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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Books That Make You Go OOOOO Day 6

What We Want Do For Love By Mz. Robinson

Octavia Ellis is a sexy restaurant owner who plays it safe when it comes down to relationships. She lives by one rule: keep it strictly sexual. Octavia is living her life just the way she wants. NO man. NO issues. NO drama. However, this all changes when Octavia meets Damon Whitmore Jr.
Damon is everything a woman could want in a man. He’s charming, educated, rich, and successful. In addition to appearing picture perfect, Damon has a body that can make the strongest of women weak.
Damon slowly begins to breakdown the walls Octavia has firmly put in place around her heart. However, temptation can be hard to resist, especially when temptation comes in the form of a sexy-hardcore thug named Beau. Beau is not only mysterious but possibly a woman’s worst nightmare.
Octavia’s world begins to unravel when a series of accidents occur and people start turning up dead. In an instant things are out of control and Octavia is left evaluating her life and the people in it. She comes to the conclusion that Beau is bad news and he has to go. However, dismissing Beau is easier said than done. When he has his mind made up that he wants something or someone he’ll stop at nothing, not even murder to get what he desires.
Octavia finds her life and those she loves in great danger. She discovers in life there are no guarantees and she’s shocked to discover what she herself will do for love.

Read exclusive chapters from this book

“Nothing happened with Nadia." I turned back around facing him, trying hard to force away my tears.
“I don't care Damon." I said, softly. “It’s over and done."
He rubbed his hands over his head.
“Just like that?" He asked, staring at me.
“Just like that." I said, tears now streaming down my cheeks.
“After every thing we've been through." He said, taking steps towards me.
“You want to just walk away?" He asked. I looked at him with my eyebrows raised. He stood in front of me with a mixture of confusion and anger on his face.
“No Damon," I said, wiping my face with the back of my hands. “I don’t care what happened with you and Nadia."
“I love you and I want you.” I said. “Only you.”
He pulled me into his strong arms.
“I love you too.” He whispered, running his fingers through my hair. He cradled my face in his hands then kissed me as if it was our last kiss on Earth. He slid his hands up my skirt then caressed my round firm ass. I stepped back then removed all of my clothing. He looked at my naked body, with shear lust illuminating in his eyes. I quickly helped him take off his shirt then his shorts and finally his boxers. His beautiful dick stood out like a hungry serpent ready to devour its prey. My kitty got wet just from the thought. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders as he lifted me up around his waist. He carried me the short distance to the wall then pushed my body up against it. I moved my lips from his then down to his neck then back up to his earlobe. He entered me with full force, causing my back to slam against the wall. I held onto his shoulders tightly with my arms and held his dick tightly with the walls of my throbbing pussy. Damon pulled my back off the wall, and then bounced me up and down wildly on his dick.
“Oh... yes...” I moaned. “Harder baby...harder!”
I wanted him to knock the pain I had been feeling for the past weeks out of my body. I dug my nails into his shoulder blades. At the same time, I wanted him to feel my pain and know just how hard my life had been without him. He carried me over to the kitchen island and laid me down. He dove as far inside of me as our bodies would allow then began pounding my pussy harder. He moved inside my body like a new man. It was at that moment that I knew our relationship would never be the same. It would be better! He was showing me that he was all I needed emotionally and sexually. Tears of joy and pain rolled down my face as I arched my back and released my hot sticky wetness.

Visit the author at www.mzrobinsonwrites.com

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