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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Conversations w/ Elissa Gabrielle

1. As a person what is your inspiration to write?

Words have power and it is that power of the written word that inspires me to write. I love creating stories, carefully crafted words that string together a beautiful melody. The reaction from readers who also appreciate the written word is priceless. That is inspiring in itself, to receive a visceral reaction from readers who love what you’re writing.

2. When did you discover you loved to write?

At age 13. I learned the power of words from my dad, Joe Thomas who is a jazz musician also. He would write songs and poetry that would blow my mind. It was at that time that I knew I would become a writer.

3. What was your first written piece and how did it feel to have accomplished such a task?

My first written piece was a poem titled, “Peace In The Storm.” I wrote it after my father played a song, titled “Peace In The Storm”. It touched my heart and soul in such a way that it inspired me to write my first piece, and in that piece, I glorify God and praise him for bringing me to a level of peace in the midst of all of life’s storms.

4. A Author’s career can be a difficult task, so how do you get into the zone to write your next book?

I simply start writing. Most writers will tell you that once the characters start talking to you, you have to get that down on paper! The pen flows naturally at that point.

5. Taking it back to your debut novel, how did it feel to hold your first book in your hand?

It was a true blessing. The book represented blood, sweat, years and tears. It was confirmation of all of my hard work.

6. Other then writing what is one of the things you love to do?

Cruising. All of my closest people in my life will tell you that a cruise to anywhere is the biggest treat for me. In addition, I’m a simple girl, and I love spending time with my family – a weekend getaway with my husband and children is also something that I enjoy doing.

7. When is all said and done what mark do you want to leave in the literary industry?

Any mark that I leave will be determined by God. I like to think that I would have been a source of entertainment for readers, as well as a person who helped to make publishing dreams come true for others. If those two things happen, I’m satisfied, and all praises go to God for it all.

Visit Elissa Gabrielle @ www.elissagabrielle.com

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