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Monday, September 28, 2009

Meet Author Lynne Forde

Lynne Forde is a smart, stylish and sexy new author from the NY Tri-State area. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Lynne has always had dreams of writing and perusing a career in the entertainment world. As a teen she wrote her first screenplay. She is talented with the abilities to write not only novels and screenplays, but can play 4 instruments and writes music.

As an adult Lynne graduated from CUNY with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. While in college she furthered her interest in the Arts acting and writing in her classes. Since leaving school she has been managed by Saffyre Entertainment, Inc. This has allowed her to travel across the country with other musical artists as well as meet other writers, film producers, music producers and executives.

Since creating her debut novel Lies of Blue, her focus has been promoting her book and she has successfully stirred alot of interest from the film industry. Visit her website for more information on Lynne and her work: www.saffyre.us


Share with a brief introduction into the book.
The book is about an aspiring artist turned Correction Officer only to find out she is as dangerous as the inmates she is watching. Our protagonist Lynne Forde finds herself falling in love with men, crime and danger. It's Training Day meet Oz with a twist of Set It Off. Readers, here is a sneak peek at Chapter 1, Lies of Blue, open here. Read a Chapter 8 excerpt, here.

Who are your main characters in Lies of Blue? Bring them to life for us.
Lynne Forde is a sexy, smart woman who has alot of book smarts but is naive to real street game. She becomes a C.O. in hopes of building enough capital to finance her music career. Little does she realize working in the jail is going to be a constant test of her wits and fortitude. From her first day at the jail men are approaching her for sexual favors, from officers to inmates. Her heart is soft and that ladies and gentlemen is what gets her into so much trouble.

Develin Former is the antichrist. He quietly preys on Lynne before she lets him into her heart, her head and her home. He is handsome but mean is an understatement. What starts off as affection turns rapidly into hate and contempt for Lynne and he does he best to destroy her. Danny is the only officer to really pierce Lynne's hard exterior to manage to puncture and break her soft heart. He lets her fall head over heals with him, then he shows his true colors.

Why was it important to get this book out?
There are so many issues that are dealt with every day. First and foremost the domestic abuse is an epidemic in this country. Unfortunately the headlines even tell you that everyone celebrities to church folk are going through domestic violence issues. I need people to know that there is never an instance to accept a person violating you. From verbal to psychological to financial to emotional and physical abuse NONE OF IT IS ACCEPTABLE!

What’s one thing (besides writing) that you enjoy doing?
Writing music and acting.

What’s your favorite quote & why?
From the book the favorite quote is "God Throws Pebbles", because you would rather God throw a pebble at you than hit you with a boulder. Other favorite quote "If nothing changes, then nothing changes." Self explanatory I think.

What is your most valued possession?
My faith in God and my incredible sense of humor.

What would your best friend say about you?
She is the most reliable and one of the smartest people I know. Good businesswoman.

What does love mean to you?
Love means when I lose my legs and arms and you still want to spend the rest of your life pushing me around in a wheelchair and helping me wash my behind. Love is the thing that we all want, but few find. Love is that feeling that you drink in and it gives you the extra push to succeed. Love is the ultimate universal gift that you can never have too much of.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?
Write. Learn your craft and then write. Believe in yourself and don't get discouraged. This is not easy and it won't be perfect the first time, but anything worth having, is worth putting in the work to achieve.

Please give us a preview of your next project, including when it will be released.
My next two projects are actually screenplays. I am working on Best Kept Secret a story which asks what lie will you take to your grave? Also Really Real, a parody of today's entertainment industry and makes us look at how far into the abyss we can fall.
Where can we find out more about your events and the book?
Visit my website at: www.liesofblue.com or www.saffyre.us You may purchase the book, Lies of Blue here.

Lies of Blue by author Lynne Forde

What is the price for fulfilling your dream?

Lies of Blue is the story about Lynne Forde, a young woman who tries to reach her dream by making sacrifices. Somewhere along the line, the wrong sacrifices get made. It’s Training Day meets OZ with a twist of Set It Off.

When Forde gets tired of her dead end job in the City Courts, she embarks on a career in the belly of the beast. With a degree in hand and a little bit of street sense, she decides to try her hand working in River’s Edge Jail Complex. From day one at the Academy to her last day at Prison, Forde evolves from your average “rookie” into something other than just a woman. To make matters worse, if you put a sexual being in the midst of some of the city’s most conniving men and women, you are bound to come up with something a little kinky and very destructive. The more dangerous the game became, the more erotic the encounters became.

She goes from Officer, to Hustler, to Vic, to CEO in a matter of 8 years.
Lies of Blue is an expose of what goes on in the belly of the beast, through the eyes of one woman. Lies of Blue teaches you that there are so many people you may come across in life, you never know who is real and who is fake, but that the journey can become a battle of life or death. Choose wisely. (Book info: ISBN-10: 1604023783; ISBN-13: 978-1604023787)

View the video trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjrNrKR_lk4
Readers here is a sneak peek at the story, Lies of Blue, open here

Lynne Forde Saffyre Entertainment Inc.
Website: www.liesofblue.com or www.saffyre.us
Email: saffyre222@yahoo.com
Order copies of Lies of Blue today, here

Lies of Blue Talking Points

Lies of Blue deals with many human interest aspects:
Domestic Violence
Sexual Abuse
Police Corruption
Self Esteem in Women
The Criminal Justice System
Lack of Rehabilitation in the Criminal Justice System
Cutting of programs in Prisons Today

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