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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Loudest Silence By Kai

All night? With his best friend? Then wants the fruit to be juicy when he climbs into bed? Would you believe the obvious, that there was something going on, or continue to turn your head since he was the prince charming that saved you from the ghetto? Do you get even for what you know, must be happening, as he whispers to her every night? What would happen if you glanced in your home window and saw your wife making passionate love to your best friend s husband. Would you point the gun at him or her? Kenya, Terrance s child hood best-friend, is madly in love with him and just knows that they are destined to be together. She plays her role very well when around Alex and just enjoys him until she feels the time is right. Her husband knows he is not the love of her life but accepts it because he is simply lucky to have caught a woman such as her. When Kenya decides the time is right to reveal her feelings to Terrance, all hell breaks loose and both households unfold. Lani s life snowballed out of control when Terrance stopped giving her feedback and continuously confiding in his childhood best-friend all hours of the night. Terrance even had the audacity to come to bed to Lani and expect her to just lie there and take what she thought she heard him promising to give to Kenya. After being fed up and not able to take it any longer, Lani finally decides to let her silent actions speak for her. Terrence seeks comfort from Kenya while Lani waits alone with Kenya s husband, Christopher... Gaps of inexplicable time lead to drastic assumptions, jail, and even death as the silence is so loud that it could destroy all four lives... When Silence is the only answer given and the timing is never right, nothing is what it seems nor will it ever be the same again!

Biography:Kai is the author of the highly acclaimed urban fiction novel, Daughter of the Game. She is also a published and nationally recognized poet and writer. Her poem, Pre-Destiny was featured in the April 2008 issue of Essence Magazine and she was a Featured Poet in A Place Of Our Own (APOOO) national tribute in April 2008 and RAWSISTAZ Author Showcase, April 2007. She is a contributing poet in Step Up to the Mic: A Poetry Explosion, by Poetic Press (Xpress Yourself Publishing). A winner of the No Candles Infinity Contest, hosted by Osbey Books, Kai is credited for writing emotionally raw and thought provoking works and has been published in numerous anthologies and magazines under other pen names. An alumni of Hampton University, SUNY Brockport and Georgetown University Law Center, she is a licensed attorney and proud parent.

Get to Know Kai:

What is The Loudest Silence About?
Loves Devastating Demise. In The Loudest Silence, two married couples float in the sphere of suburban success-on the surface. In actuality, Lani and Terrence no longer talk to each other or confide in one another. Terrence has always kept his best friend, Kenya, as his confidante, unknowingly diminishing his wife's role to simply cooking, cleaning and love making, while his thoughts, dreams and expressions are shared with Kenya. Kenya and Christopher function in a politically correct marriage, dotting the i's and crossing the t's, while Kenya's passion really burns for Terrence. When Terrence walks out on Lani one night, in a maze of silent anger and pent up frustration, all hell breaks loose, damaging all four lives.

What was the inspiration for The Loudest Silence?When talking to couples, I heard many of the same stories--the pain of being emotional abandoned by your loved one, even when they are still physically present. It was a concept I wanted to explore-when relationships seem so right on the surface, but behind closed doors folks are in tremendous pain and have given up on trying to close the gap. What happens when the world's perception of us is more important than experiencing true love and happiness? When we are willing to stay in the big mansion, but live in separate bedrooms? This novel was my exploration of that space.

Describe the characters in the book:Terrence is perfectly arrogant and clueless. He loves his wife and his family. He loves his best friend, Kenya, like his sister. It is all very simple for him, he exists in a black and white world, and is color blind to the various shades of gray. It is his oblivion that tears apart his home.

Lani grew up in the inner city, her child hood is marked by more real life pain than any other character. Because of that, she is outside of their reality. Lani isn't content in the world that Terrence has submerged her in, she believes them all to be fake and phony and the very opposite of what she wants to become in life.

Kenya is very simple-she is a Black American Princess. She was bred to be the jewel of someone's crown and, for most of her life, believed Terrence was the one for her. When Terrence chooses Lani instead, Kenya swallows her pride and continues with her life by marrying Christopher. But deep in her heart, she still believes that Terrence will one day be hers.

Christopher has made it- he has found the suburban dream. A lovely wife in Kenya, a new baby boy, a beautiful home and sound financial life. Everything a man could ask for. But in the recesses of his mind, his true love, Alayna, haunts his dreams and his spirit aches for passion and desire. When he and Lani find themselves victims to the selfish dance of ignorance between Terrence and Kenya, Christopher might just realize that satisfying the need for burning love is better than a million stable, boring lifetimes.

Who is your favorite character:Lani is my favorite character, because she oscillates between being the victim and the heroine in this book. Her actions may seem selfish, but, in hindsight, it is her way of claiming a small space of peace for herself. I admire her fight and her determination to get what she needs, despite the horrible consequences.

How did you begin writing:Like most authors, I have always been an avid writer and reader. But I began seriously pursuing a writing career after my twins were born. For some reason, their birth sparked a desire to create and use my imagination in a way that I hadn't before. I penned the first version of my fantasy fiction teen novel and, after receiving overwhelming feedback about it, I started to submit stories to various publishers. Every story I submitted was accepted and published, resulting in unexpected demand in a short period of time. Under different pen names, I have been published across many genres including Christian, Poetry, Science Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Erotica and Urban Fiction. I am proudest of my contribution to Letters To Our Children, a compilation of love letters from authors to their children, published for the Capital BookFest in Washington, DC.

What other projects are you working on?I am now focused on writing the sequel to Daughter of the Game, which is entitled Daughter of the Game II: The Secret Keeper. Sneek peaks for the prologues of both The Loudest Silence and Daughter of the Game are available on my website at www.authorkai.com.

Last words:Thank you so much to the readers who have been so supportive and excited about the novel. The feedback has been incredible, I honestly never expected so much demand so soon. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you, but will try to show you by listening to your feedback and providing you with stories that you are excited about. Please feel free to email me at discoverkai@yahoo.com.

Email Address:discoverkai@yahoo.com

Purchase book at:amazon:

TLJ Bookstore:http://tljbookstore.com/index.html

Author Website:http://www.authorkai.com

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