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Monday, May 18, 2009

Conversations w/ Renea Collins

1. As a person what is your inspiration to write?

What inspires me to write is being able to influence minds to see life and life experiences different so that growth can take place in their lives.

2. When did you discover you loved to write?

I discovered a passion for writing about ten years ago. I would sit and write whenever I wanted to express myself and couldn’t do it verbally. Then I would take the stories or poems to my family and friends and share with them. They would put the poems on their voice mails. Its funny now, lol.

3. What was your first written piece and how did it feel to have accomplished such a task?

My first written piece was a play I did at my church titled, " breathe" and it made me feel wonderful seeing something that I knew God gave me as a gift on stage with people watching it and experiencing the power and move of God through it.

4. A Author’s career can be a difficult task, so how do you get into the zone to write your next book?

For me to have gotten in a zone to write my next book, I first prayed and asked God for focus. Then I allowed Him to guide me. Then I rehearsed the whole story in my mind and then when I sat down to write it just flows out of me. That’s how I know it's a gift from God for me to write because it truly is unexplainable when I write. Sometimes I think I'm at the computer for an hour and when I come away it's been six or seven hours.

5. Taking it back to your debut novel, how did it feel to hold your first book in your hand?

To hold my first book From the Extreme in my hands was crazy for the first time. I couldn’t stop looking at it or smiling. My heart was beating fast and I got nervous, but when it was all said in done and I slept with the book that night in my hands, I knew it was God that did it. I knew he was in control of me and from the extreme.

6. Other then writing what is one of the things you love to do?

Besides writing I love to direct plays, I am also an ordained Minister so that takes a lot of my time. I love to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to young people and others that come from a hard background like I did and that have been told they won't amount to nothing. I love to help them know that anything is possible and you can truly do whatever you choose to do with hard work.

7. When is all said and done what mark do you want to leave in the literary industry?

I want to leave a positive, over whelming, unforgettable mark on the literary industry. I want to make other authors proud of all the works I put out and I want readers to feel like they are apart of the story as they read and the stories to be life changing, knowing that they can overcome any obstacles thrown in their paths

Visit Renea Collins at www.myspace.com/daughterofthekingpublish

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  1. I wish you overwhelming success in your pursuit to fulfill God's purpose with your gift! (From one author to another)


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