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Monday, January 4, 2010

A Conversation with MIMI RENEE

A Conversation with MIMI RENEE

Author of Deadly Decisions
What is Deadly Decisions about?

A: Deadly Decisions is a tale of the life of a young red rag totting, rebellious teen turned hustler chick named Keisha Cones. Trying to run from her painful past from her broken home, Keisha covers up all her pain with the grit and the grind of a hustle. Living the fast life has definitely come with sweet success; luxuries and great satisfaction that Keisha can’t deny or let go. Including her two gangstas/ lovers’ that are from rival gangs; Cameron the Crip and Lil Boo the Piru whom her heart aches equally for. Not wanting to let one or the other go, Keisha is faced with the reality called life that she’s no longer able to run or hide from.

What inspired “Deadly Decisions”?

A: The Love that I have for both reading and writing and wanting to put the West Coast on the map once and for all. After reading many novels’ of different genres mainly books by Nikki Turner, I decided to take it to the street’s of Compton, through Deadly Decisions and write a gangsta love story.

So, is “Deadly Decisions” based on a true story?

A: Absolutely not, though you may have dime breeds of Keisha’s nature out there in the streets; this was strictly of a tale of imagination, creativity, fantasy and entertainment taking place where the gang war is still at large.

What is your biggest fear?

A: I fear nothing but God, everything else is nothing to me! Oh, I’m afraid of flying…lol!

What motivates Mimi the author?

A: My writing is motivated by everyday life situations. It’s not very hard to get my creative juices flowing; I’m a dreamer, and on top of that. I think a lot-; so it’s nothing for me to start up and finish a good story. It’s something that I am very passionate and sincere about, and what I love to do!

What do you want people to gain from reading “Deadly Decisions”?

A: I want people to gain the knowledge that gang- banging is still alive and that it claims the lives of people every day, which affects all of us. Though popular by demand, I want to send a message out that life is too short to live and/or die for a color, but is also too long to live by non-sense and hatred. It’s time we build a better community, structure and corporations for our generations to come. Gang banging leads to nothing but destruction, no matter what the reason is for getting involved.

After Deadly Decisions, What's next for you?

A: Getting the sequel to Deadly Decisions out is definitely” next in line for me... My motto is to work harder and play later- I have nine other manuscripts that I would love to see in print; contemporary as well as street literature. I’m trying to be a household name and have my own shelve in the bookstores; novels by Mimi Renee is the ideal. I believe that I have what it takes so that’s what I’m shooting for!

Melissa Burkes (Mimi Renee) California native born in Compton and raised in Long Beach California, Mimi Renee recalls that reading and writing has always been her passion from as far back as she could remember. As a young girl she read aloud to herself and others for fun and enjoyed volunteering to stand up to and read out loud in front of class as much as she could. During her sophomore year in high school at David Starr Jordan High in north Long Beach, Mimi learned that she was pregnant and was soon transformed to a continuation school to finish her high school term out at Will Reid continuation, in a special program for pregnant minors.

Getting her life on track as a mother and not able to hang out with friends like she had in the past, Mimi reclaimed her passion for reading. She read countless books of various genres in her spare time. A few of her favorite authors are; Sister Souljah, Terry McMillan, Teri Woods, Nikki Turner, Shannon Holmes, Mary B. Morrison and Mary Monroe. Going back to her grass roots of scribed art suddenly Mimi had become inspired to put her passion for writing into action. After writing her first line on the page of her notebook, she was hooked. She has continued to write manuscript after manuscript and enjoying every minute of it.


Keisha Cones a sexy, independent hustler with a haunting past has dreams of making on top. Keisha endured a dysfunctional home life and tumultuous relationship with her mother. Her screwed up life style and unforeseen family tragedy ushered her into the belly of the beast. Keisha falls headfirst into a game of love and deception. There are three hearts at stake including her very own. In attempts to deal with her deteriorating emotional state and the need to survive, she gets involved with two of California's notorious gangstas. Keisha test the limits as she attempts to be the number one boss chic and stay alive without her dirty secret being discovered. Keisha is in too deep, the red and blue has become a big blur. The decisions she's making may prove to be deadly! Will she get her love Piru style or will she end up on a missing poster? Either way she is determined to be on top or die trying.


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