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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wounded In Darkness, Healed In the Light By LaTonya G. Green

LaTonya is an astute teacher and preacher of the Word of God. She lives her life by example, walking out the knowledge, wisdom and application that she teaches. LaTonya has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources Management and Business Management and an Associate’s degree in Biblical Studies and Christian Education. LaTonya has been licensed and ordained as an Elder.
She has previously taught Bible Study through a Prison Outreach ministry for several years and has directed youth ministries. She is an active missionary. LaTonya travels domestically and internationally to minister the gospel and help build up communities. She has ministered as close as her next door neighbor and as far as Uganda, Africa.

LaTonya got started in ministry after turning her life over to God. She had spent many years being angry, bitter and hurt. She often blamed others for the outcome of her life. This caused her to hurt many people in her path. When she accepted the love of Christ, she took a different outlook on life. Accepting responsibility for her own actions and thoughts, caused her to mature mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Her main passion is motivating and encouraging women and teen girls to understand their full value and worth. She tries to use every opportunity she can to encourage others to pursue their dreams and live life on purpose instead of just living life.

She has appeared as a guest speaker on the Ester Davis show and on the radio with Chaplain E. Jean Jones in Dallas.

LaTonya lives near Dallas, TX with her husband Mark and their children.

Josette is the daughter of an abusive drug addicted mother and now her life seems to be on the same path to repeat history. She has learned how to lie, steal, get high and look for love in all the wrong places. An ultimate betrayal leaves her plotting murder. Will it take death for her to find life and be released from so much pain? Only God knows.
This book is a thought provoking novel that sends the reader through a range of emotions. It is a heart stopping, tear jerking, tickle your funny bone, page turner. It has characters you will love and characters that will have you asking, “where is the love?”.
Easy to pick up and hard to put down until the last page has been read!
It had been another day of not eating. It was Saturday, so there was no school lunch to tide us over. My mother finally came home from wherever she had been. She had brought home a box of fried chicken from her favorite fast food restaurant. The only problem was that it was not a big box with enough chicken for all of us. It was a three piece snack sized box. She laid down on the couch and put the box on the floor next to the couch. I was peeping out the bedroom door and watching her every move. She was not even thinking about feeding us or the fact that we had not eaten all day. She finally fell asleep. I told my brothers that I was going to get that chicken for us.
I got a knife from the kitchen. I went into the living room, where she was still sleeping. I slowly and softly walked toward her. When I was directly over her, I looked at her lying on her back. I turned and saw my brothers watching me. I knew the only way I was going to get this chicken for us was to kill her.
I slowly raised the knife over my head with both my hands. I just stood there for a few moments, gathering up the courage to stab her. I held my breath and brought the knife down…

Get to Know Latonya:

How can people get the book?

My book is available on amazon.com and barnesandnobles.com in paperback and ebook formats. It can also be requested at your local bookstores. There is also information on www.latonyagreen.com.

How did you come up with the title for the book?
I actually was almost done writing the book, when I realized I didn’t have a title. I prayed and asked God to give me a title for it. The title He gave me was Wounded In Darkness, Healed In the Light. I thought to myself that it was a great title, but surely it was already taken because it just sounded like a book that had already been written. I know there are lots of books that have the same title, so I didn’t concern myself with it too much. As soon as I had a chance I went to amazon and google to search for the title and to my surprise there was not a book with it. It just reminded me that when we seek God for answers, He always gives us the right answers. He is the creator and He can give us creative ideas.

What was your work schedule like when you were writing?
While I was writing the book, nothing in my life slowed down. All my responsibilities were still in place and needed tending to. My roles as wife, mother, minister and full-time employee never stopped. All of them require a lot of my time and attention.

The way I found time for writing was to write in the middle of the night while everyone else was asleep. Sometimes, I would just set my alarm clock for 2 or 3 a.m. in the morning and I would get up. It was not easy, but I didn’t see any other way. I was not willing to sacrifice the other areas of my life to accomplish my goal of finishing the book. It also meant I had to remain disciplined throughout the process. If I had not, I probably would still be in the planning or writing phase of the book.

Is there a sequel planned for your book?
Yes, there is more to come. Now that I’ve written the first one, I’m ready to write again. There is an evolution of the characters, their attitudes and their actions and reactions to Josette’s journey. I would love to share more, but I don’t want to give away the next book.

What is some of the feedback you’ve received so far?
The feedback has been awesome. There have been testimonies of deliverance, testimonies of healing and so many that found themselves in the book in one way or another. I’ve been told that the story is so captivating, that one doesn’t want to put it down. That has been very exciting for me because as a first time author I wasn’t quite sure how people would react. I knew that the story had to give something that would make others tell someone else since I’m an unknown author, for now. I’ve also had a lot of comments that this book should be a movie. The blessing in it has been that I’ve had people come back and buy 3 or 4 books because they say this is a story that almost anyone can relate to and also a story that will help so many.

What or who inspired you to write Wounded In Darkness, Healed In the Light?
My answer to this question might sound strange but I did not have a personal goal to write a book in the beginning. This truly was an assignment from God. I even responded back to Him by saying “God I read books, I don’t write them”. I then had a choice to make, would I or would I not write the book. God doesn’t force us to do anything He tells us to do. I decided I would put my own feelings aside and do as I was being instructed. Now that the book is written and I hear the testimonies from so many, I am so glad that I did it. It’s just like the Bible says “obedience is better than sacrifice”. I am blessed every time I hear a praise report about the book. I know there are many more to come as well.

What have you discovered since you published your book that has surprised you the most?For me, the most surprising thing has been the commonalities of the reports by those who have read the book. My favorite comment is “I could not put it down once I started reading it!” especially when it comes from people who say they don’t normally read books and yet they read my book in one or two days. My other favorite comment is when people say this book needs to be a movie and I’ll get questions like “have you thought about sending this to Tyler Perry or to Oprah’s Book Club”?

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