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Monday, June 14, 2010

AAMBC Virtual Tours with Coach Kevin Brown

Author Kevin Brown tells an incredible true story in his novel From Ghetto to Greatness. The main character Jerome Green is based him. Brown was born into a picture perfect family until in 1972 his parents divorced. From there he bounced around California and found himself as a book smart, drug addict, and juvenile delinquent. Somehow he found his way out of the Ghetto and followed his path to greatness. Today he has earned well over a million dollars in corporate America.

He gave twelve years of exemplary service to the United States Air Force and California Air National Guard. While in the military, he earned degrees in Education and Electronic Systems. From there, he embarked on a career in telecommunications as an Engineer, Instructor, and Consultant for fortune 300 companies.

Brown's burning desire to uplift the lives' of individuals with similar backgrounds as his, led him to establish his company Brown Publishing and Seminars (BPS). BPS provides:
1. Success Coaching services to individual clients-Including Dedicated Athletes
2. Success Seminars
3. Book Publishing Services
Brown has a following of over 5000 online fans who logon to his various websites to read his sage advice on positive living.

While still managing his responsibilities as a Senior Technical Consultant, Brown also finds time to be an active member of ToastMasters International, The International Coach Federation, Georgia Coach Association, and other civic and professional organizations.

He is married to Nkemamaka (Kem) Okoye-Brown

The Book

Set in the late 1970's, Author Kevin "Coach" Brown's novel From Ghetto to Greatness is a masterpiece of storytelling that grabs the reader's attention from the very beginning. Once you are pulled into the protagonist's Jerome Green's world, you're whisked away with him through the perils ofteenage drug addiction and living life with no parental guidance.
You will be pulling for Jerome all the way. The plot is fresh and intriguing; as opposed to the trite storyline of "I sold drugs, I was in a gang, I went to jail, and now I want to save the world." The result of this brand new approach to urban literature is a book that is absolutely a must read for all.
It's just a wonderful story that will inspire you. It will make you laugh and sometimes want to cry. Brown paints his characters brilliantly as they all come to life and have a cumulative effect on Jerome Green's unsure future.

1. What genre do you consider yourself?
Urban Fiction

2. What do readers like most about your book? They like pulling for the underdog. The reason most people tell me they can't put the book down is because they want to know how the main character sorts everything out. They love the trip down memory lane, especially the music that is in the book. Others say they can relate to the story. Those who have never experienced ghetto life get a kick out of the stories and strange situations that are described in detail in the book.

3. Give us a synopsis of From Ghetto to Greatness
From Ghetto to Greatness is based on a true story. It is a coming of age story that takes place in Long Beach, California during the 1970’s. The main character Jerome Green is super smart boy who is engulfed in poverty, drugs, and crime. He survives bulletts flying past him, police brutality, a child molestor and an over-dose of Angel Dust. He tosses away several educational opportunities, before finally discovering a formula of behavior that will get him out of the ghetto and on a path toward greatness.

4. You say this is a true story. Is it based on your life?
Yes. I was completely addicted to marijuana at age 14 and I had already overdosed on Angel Dust by then. At the end of the 1st semmester of 10 grade, my GPA was a miserable .93. I had been arrested and gone to jail. Now I have made well over $1 million in corporate america as an Sale Engineer and IT Consultant.

5. What made you decide to become an author?
I had a story that had to be told. When I was going through the experiences that make up the storyline of the novel over thirty years ago, I vowed to myself to write a book about it. back then I was going to call it, Miraicle on 34th Street, since I lived on 34th Street and Santa Fe Ave in Long Beach, CA.

6. What do you enjoy most about being an author?
It gives me a platform in which to speak to youths and athletes. I'm a Success Coach. My book give me the credentials to tell my clients that if I overcame the ghetto, they can also overcome any challenge they are facing and that they can accomplish any worthy goal they desire.

7. Where can readers find your work?

www.Amazon.com or my website www.SuccessCoach4U.com. I am currently working with some great screen writers to turn From Ghetto to Greatness into a movie.

Contact info
Kevin "Coach" Brown
678-636-9755 Office Phone
10776 Ellicot Way
Johns Creek, Georgia 30022

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