stopped since.

3. Tell us a little bit about your current book? Is it a series?

My current book is Someday and it is the first book in a three-part series. The sequel, Someday, Too, is due out by the end of January. Someday is about a woman named Tee who is going through what I call “The Someday Factor.” She has worked hard to achieve success on her own but now that she has the lucrative job, the nice house and the nice car she is yearning for someone to share it all with. She knows he’s coming–Someday. But while she’s waiting on her prince unfortunately, she’s had to kiss a few frogs. Then, one day she meets a gorgeous retired NFL player named Michael Stokes who appears to be everything she ever wanted and much more but there’s one problem. He has a stalker who is convinced Michael should be with her. The story takes an interesting twist from there as they fight to stay alive in order to stay together.

Now, the I’m A Good Woman literary series will probably be comprised of everything I write. Positive stories that encourage women to be the best they can possibly be in their personal lives and their careers. The Someday books are just the beginning.

I really hope your readers will take the time to check it out. For the month of January, the online version of Someday is only 99 cents.

4.What was it like trying to get your story published? Did you have many rejections from

publishers? Did you need an agent?

I’m self-published but I’m blessed that my good friend, Latrivia Nelson, is a book publisher and accomplished author. She read my book and agreed to allow me to become a part of the RiverHouse family and helped me get my book out. I didn’t have to deal with rejection because I didn’t go the route of trying to get signed by a traditional publishing company and at this point, I don’t have an agent.

It feels so good to have something you worked very hard on in completed form. Such a sense of accomplishment comes with that. I’m on cloud nine!

5. Is this book inspired by personal experience? Where did the idea come from?

This book is based off my experiences and the experiences of thousands of other single women. Dating, love and relationships can become a challenge. Especially, when you are trying to live according to God’s will. Yet, there are also some wonderful aspects of it too. You have no idea how many women have told me that I was peeking into their lives. They see so much of themselves in Tee.

I’m proud of the response I’ve gotten. Someday not only has romance but comedy and suspense. I’ve had people tell me repeatedly that they love the humor in it and they can’t put it down. It feels so good to release a product people enjoy. I am very blessed!

6. What do you do for promotion? Booksignings? Online chats?

As a self-published author, I’ve made myself responsible for my own promotions and I do whatever I can. If I’m invited some place to do a booksigning, I definitely try to get there. If I’m invited to a book club meeting, I’ll go whether it’s in person or via Skype. I’ve done interviews for radio, television, Internet and print publications. I love connecting with readers.

I also help promote the book with my website,www.jaehendersonauthor.com. The first three chapters of my book, my schedule and a few interviews I’ve done can be found there. I also have a blog for single women called My Side of the Single Life and a women’s motivational website, imagoodwoman.com, that helps women stay encouraged. People can sign up for my e-newsletter on both sites. I am able to stay connected to my readers and update them that way as well.

7. What is the oddest or most challenging thing you had to do to research this book?

I really didn’t have any challenges researching this book. God told me to do this. He wanted me to put out a book that entertained women while encouraging them to live a life that is pleasing to Him. I had to be obedient. The hardest thing for me was writing a full-length novel. I’m used to short projects. It took me a little while to get into the swing of things but once I did, I completed the book in about a year.

8. How can readers find you and your books? Twitter? Facebook?

My book can be purchased at any retail book store and if they don’t have it in stock, they can order it. It can also be purchased on my websites as well as Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com and other online bookstores. I also have a Facebook page and fan page, www.facebook.com/imagoodwoman. You can find me on Twitter as well, www.twitter.com/imagoodwoman.

9. Tell me about the sequel.

The sequel, Someday, Too, picks up where the first book left off. This one not only focuses on Tee and Michael but Tee’s best girlfriends. One is dealing with animosity toward men gained from a failed relationship, another has weight issues that are affecting her marriage and another is learning how to be self-sufficient after breaking up with the married man who took care of her and their son for years. Each has her own challenges, unique personality and a story to tell.

Of course, there’s plenty of romance, suspense and drama involved.

As a child Tina “Tee” Long dreamed of having it all and as one of Memphis’ most sought after event planners everyone believes she’s achieved it. Even though creating breathtaking events and rubbing elbows with the social elite seems fulfilling, there’s one thing missing from her fairy tale life—her prince charming. After a string of failed, faith-challenging relationships this woman of God refuses to give up on meeting the man of her dreams. Tee knows in her heart that God will answer her prayers–SOMEDAY. Until then, she tries to remain prayerful and content by occupying her time with work, her sister’s drama-filled marriage and counseling wayward youth. When Tee is introduced to an incredibly handsome, retired NFL player named Michael Stokes, it seems that someday has finally arrived. There’s one problem. He’s been marked for death.

Michael Stokes thought life was over after a knee injury claimed his career as a NFL superstar. He realized just how wrong he was after dedicating his life to Christ and beginning on a wonderful new path as a motivational speaker and book author. He even meets Tee, a woman that makes all the other women he’s dated seem like a waste of time. But when his past comes back to haunt him Michael’s greatest fear is not the loss of his lucrative contract but losing the woman who must be heaven sent. Will Tee accept a man who has a killer on his trail and a surprising new addition to his family? Someday is full of adventure, excitement, thrills, laughter and love as Tee and Michael fight to stay alive in order to stay together.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rededication By Armond E. Mosley

One of the biggest Achilles’ heels that hamper the Christian walk for men and women is that of sexual sin. Sex and all things considered sexual plague us from the time we’re old enough to have a crush on someone. Though innocent at first, if not tamed, our sexual urges have the ability to fully manifest themselves in ways that are detrimental spiritually, emotionally and most identifiably physically.

Rededication takes us on that all too familiar journey that many of us have traveled. Beginning with the “first time”, Armond Mosley shares with the reader some his most intimate moments while providing insight into the vexing reality that faith and sexuality create for a man. As he wrestles with stereotypes, stigmas and misplaced expectations, Armond eventually comes to a point of decision as a result of God’s divine intervention. With somewhat of an ultimatum in hand, he chooses to yield to the Lord and commit to a life of celibacy until marriage. While it would appear that things would get easier from there, in actuality his journey had really just begun. For the remainder of the book, Armond invites us into his personal journey as a celibate man in his 20’s, the sexual prime of his life. Though many discouraging moments along the way, Armond continues to faithfully press through until one day, he’s just about had enough. And in that moment, in a most hopeless and vulnerable state, God shines a light on him and reveals to him “a woman of noble character, whose worth is far greater than rubies”.

Rededication is passionate, humorous and most of all honest about the realities of the battle between faith and sexuality. Armond reveals himself in a most authentic manner in an effort to really connect with the reader. In each chapter, while the story is about Armond’s journey, the reader will be remiss if they aren’t convicted to recall their own relevant personal testimony. If you are a Christian, fighting against sexual sin yourself, this book will take you on a journey of restoration that you can apply in your own life.

Armond E. Mosley is the founder of Kingdom Workshops, LLC, a Christian-based organization focused on educating, motivating and activating individuals to fulfill their God-given purpose(s) in life. Through Kingdom Workshops, Armond has had the opportunity to work with many churches, universities and civic organizations to provide solutions to the issues facing their respective constituencies. Utilizing candor, transparency and humor, Armond challenges workshop attendees to yield to the voice of God in their own lives to secure the joy that has been promised to them. Some of the signature workshop offerings are: Finding Your Passion, Biblical Entrepreneurship and Dating God’s Way.

Born in Huntsville, AL, Armond now resides in Norristown, PA (a suburb of Philadelphia) with his wife Nneka. Currently, Armond is active promoting his first book publication entitled, Rededication: A Story of Sex, Repentance and Restoration, which will was released in May. In his spare time, Armond enjoys reading, watching sports (though he admits he doesn’t have a favorite team) and spending time with family and friends. For more information on Kingdom Workshops, visit www.kingdomworkshops.com. For more information on Rededication, please visit http://www.godzchildproductions.net/publications.html.

Get to Know the Author:

1. What is Rededication about?

Rededication is an honest account of one man’s struggle with faith and sexuality. Most who’ve grown up in the church have been in positions where what the Bible says and what the world says contradict one another. This reality has the potential to cause much anxiety and strife for a Christian seeking to live God’s way. If we’re honest about it, the church typically avoids the issue of fornication aside from admonishing it when evidenced by pregnancy or shacking up. It’s easy to deal with the outcomes or consequences of sexual impurity, but rarely do we deal with the origins in a preventative manner. Rededication takes an introspective look into my past and delves into the deeper motivations behind my desire to turn away from God and do things my way. Additionally, it walks the reader through my moment of sincere repentance and ultimately, my road to restoration.

2. Why did you write Rededication?

As I went through my journey of rededication and began to diligently seek out help to aide me in my efforts to become sexually pure, I realized that there wasn’t much content available from a male perspective (especially black). I looked and looked and what I found most common were books written by women or white males. Nothing against those authors and one in particular did help me, but I was looking to affirm my journey through the story of someone who looked like me. Unfortunately, I didn’t find much that I could relate to and so, as I began my journey God made it clear that I was to keep note of my own trials and tribulations as one day I would create the very content that I had longed for. So, I wrote it 1st out of obedience to God and 2nd to fill a gap that I believed (and still do) existed in the market for books on sexual purity written by black men.

3. What makes Rededication unique from other books that speak to celibacy/abstinence?

Of the books that exist that deal with the issue of celibacy/abstinence, most in my opinion are told from an existential viewpoint and seem to shield the author’s own indiscretions along the way. Rededication is transparent, authentic and personal. No punches are pulled and no stone is left unturned. Why? Because it wasn’t my story to keep to myself! God made it clear to me that I had to tell the WHOLE story…not just the parts that I was comfortable with. And so, I believe what you get with Rededication is a real account of a real person dealing with a real issue that many face everyday.

4. Do you think your message of celibacy until marriage is relevant in today’s society?

Absolutely! Society would have us believe that it’s a lost cause and that serial monogamy is the best that we can hope for. However, I think the number of “kids raising kids,” STDs and divorces in our country (especially within the black community) point to a more pervasive issue at hand. That said, I think if you bring this question under the context of the Christian faith, it becomes even more interesting. Part of the irony of my story is that while I was engaging in premarital sex, I was also proclaiming Christianity. So, I lived much of my young adult life in a “spiritually inconsistent” manner. So much so, that when I did rededicate my life to Christ, many who knew me pre-rededication would make comments like “Oh, you found Jesus, huh?” or “You’re on that church kick now?” This was a very shameful period for me because I had always known who He was…but obviously, my actions didn’t show it.

I say all of that to say, in writing Rededication I didn’t set out to convert the non-believer as a primary objective. I wrote it to speak to the hearts of the professing Christians who have found themselves in a “spiritually inconsistent” state and are looking for a way out…a window of opportunity for their own rededication to Christ. So, for this group, those who’ve felt the conviction (whether they acknowledge it or not) associated with being outside of the will of God, I feel that the message of celibacy until marriage is very relevant.

5. How have readers responded thus far to Rededication?

I praise God that readers have found the content within Rededication to be beneficial to them in their lives. This journey has really been a faith walk and I can’t say that I had any enormous expectations around reader response to start off with. That said, I’ve been blessed tremendously by their feedback. One in particular is the following:

“After I put this book down, the levees broke…the flood gates opened and all the issues of my past paraded through. I finally began to understand the sinful appetite I myself had conjured up as a result of my own struggles with carnality. Fortunately, there’s one thing that this book ultimately helped me realize…that God is and always will be in control. In the book Rededication, Mr. Mosley vividly recounts his struggles with sexual immorality as it relates to premarital sex. Even as he took the road less traveled (celibacy), he pulls the veil that so many Christians dare not to reveal as they take the “walk”: that you slip up, you have doubts, you may even become disappointed in God, and you can start all over again. I appreciated his rawness, his desire to tell it like it is and through his faithfulness, demonstrate how God orders our steps. I hope that this isn’t the end for Mr. Mosley’s writing career…that there are more books to come and guide us on a journey towards rededication! FYI – I took the pledge and rededicated my life to Christ. Thanks Armond Mosley.”

6. What are the major themes in Rededication?

I’d say there are probably four major themes within Rededication. The first would be Rebellion. Much of the first few chapters depict my adolescent and early adult years where I fought to find a sense of self. In this fight, I subconsciously (or consciously) bucked all teachings instilled by my parents and upbringing in church. The second theme is that of Repentance. I knew what I was supposed to do for much of my adult life and yet, I didn’t do it. And it wasn’t until I arrived in a most humbled state that I was able to see the “error in my ways.” As I recognized where I had erred, I realized that I needed to repent because the life I was living was not the life that God intended for me. The third theme would be that of Forgiveness. Regardless of all the “bad” things I did, God still forgave me. No matter how hard I tried to ignore Him or be mad at Him at times for not giving me what I wanted, God still remained God and in the end, welcomed me with open arms as I sought His forgiveness. The fourth theme would be Restoration. In the end, God restored me to a better place than that which I had begun. The process of becoming celibate and wholly submitted to God caused me to lose some people and things. And because of that, there was some grieving that I experienced for their loss. But, at the conclusion of the journey, God filled ALL the vacancies left behind.

7. What is the one thing that you would want our readers to know about you?

The one thing I’d want your readers to know is that I’m not perfect. I’m just as flawed as the next man/woman. Rededication clearly shows that and I want the readers to know that just because you aren’t perfect does not mean that you are unworthy of God’s love. If that were the condition of His love, none of us would ever receive it. At the end of the day, though we’ll never be perfect, our goal in life is to strive for perfection as taught through the Word of God. Thank you for taking the time to read and may God bless and keep you is my prayer.

Find the author:

Author Site: www.kindgomworkshops.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/iammosley

Buy Book:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Rededication-Story-Sex-Repentance-Restoration/dp/1937095002/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1320706660&sr=8-1-spell

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/rededication-armond-e-mosley/1102047630?ean=9781937095000&itm=1&usri=rededication

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Success Strategies for Black People by Zhana

Practical, effective methods to help you achieve your goals

Human beings are born with an amazing power, the ability to transform our lives and the world around us. This has always been true, and it will always be true - and nothing can change this.
Human beings created every political and economic system that exists in our world. Our species started two world wars, and ended them. Diseases which were considered incurable one or two generations ago have been virtually wiped out.
Here is a list of just a few things which human beings have accomplished in recent years:
• Human beings built the Berlin Wall - and human beings knocked it down.
• Human beings created the apartheid system which oppressed millions of people in South Africa. And human beings dismantled it.
• At the time of this writing, human beings have put into motion the peace process in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Ireland.
Even a few short years ago, many people said that these things were impossible, or would not happen within our lifetimes.
Human beings are beginning to wake up to the power within us, the power with which we were born. You can use this power to create wonderful results in your own life, and the lives of those around you.
Your potential is unlimited. There is no limit to what you can achieve. Choose success and be willing to accept success. You deserve to have the best life you can imagine.
I invite you to use the success strategies described in this book to change your life in positive ways.
The only way these techniques will work for you is if you actually do them. Don’t just read about them, think about them or talk about them, but actually do them.
For more about how Success Strategies for Black People can help you, go to:

Zhana is a modern griot, writer, publisher and Transformational Growth Consultant.
Zhana's books, courses and ebooks contain practical, effective methods to help you achieve your unlimited possibilities.
• If you have been working on something for a long time
• If you have tried different methods
• If you are feeling frustrated, fed up or disappointed with your results
Zhana can help you.
Zhana frequently publishes online articles and blogs which feature practical, effective methods to help you achieve your goals.
7 complete questions created by you and answer these questions in full sentences.
When and why did you start writing?
I've been writing since I was nine (more than 40 years now). I think it was because in my family, I often experienced not being talked to and certainly not being listened to! And I experienced people not talking to each other. I needed a way to record my thoughts and try to communicate with with other people. Plus I loved to read.
Why did you write Success Strategies for Black People?
I was using very powerful, effective methods that I wanted to share with as many people of African heritage as possible.
Do people of African heritage have particular issues and concerns?
Obviously, many of our concerns are shared by people of every racial and cultural background.
However, the statistics tell us that people of African heritage tend to experience more relationship breakdown. Our children are more likely to grow up in one-parent families. Our men are more likely to end up in prison. We tend to have a higher incidence of particular health problems.
There are clearly problems here. My work is all about solutions.
How have people of African heritage become disempowered?
We have not become disempowered. We THINK we have been.
If we look at the way our ancestors fought and resisted during slavery, and beyond slavery, it is clear that we have a great deal of power. But we do not use the power that we have. So we often end up turning that energy against ourselves and each other.
We are capable of doing amazing things and achieving magnificent results.
What is the cause of our problems?
A lot of our problems are caused by Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome, which is a form of self-hatred. We have learned to hate ourselves and each other. We are not living up to our full potential.
We have a lot of healing to do.
So what is the solution?
The power of the human mind is incredible. I share practical, effective methods in the book. I have been using these methods for many years, so I know they work. And I have helped hundreds of people.
Long before anyone had heard of The Secret or the Law of Attraction, I was writing about the Law of Increase.
I can help you get faster results than you will get with Robert Kiyosaki or T. Harv Eker.

Any negative feedback about your methods?
You have to be open-minded and willing to try new things. I have had people in my workshops and courses give up when they had not even tried these methods. I hate that.
You have to be willing to make a real commitment and make an effort for 60-90 days. I can help you get real results.
One man stood up in one of my workshops and said, "That's impossible!". If that is your attitude, don't bother buying Success Strategies for Black People. I can't help you.

Find the author:
Author Site,

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rewritten Lives By J. Elliot Howard

From a poet-author who is deep in thoughts, sentiments, and experiences comes an emotive and endearing collection of poems that speaks of a myriad of themes and topics. J. Elliot Howard has Rewritten Lives to share the lessons, dreams, hopes, and longings to others who are willing to listen.

In this poetry anthology, Howard unleashes his profound emotions through poetic verses. With the ebb and flow of his words, readers will feel the depths of his psyche and the nadir of his heart. Penning down these pieces, he conveys the unfathomable zenith of his feelings that range from memories, yearnings, conversations, saying goodbye, moving on, life sessions, new beginnings, reminiscences, dark moments, and more.

These poems are Howard’s expressions of what he observes, feels, understands, and accepts of life and love. They are reminders of years gone by, the people that were, and the sentiments once felt. This potpourri of lines varies from subject to subject and from one theme to the next, but they all speak of the beautiful colors of life.

In “My Turn Now,” he says, “With each turn of the page of life, through graduation and having a wife tears of joy burn down my cheeks as you have held my hand.” In “Lessons,” he writes, “Our moments are like the sand on the beach. Crystals of memories within reach that in my time of need have formed the rock to meet my every care.” In “The Final Moment,” he ponders, “Life has its seasons, each season has its moments, and with these moments there are perfect times.” In “A New Beginning,” he shares, “A newness of life, the coming of a fresh start. Maybe a needed difference a need for change.” These and more poignant words are sure to welcome readers as they leaf through the pages of Rewritten Lives.

Poetry book excerpts:
I have approached you real,
With the truth, no less, I have approached you correct.
But a question still remains,
Not from me but from you.
It is of interest with me what your intentions are,
Because sometimes your mind has the appearance of being afar.
I told you I loved you from the bottom of my heart.
Your actions say those feelings you also share,
But your mouth is saying words that keep people unaware.
Either way it does not matter because in time I will not be there.
It is unwise to go after a love that I cannot win, Because of your indecision one can see you are not genuine

No More Reminiscing

I remember when we used to talk
daily in your life.
you would inquire of advice
that would help you in your constant walk.
I knew you and you knew me,
I was in you and you were in me,
and even the slightest care
you gave to me.
I took your cares and did not think twice.


the road of victory, together we traveled.
helping those along the way
I helped and watched you grow.
sharing, in those days with you
great and unsearchable things unknown.
however the present has become past,
and the past has become history.


after walking in unceasing victory
you turned.
breaking my heart, away you walked,
and with a boastful mouth you basked
in what you felt was your own glory.

for you, my heart will grieve,
but it is you who are in harm.
in the deadly vice of a world
that would sooner let you die
for a sign of weakness,
than have love for you to give.

no more reminiscing of the past
I see your pain,
and if you turn from the world
I will take you back with a love that will last.
unconditional love which will remove your sorrow
and give you a new life.

though time may have passed
you are not out of the running.
I will redeem the time
if you just ask.
we will again walk in victory,
and together, no more
will we reminisce.

About the Author:

Jerry Elliot Howard was born in Findlay, Ohio. At the age of sixteen, his family moved to Sugar Land, TX. Shortly after moving, he began to write. No matter where he went, his writing followed. He wrote while attending University Of Houston, transferring and graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, graduate school at Bowling Green State University, marriage, fatherhood, and all points in between. Poetry is his snapshot in time because words mean more than pictures to him. They allow him to look, remember, and truly embrace each new experience. He loves the city of Houston. Writing has enabled him to express himself thoroughly and creatively. Life is more than “happy love.” At times, he has had to say good-bye. Sometimes, he has had to give chase. In other situations, he has had to sit still. Nevertheless, in all of the places he has lived, and moments he has experienced, all are worthwhile.

Find the author:

Website: www.rewrittenlives.com

Facebook Rewritten Lives book page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rewritten/372263284211

3. link to twitter:
4. link to barnes and nobles:


AMAZON.com link:

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