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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Black’s: LOVE’S POLITICS By Angelia Vernon Menchan

In Mrs. Black? Cinnamon Brown finally divorced her husband, William Brown, who had flagrantly disrespected their vows for decades. Cinnamon, however is not without sin, she had an affair with Malcolm Black and was set to become his wife. Does Cinnamon and Black get married? And if they do marry will they be able to withstand their comeuppance, because one must always pay for their transgressions. Not only that what could possibly occur if politics enter the already volatile mix? To find out, delve into the pages of, The Black’s: LOVE’S POLITICS – New Beginnings and find out. You will not be disappointed as Angelia Vernon Menchan plunges you into a story filled with love, family, retribution, revenge, politics, and ultimately love.

Angelia Vernon Menchan considers writing to be the elixir of her soul. Since learning penmanship at age four, most days have found her jotting down thoughts in a notebook. After decades of journal-keeping she decided to try her hand at writing and publishing books, from which was born her small publishing company, M.A.m.m. Productions through which she publishes her own books that she has coined, 'Fictionalized Truths, Ageless Fiction and Ramblings.'
When not writing, Angelia is a wife, mother, mentor and nana who loves reading almost as much as writing. Angelia is also an Avid Blogger and posts blogs most days to her blog, RAMBLINGS at http://acvermen.blogspot.com or for Skirt Magazine at http://skirt.com/angel08.

Interview with the Author:

1. Angelia, what led you to publish your own work?

I needed to be a voice that was controlled by me. It was very important for me to reach all demographics and I had no desire to be niched.

2. What do you hope to accomplish through writing?

As someone who has written 13 books since 2006, I have accomplished my goal in that I am able to mentor through writing. Most of my books, even the fiction ones have a message that is relatable to most people.

3. Do you plan to publish other writers?

Actually, I have, I published a book in 2009, entitled Football Travels, by Tembe Jones, a sports agent and in 2009 I published Women's Writes with Jennifer Coisierre, Darnetta Frazier and Shanieka Ferguson who at the time were unpublished authors. In late 2010 I published Mother Wit with Dera Williams, a reviewer for APOOO BookClub.

4. Is writing your full time job?

No I am a Fiscal Officer with the US Department of The Interior, I am also a mentor, I currently have three young women I mentor.

5. How do you find the time to do all those tasks?

I am very organized, my children are grown and for 33 years I have been married to an extremely supportive man, who designs my covers and takes care of me.

6. What would you tell young authors?

To always believe in your stories and to work on perfecting your craft. Also, understand that every book is not for everyone and every reader will not find you to be a writing superstar. Writing is work and a thick skin is mandatory.

7. Finally, what would you say motivates you to continue to write.

It is what brings me JOY...and without it, I am just existing. Thanks for having me AAMBC.

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  1. Congrats, Angelia! Awesome interview. Yes, Love's Politics is all that and more.

  2. Very nice and congrats on your latest release...keep on keeping on and to God by the Glory. xoxo

  3. Geat interview. I'm am loving Cinnamon and all that her world is. Can't wait to add this to my collection.


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