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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lights Out by George Sherman Hudson


It all started under the City Lights of Atlanta but now it’s Lights Out.

Real, with his first lady Constance by his side was living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Just as things were looking up, it all came to a halt. Friends turned to foes and an all out Cartel war ensued. The results were hard times in a down south Georgia prison and the death of a loved one. Now Real is released and back in the city with only one thing on his mind…REVENGE!

With a list, Real hits the streets and hunts down those responsible, saving the Cartel bosses for last. He sets his sites on B-Low, his one time right-hand man and now a major player in the game, who is going to be hard to touch.

Cash, his other partner-in-crime turned snitch, sits next to B-Low on the list. From Atlanta to Miami, Real leaves no stone unturned as he takes the city by storm, in search of the ultimate payback.


Back at B-Low’s crib, Ranjan and Jack were backing the van up in front of the garage door.

Jack jumped out of the truck and pulled the door open and was surprised to see the trash they’d been called to clean up was a woman.

Angela lay in the middle of the garage floor, all taped up and squirming around like a rodent.

Jack walked up and stood over her, trying his best to keep his excitement under wraps as he looked down at the thick, fine, completely naked dime-piece looking up at him with teary doe eyes, red and swollen. “Damn, lady! Who you piss off?” Jack asked jokingly, taken by Angela’s beauty.

“The wrong muthafucker,” Ranjan answered, stepping around the van to inspect the trash for himself.

Angela tried to plead with both men, but the tape had her words muffled.

Jack knelt down and pulled the tape from her mouth.

“Please help me! Please! I don’t wanna die!” she cried.

Jack and Ranjan looked down at her then at one another.

“Can’t spare her, bro, no matter what. We got a job to do, and we sticking to it,” Jack said firmly.

Angela cried softly, and Jack could tell her sobbing was bothering Ranjan quite a bit.

“Man, you know I don’t do no women or kids. Look at her, man. She ain’t no fuckin’ threat. What this li’l bitch gonna do?” Ranjan spat, looking down at the seemingly helpless girl, naked and bloodied and bound on the cold cement.

George Sherman Hudson, born and raised in Atlanta, GA, was continuously rejected by different publishers because of the subject matter contained in his books. This father of two did some research and while serving time, started G Street Chronicles, the urban book company based in College Park, Georgia. While George is determined to make G Street Chronicles a recognized name in the literary industry, he’s also working hard on his ninth novel.

Get to Know George:

1) Can you please tell us a little something about yourself?

My name is George Sherman Hudson, born and raised in Atlanta Ga. I’m 37 years old and the CEO of G Street Chronicles which is a subsidiary company of G Street Entertainment, which me and the hardest working V.P. in the business Shawna A. just made official. The parent company will incubate all facets of our upcoming businesses; G Street Chronicles, G Street Cinema and G Street Music. My days as an author are limited or should I say my writings will be far and few between. I hope my 10 titles will keep my supporters entertained until I’m able to come with another 5 star plot.

2) What inspired this particular novel?

Time… Doing time in prison and seeing the game from the other side was my inspiration. This novel has a lot of factual events, even down to the…just check it out. This is a sequel to City Lights which also has a lot of factual occurrences.

3) What motivated your writing career?

My struggle… This whole idea came to me while sitting in prison, in the hole, for a disciplinary infraction. The 110 degree weather, limited ventilation and a Triple Crown book gave me the idea. With the short stubby pencil and old crumbled up paper, I brought my vision to life.

4) Who are some people in the game that influenced you?

There was only one, Vickie Stringer. She brought this genre to the forefront and made her company a household name. I have never read one of her books but I have read some of her author’s titles. The writing isn’t what influenced me, it was how she nurtured a genre that wasn’t embraced by the masses. I hate how it all ended up but you know things happen to the best of us.

5) What’s next from George Sherman Hudson?

Hackin & Stackin, a novel based on white collar crimes with a splash of street.

6) How has the game changed since your inception?

One word…ebooks! Now everybody is putting a book out, which is cool because in the past a lot of stores and vendors wouldn’t give the indie authors a chance. Now they don’t need them. Now you see it’s a hell of a lot more talent out there than just the veteran writers. Ebooks opened the flood gates for new talent.

7) What advice would you give to someone getting into this game?

Stay focused on YOU and don’t get caught up in the competition stuff. Just do you and let your work speak for itself. Don’t think that since you signed with a publisher, it means instant success. You still have to promote and get the word out about your book. Don’t let the speed bumps, which could be people or situations, stop you. Perseverance and determination is a must.






Purchase books at www.gstreetchronicles.com

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Author Melissa Love exposed

VictoriaWinter wanted more than to just be a member of a multi-billion dollar church. She wanted to become Second Mother of the Church, a very high position for a mother-in-law. In order to have this accomplished, she must convince Naomi to fall in love and marry Pastor Kyle Smith; a wealthy and famous preacher of One True Worship. But Naomi has a secret, and this secret could ruin her family reputation as well as her mother's plans of getting the title and recongition she so badly wanted.

1. What inspired you to write this book? I have a co-worker that always bring up church this and church, but at the same time the things we do or the things she says always has us wondering. We joke about this all the time and I thought this would make a good idea for a book.

2. What was your biggest challeng in writing this book? The biggest challenge in writing this book is all the time and energy of promoting my book. Most traditional publishing company already has that set up, but for indie author like me I have to put my foot to the pavement.

3. What can you tell us about your main characters? My two main characters are Naomi the youngest daughter, dependable when it comes to doing what she has to do, and a private person. Victoria is a married and devoted christian woman, but she is boastful, cold-hearted, self-center, hot temper, and ambitious.

4.Do you have a general idea of what direction you want the plot to take ahead of time or does it come to you once you’ve started writing? I always have a general idea of where I want my plot to go before I even start to write. I build the twist around the plot.

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