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Friday, February 12, 2010

Books That Make Yo Go OOOOO Day 14

Rhythm Can’t Keep Time, Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough

Story Synopsis

Can people really be two halves of the same whole? If so, Sterling and Sheridyn are a perfect fit. Sterling is an intelligent salesman who has a great sense of humor and charming personality. After experiencing one betrayal after another, he has put his heart under lock and key. When beautiful Sheridyn enters his life, will he unlock the one place no one can enter? Or, will he be afraid of another disappointment and be unwilling to commit?

Sheridyn is a vibrant, witty young lady who can mesmerize men with her captivating smile and magnetic personality. After her first love left her broken-hearted, she vowed to never love again…until she meets the handsome Sterling. From the onset of Sterling and Sheridyn’s first encounter, they possessed a harmonic rhythm laced in humor and vicarious personas. When Sterling and Sheridyn’s worlds collide, will they be able to control the passion between them? Or will their seductive love dance to burn up in flames?

Sometimes where we start determines how we end. Sterling never imagined Sheridyn outside the bedroom, as Sheridyn poised herself for a place in Sterling’s life and in his heart, but settled for a place in his bed. The passion between them was so sensual and their connection surreal, Sterling thought anything that good was never meant to last forever.

Just when Sheridyn thought she was gaining ground with Sterling, he would disappear from her life, each time resurfacing in synch. The on again off again song lasted 10 years as Sheridyn put her life on hold waiting for Sterling to get himself together. Just when you think the rhythm and time are in synch, Sheridyn realizes songs are timeless, melodies may be the same, but dances never last forever.

Throughout the story, readers are entranced by Sterling and Sheridyn’s dance. They are engaged by the ability to identify with the characters in a straight forward, down to earth storyline that cleverly wraps nuggets of wisdom that speaks to the soul and ministers to the audience’s heart.

Scenic Colorado serves as the back drop to this unique melodic performance between Sterling and Sheridyn. Rhythm Can’t Keep Time is not a sappy love story or an unrealistic male-bashing narrative but it explores love through an erotic lens and exposes the battle of the sexes. Love is subject to the understanding and expression to which individual’s experience, which makes love relative.

Visit the author at http://www.rhythmcantkeeptime.com/

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