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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Success Strategies for Black People by Zhana

Practical, effective methods to help you achieve your goals

Human beings are born with an amazing power, the ability to transform our lives and the world around us. This has always been true, and it will always be true - and nothing can change this.
Human beings created every political and economic system that exists in our world. Our species started two world wars, and ended them. Diseases which were considered incurable one or two generations ago have been virtually wiped out.
Here is a list of just a few things which human beings have accomplished in recent years:
• Human beings built the Berlin Wall - and human beings knocked it down.
• Human beings created the apartheid system which oppressed millions of people in South Africa. And human beings dismantled it.
• At the time of this writing, human beings have put into motion the peace process in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Ireland.
Even a few short years ago, many people said that these things were impossible, or would not happen within our lifetimes.
Human beings are beginning to wake up to the power within us, the power with which we were born. You can use this power to create wonderful results in your own life, and the lives of those around you.
Your potential is unlimited. There is no limit to what you can achieve. Choose success and be willing to accept success. You deserve to have the best life you can imagine.
I invite you to use the success strategies described in this book to change your life in positive ways.
The only way these techniques will work for you is if you actually do them. Don’t just read about them, think about them or talk about them, but actually do them.
For more about how Success Strategies for Black People can help you, go to:

Zhana is a modern griot, writer, publisher and Transformational Growth Consultant.
Zhana's books, courses and ebooks contain practical, effective methods to help you achieve your unlimited possibilities.
• If you have been working on something for a long time
• If you have tried different methods
• If you are feeling frustrated, fed up or disappointed with your results
Zhana can help you.
Zhana frequently publishes online articles and blogs which feature practical, effective methods to help you achieve your goals.
7 complete questions created by you and answer these questions in full sentences.
When and why did you start writing?
I've been writing since I was nine (more than 40 years now). I think it was because in my family, I often experienced not being talked to and certainly not being listened to! And I experienced people not talking to each other. I needed a way to record my thoughts and try to communicate with with other people. Plus I loved to read.
Why did you write Success Strategies for Black People?
I was using very powerful, effective methods that I wanted to share with as many people of African heritage as possible.
Do people of African heritage have particular issues and concerns?
Obviously, many of our concerns are shared by people of every racial and cultural background.
However, the statistics tell us that people of African heritage tend to experience more relationship breakdown. Our children are more likely to grow up in one-parent families. Our men are more likely to end up in prison. We tend to have a higher incidence of particular health problems.
There are clearly problems here. My work is all about solutions.
How have people of African heritage become disempowered?
We have not become disempowered. We THINK we have been.
If we look at the way our ancestors fought and resisted during slavery, and beyond slavery, it is clear that we have a great deal of power. But we do not use the power that we have. So we often end up turning that energy against ourselves and each other.
We are capable of doing amazing things and achieving magnificent results.
What is the cause of our problems?
A lot of our problems are caused by Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome, which is a form of self-hatred. We have learned to hate ourselves and each other. We are not living up to our full potential.
We have a lot of healing to do.
So what is the solution?
The power of the human mind is incredible. I share practical, effective methods in the book. I have been using these methods for many years, so I know they work. And I have helped hundreds of people.
Long before anyone had heard of The Secret or the Law of Attraction, I was writing about the Law of Increase.
I can help you get faster results than you will get with Robert Kiyosaki or T. Harv Eker.

Any negative feedback about your methods?
You have to be open-minded and willing to try new things. I have had people in my workshops and courses give up when they had not even tried these methods. I hate that.
You have to be willing to make a real commitment and make an effort for 60-90 days. I can help you get real results.
One man stood up in one of my workshops and said, "That's impossible!". If that is your attitude, don't bother buying Success Strategies for Black People. I can't help you.

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