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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Exposed Conversations w/ Anna Black

Synopsis: Friends come and go, but the good ones are hard to let go. Kennedy and her best friend Cherae were like "two peas in a pod," Kennedy's daddy would say because they were tighter than a large man in a medium suit jacket. Although they were totally different in size, personality and back ground, they had been friends and loved each other since the second grade. Tables turned for their friendship when that evil word 'jealously' came between them over a sexy club owner named Julian Roberson. One night led this duo down an ugly road that Kennedy never wanted to travel on and a road Cherae never imagined she'd lose on. Cherae opened up a can of pain on Kennedy and after over twenty-five years of friendship, one man caused it to fall apart. Not knowing what to do or who to trust, Kennedy sought support from her true friend Teresa, who had tried to warn her about her life long pal Cherae many times before. When the smoke clears and the truth finally comes to light, they learn a lesson in friendship, love and loyalty.

When did you discover you had a talent for writing?

Well I didn't discover it, I was just told by others that I allowed to sample my work. I would email my friends stuff that I wrote and they are the ones who told me that I was good and had the talent to be published.

What motivated you to start writing?

Stress... I was going through somethings back when I started writing. I was a way to ease my mind.

What do you offer in your novels?

Well I'd say a bit of reality. I try to right about realistic situations. Especially with women. I've read so many books where women are storybook women not like the women who are actually reading them. I wanted my romance novels to show that women with curves or what society may not view as drop-dead gorgeous can have an happy ending too.

How are your stories inspired?

Dreams, something I hear someone say or seeing something I think that can be told if it had my spin on it.

What kind of response have you gotten from readers so far?

Good...mostly fives thank God on my first novel. I a little nervous about my second one because I want readers to enjoy it as much as my first one, but we'll just have to see.

Whats the biggest challenge for you as a published author?

I'd say promotion. When you are a newcomer and you've never been on Oprah under a small independent company, the big guns don't take you seriously. Like you weren't good enough to be signed with Random House...lol. Its just difficult at times getting readers and bookstores to even give your work(s) a chance. Its a constant personal hustle.

Where do you see Anna Black going?

As far as God will allow me to go. We can work hard and do are best, but whats for us is for us and only God can allow and bless our path on the road we travel. I will do my best and let God do the rest.

Talented and inspiring is the best way to describe this Chicago Native. Now You Wanna Come Back is her debut novel and it has done its duty to deliver a page turning introduction for Anna. She has showed herself to be ready for the literary world with her first release and is anxious to release her second novel Luck of the Draw in April 2010. Her love for writing began about ten years ago with poems and short stories and now she is ready to wow readers with her page turning plots, while she gives readers stories that will make them laugh, maybe cry, but definitely reflect. This new authoress is here to make a mark in the literary world, so readers get ready. She currently lives in Texas with her husband Chris and her daughter Tyra and it is her pleasure to share her written words with you.

Visit Anna at www.annablack.net

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