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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Exposed Conversations w/ Desiree Day

Spritual Seduction By Desiree Day

Widowed with two small children, Riley Tyson is devastated when her husband
Bradley is murdered. She doesn’t miss his fiery temper and heartless philandering,
though. In fact, now that he’s dead, their relationship is better than ever. Bradley’s

spirit sneaks into her bedroom at night, tempting her with gentle, seductive
caresses and showering her with the attention he never gave her in life. It seems
too crazy to be true. Until he drags her unsuspecting soul into a world so evil even
Lucifer won’t go near it. . . .

Enter Malik Davenport, Riley’s boss and longtime friend. At six foot seven, with
smooth, almond-colored skin and vibrant blue eyes, Malik rarely goes unnoticed. An
ancient warrior prince who specializes in slaying demons, he’s the only man who
can save Riley’s life—and the only one whose passionate touch unleashes the sexy
vixen inside her.

As Bradley’s ruthless spirit orchestrates a deadly power surge against the living,
Malik and his team of paladins prepare for a war of the worlds that has been
brewing for ages. If they win, Malik and Riley can be together forever, but if they lose,
the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

Get to Know the Author

Desiree Day has worked in the banking, telecommunication,
and information technologies industries, as well as in
academia. Her fiction has appeared in Woman's Word magazine and on
the Internet. She is presently working on her next novel. She lives in Georgia

Interview with Desiree Day

1. Tell me about yourself.

Hi, I'm Desiree Day, author of Crazy Love, Cruising, and One G-String Short of Crazy. My latest novel, Spiritual Seduction, a paranormal romance, will be released April 20, 2010. Readers can read excerpts of all my novels, including Spiritual Seduction at www.desireeday.com.

2. Tell me about your new novel.

I’m very excited about it. It’s called Spiritual Seduction and it’s a paranormal romance. Riley’s husband, Bradley is murdered. She’s sad, initially, because he cheated on her and was very abusive. Then their relationship takes an interesting turn, his spirit returns and seduces her. Riley falls in love with him all over again. But Riley soon learns that the spirit she fell in love with is evil.

Then her sexy boss, Malik Davenport, a hundred year old demon slayer takes on the role of her protector and lover. He and Bradley gets into some vicious battles. It’s a hot story about good and evil, love and hate.

3. Sounds interesting, how did you come up with the title Spiritual Seduction?

Oh that’s easy, because of how Bradley’s spirit seduces Riley. Basically, he wants to kill her and have her spend eternity with him in Lavastar a place worse than hell.

4. What made you decide to write paranormal?

My editor decided it for me. I submitted three proposals to her and I threw the first three chapters of Spiritual Seduction in at the very last minute. I really didn’t expect her to pick it, but she did. I’ve never written paranormal before Spiritual Seduction and I loved it. Spiritual Seduction is a good mixture of horror and sensuality.

5. Malik Davenport sounds sexy, tell me more about him.

Malik is a hot one-hundred year-old demon slayer. He’s over six feet tall, the color of almonds and has sexy blue eyes. He’s so totally in love with Riley. It’s sweet to see such a hard man softened by love. Malik comes from a long line of demon slayers and been killing demons since he was a teenager.

6. What's your next project?

I’m so excited about my current projects. I’m currently working on a new novel, a paranormal romance. It’s still untitled. I am also re-writing a young adult paranormal.

7. What would you like to tell aspiring authors?

Enjoy the journey. It can be a life altering experience if you let it.

Visit the Author at http://www.desireeday.com/

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