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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Books That Make You Go OOOOO Day 7

The Appetizzer: When Your Not His Main Course By. Ni'cola

Three girlfriends with three totally different lives, or they think……..
Yazmin and Trey have been together for five years. Enjoying her life as a stay at home wifey, the couple is expecting a set of twins. Their life could not have been any more picture perfect, until the day that Yazmin was involved in a hit and run accident. Scared for the life of her babies, Yazmin damn near goes into shock after she attempts to call Trey only to be greeted by his wife of the past ten years……
Monae and Malik have had a drama free long distance relationship for the last two years. Malik is a Marine, and is stationed in San Diego. They both have an understanding that once Monae graduates from UCLA, they will have their dream wedding. Planning an intimate surprise party just for two in his apartment, Monae discovers that she is not the only woman waiting for “her” man to come home……
Knowing that Devaugn is in a relationship, Nia simply don’t care. He is the ideal man, and Nia is convinced that if she works hard enough, she can show him that she is all the woman that he needs. Stephanie will be a thing of the past and Devaugn can start taking care of Nia and her three children full time. Or will he…….

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Excerpt from The Appetizer

“Okay, ma’am, here you go,” he said, handing me the basic flip phone. “I am going to step back and call your friend right now. What did you say her name was again?”

I rattled off the information to the officer again, and slowly flipped the phone open.

I hope Trey answer the phone! It should be about nine or ten in New York, so he should be on his way to his meeting. “Please, Lord, let him answer this phone,” I whispered. I slowly lifted the phone to my ear.

In the distance, I could hear Officer Gonsalves reassuring Nia that I was okay and telling her where to come. The phone rang and rang until his voice mail came on.

“Trey! It’s me!” I yelled into the phone frantically. “I was in an accident! I am going to try to call you again.” Pushing the end button on the phone, Officer Gonsalves informed me that Nia was on her way. “Okay, thank you,” I replied to him, redialing Trey’s number. I was grateful to how kind the man was to me, but was beginning to get pissed off.

I knew sometimes when Trey was away it is hard for me to get a hold of him, but damn! This didn’t make any sense! I had been calling him all night. What was going on? That time, the phone only rang once before someone finally answered.

“Hello,” a woman’s sleepy voice barely whispered into the phone.

Who the hell is this? I wondered, trying not to lose control. “Um, maybe I called the wrong number… I was trying to reach Trey, but- -”

Before I could go any further, the woman rudely interrupted. “No, you did not call the wrong number. Trey is right here, but he is asleep. Who is this?”

He’s asleep? This bitch is bold! She must not know who I am! Oh my gosh, what is going on! So many things were running through my head as I tried to respond to her last statement.

“Who is this, and why are you answering Trey’s phone? I don’t have time for this. It is an emergency; put him on the damn phone!”

I could tell that I must have pissed her off, because her voice went from tired and groggy, to wide awake and alert.

“First of all, bitch, I don’t take too well to demands. Trey is asleep, and this is his wife, Jill. So, unless you tell me what your emergency is…. I am not waking Trey up. We renewed our vows yesterday, and I might say, the combination of Hawaiian weather, liquor, food, and for dessert, me, is not going to allow him to wake up. So, I think you better check your tone and tell me what the hell is so fucking important.”

Jill paused and waited on me to speak my peace, but no words could come out of my mouth. I was dumbstruck by everything that came out of Jill’s mouth. I didn’t know who the hell Jill was, but I could tell by her tone that she was older and she sounded so serious.

By that time, the officer was instructing me to get off the telephone so that they could start working on cutting me out of the vehicle. Nia had pulled up with the girls and was rushing over to make sure that I was okay.

“Hello!” Jill said with even more force and attitude. “You say that this is an emergency call. You better speak your peace and tell me what do you want with my husband?”

Husband, why does she keep saying that?

Before I could respond, Nia grabbed the phone away from me and took over.

“Trey, Trey, its Nia? Yaz- - Who is this? Jill? Wife? Well, I am Nia, Yazmin’s best friend, who is the fiancée of your HUSBAND! Matter of fact, put that negro on the phone, I am done talking with you!

Trey, what the hell is going on? Yazmin been in an accident and her car is crumpled. When you are done playing with your wife, or whoever the fuck that was, your FAMILY NEEDS YOU!” By that time Nia and I both were crying.

Officer Gonsalves ordered Nia to step away from the vehicle and go back to her car. He informed her that he would call her over once they were through cutting me out.

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