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Monday, February 8, 2010

Books That Make You Go OOOOO Day 8

My Husband’s Fiancée By. Kaira Denee

Kaira Denee’s latest relationship saga “My Husband’s Fiancée” is a complicated threesome filmed by a T.V. executive with her own relationship issues. The inspiration behind this twisted story line spawned from Twitter the increasingly popular social networking site. As a married women speaking to her single friends and colleagues about relationship woes, Denee realized that more than a few had the same type of problems “Is it possible for a man to love two women at the same time?” She posted that question as an update on Twitter and received a floodgate of debatable responses. She knew that there was enough back and forth drama to make this part of her plot. “Infidelity--it’s a more familiar topic than people care to admit.” Denee added the reality show perspective because it brings another level of trending pop culture interest to the reader. “Whether we are watching ABC, VH1, MTV, BRAVO, BET or CW11, we are all addicted to some reality show right now.

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Kimberly Rose is a television producer that has it all. Riding on the success of her hit reality show, Frat House, she’s constantly keeping her eye open for her next big hit. After a failed sitcom attempt she realizes that with the popularity of reality television these days, she should stick to what she knows best; putting real people in staged situations to make for drama filled must-see T.V.
Visiting Connecticut one afternoon, Kimberly overhears a three-way lover’s quarrel that entices the reality show producer to eavesdrop.
Kimberly learns that Eric and Mikelah are a couple that have been married for over ten years. However Eric has not only cheated on his wife with another woman, he has fallen in love with that woman. The other woman is Tangie (the same Tangie from Denee's 1st novel “Take it There” who is Brittany’s little sister and the other woman in Nia and Mike’s relationship). Not only has Eric fallen in love with Tangie, he’s even proposed to her and she has the two carat diamond ring on her hand to prove it.
Tangie found out early on that Eric was married and for a while didn’t care. But finally and especially after his proposal, Tangie grew tired of being the other woman. She followed Eric and his wife to the mall that day and planned to confront them and make Eric choose. The confrontation turned into a loud dramatic scene with onlookers stopping and slowing down to be nosey.
Producer, Kimberly saw stars in her eyes as she spied on the scene unfolding before her. Immediately she decides to approach the trio and give them her business card and a quick pitch on starring in her reality show. The wife, Mikelah, tears the card in pieces and refuses to hear anything Kimberly has to say. Tangie also refuses but Kimberly smirks when she notices Tangie keep the card. She senses that she’ll be able to convince her to go through with the project.
After a while, Kimberly convinces Eric, Mikelah and Tangie, all for their own selfish reasons, to star in her next reality show, Choose Me or Lose Me.
While the anticipation for the new show is high, Kimberly's personal life isn't as successful as her career.

Kimberly’s love life has never been a priority to her. She does, however, enjoy the company of her latest boyfriend, Billy Drake. Being that Billy is ten years her junior and was drafted straight out of high school into the NBA, she views this relationship as one of pure pleasure with no possibility of getting serious in the long run.Her past is filled with damaging secrets that still haunt her dreams.
In addition to hiding secrets from Billy, Kimberly has family issues too. When her father's health begins to decline, Kimberly's mother can't understand why she's unaffected by the tragedy. Her mother doesn't know it but Kimberly and her father also share a wicked secret.
My Husband’s Fiancée is the best reality show you will ever read! Tune in to see whether the husband chooses to stay with his wife or marry his mistress and whether Kimberly resolves her past demons and lets love into her life.

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