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Monday, November 21, 2011

Legacy Of The Pacific" by D H Brooks

Adventure, romance and intrigue meet in a titanic clash within the tale "A Legacy Of The Pacific," a paean to California and her blue neighbor: A waif called Pincin, unknowingly the heir to the throne of Nereidia, meets his two sisters: Princess Lile, the willful warrior and the winsome Princess Ciona. Once joined in their cause, his family assists him in seeking his rightful place among the people of this fantastic seascape of 1930s California vernacular architecture and billowing kelp forests. Along their quest, the siblings encounter heroes from diverse points around the globe who teach them that the myths and legends of the water deities of old have a vital message to impart in aid of saving our oceans and their inhabitants in the present day.


Princess Lile wanted answers yesterday, and in her usual tactless manner, she intended to get them from the two figures who blocked her way out of the cell. "Hades protect you if you are foolish enough to block that doorway as I reach it. Who are you and what business have you here?"

The voice she had heard before spoke up again as the two shadows moved slowly toward Lile and the others. Fearing the worst, Curadh and Liam stepped in front of Lile, but she remained unstirred, pushing them aside. Her ice sword picked up on the ambient light streaming in from the hallway as she faced the two intruders.

"Show yourselves!" she demanded, holding her sword in striking position. From behind her, Pincin concentrated on the shadows, using his innate ability to manipulate light to amplify the small amount of dappled sunshine within the cell. Having done so, he could now make out the forms before him as being that of two Centaurians, merfolk who are half-man and half-seahorse. The one to the left, who appeared to be the younger of the two, addressed Lile once again, his piercing green eyes registering her displeasure.

Consumed by rock music, animation and comic books since age four, Daria H. Brooks studied Creative Writing and Comparative Literature at California State University Long Beach. She first wrote of the aquatic denizens of Nereidia in comic book form in 1993, later supplying research notes for TechTV's "Thunderbirds"tm and licensed material for A&E Home Video's "The Best Of Thunderbirds."tm A Southern California resident born and raised, the author lives in Los Angeles near her beloved Pacific Ocean.

Interview with the Author:
1) What are the origins of "A Legacy Of The Pacific?"

"A Legacy Of The Pacific" began as a "create your own comic book" challenge at work between a friend and I who loved superhero books. It took several months to draw, write, ink and letter a single issue, which added to my respect for those who do this regularly. The characters I created resonated with me but "real life" took over; it was sixteen years before I had the opportunity to revisit their adventures in novel format. Both outings were rewarding but my hands do not miss all that sketching.

2) How different is writing a novel from writing a comic book?

The successful writing of any style calls for discipline in large measure (not my forte'), plus a fair amount of being selfish with your time. It took two years to write "A Legacy Of The Pacific" and I often heard from friends who objected to my lack of availability. Now I look back and wonder where I found the time to write at all. I could use it now!

3) Who makes up your audience?

I originally assumed that I was writing for teenage girls but have found most of my readership to be middle-aged women. While I've based the tale in modern day Los Angeles and added bits of obscure Black history, the majority of my readers thus far are White and live as far away as the UK. Ideally, I want readers from all walks of life as they all have a stake in the health of our oceans, the fate of which is at the core of this tale. Additionally, the trio of heroic siblings in the story are misfits and, as such, they communicate hope and inspiration to kids who feel themselves outsiders in their own lives. Like my heroes, they can rise above if they believe in themselves and their goals.

4) Which authors and artists influenced your writing and artistic style?
My favorites artists work either in the comic book medium (Phil Jimenez; Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez) or advertising art and design (Alfons Mucha and Charles Rennie Mackintosh). Such influences come through in the artwork I created for the illustrated version of my novel (now sold out). As for writers, I love the humor of Douglas Adams, Eric Idle and Billy Connolly; my homage to Gracie Allen comes through best in the Princess Ciona character. Readers have told me that they laugh out loud at some of the exchanges in the novel; this pleases me greatly!

5) What influences guided you in writing your novel?

Much about "A Legacy Of The Pacific" is an homage to the people, places and things which were major parts of my "wonder years." I managed to work in my love of comics, animation and rock music, as well as my adoration for Los Angeles, my hometown. Our family often spent Sundays either at Point Fermin in San Pedro or driving around 1960s L. A. to see landmarks such as the Pan-Pacific and Chinese Theaters, Griffith Park and Pacific Ocean Park; those days were a strong influence upon my voice as a writer. This is my town and this novel is my way of throwing my arms around her.

6) What caused you to create this book at this time in your life?

I'm a late bloomer! More seriously, our oceans are being decimated by both industrial and military pollution, as well as by Joe and Flo Sixpack who throw their used furniture into the storm drains, flush away cat litter (which is devastating otter populations), wash motor oil down driveways and discard food wrappers and cigarette butts on our beaches. I hope that readers will personalize these attacks upon our oceans through their relationship with my characters and take on the challenge to help keep our oceans clean.

7) Where do you go from here?


Find the Author:
E-mail: legacyofpacific@aol.com

Website: www.alegacyofthepacific.com

Amazon.com (Paperback/Kindle): http://www.amazon.com/Legacy-Pacific-D-H-Brooks/dp/0974021296/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1321858278&sr=1-1

Lulu.com (e-book edition / .PDF file for Adobe e-readers): http://www.lulu.com/product/ebook/a-legacy-of-the-pacific/16691554?productTrackingContext=search_results/search_shelf/center/1

Book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTfZdIoNLEc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Legacy-Of-The-Pacific/303077839716038
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/pincin
Legacy blog: http://02f8337.netsolhost.com/blog2/
Publisher's website: http://cedargrovebooks.com/

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