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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Get to Know Betty Collier

Living Inside The Testimonyis a collection of anecdotes compiled by author Betty Collier. In reading these stories, you will share in her journey and experience the inspiration, faith, hope, humor, romance, and love she experienced. The stories in Living Inside The Testimonyrevolve around Betty's experiences with her family, friends, and other individuals who have contributed, often unknowingly, to the path God has chosen for her. You will hear the story of how Betty fell in love at age fourteen (with her future husband), about her husband's near-death experience with emergency brain surgery at a young age, her experiences in New York a week prior to 9/11, and the frustrating ordeal she and her husband overcame when trying to build their dream home. Betty attributes her success and her great love to God, and she shares with readers how God has orchestrated her life's path every step of the way. Betty's prayer is that you will see and feel Proverbs 3:5-6 come alive and speak to your heart as you take a walk with her, inside her testimony. She hopes you enjoy the journey and discover that we all live inside testimonies meant to be shared with others.

Biography: Betty Collier is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, nurse, author, and child of the King. Married to William Collier since 1986, they live in Bartlett, Tennessee, with their sons, Jordan William and Brandon William.

Interview with Betty:

1. What does the title of your book mean?
The original title of the book was “We Never Would Have Made it Without YOU” and the “YOU” that I was referring to was the Lord. I had given a copy of the draft manuscript to my friend Kartriece who designed the cover page because she had been anxiously waiting to read the book she designed the cover for. Unbeknownst to me, Kartriece’s mother asked her if she could take a “sneak peek” at the copy. Her mother sent me an email the very next day which really encouragement me, so I saved the email. It said, “I asked Triece this morning if I could take a look at your book with the intention of skimming through it because I knew I wouldn't be able to read it through just yet. After reading the first few chapters, I commented to Triece that I wondered if it was just because I knew you that it was so heartfelt. I have come to the conclusion that it is the anointing. I didn't get any work done this morning because I kept going back to your book. I have finished it from beginning to end and I was truly blessed by it. I commend you for actually doing what God has led you to do. My heart strings were tugged in more ways than one as I took a walk with you inside your testimony. God is awesome and I am so glad that I know him. Thank you for sharing.”

The original title was confusing, and it was from her words and what she got out of the book… taking a walk with me “inside my testimony” that made me change the title of the book to “Living Inside The Testimony.” That actually was the essence and heartbeat of the entire book anyway, and I had repeatedly used those same words throughout the book. She helped me to bring it to life.

2. Have you always wanted to be an author?
I never wanted to be an author, and if you had asked me prior to January 2009 if I would ever write a book, my answer would have immediately been "absolutely not," and that would have been the end of the discussion. I've never had a desire to write a book, so you're likely wondering why I wrote it and why I am trying to share it with others now. Perhaps my honesty will make you wonder if the book is even worth purchasing. However, this one thing I do know...I am an author. I became one overnight, and in fact, I know the exact night it happened. It was after midnight when January 9, 2009 turned into January 10th, the night I dreamed about this book. I am confident that if you allow me to share my journey with you, you will understand perfectly, but only if you have the faith to believe.

3. Why did you write the book?

I wrote the book after being divinely inspired by the Lord to share my testimony with others. The book is obviously based on my faith, and I wrote it well aware that not everyone would share my faith, but I am sharing my faith with anyone who chooses to believe. My purpose was simply to encourage and inspire readers to discover that we all live inside testimonies meant to be shared with others.

4. There are so many well known inspirational books already available by very well know authors. How can you compete with them?
We all need to be inspired and encouraged, and I know there is an audience for my book that has not been reached my mainstream Christian and inspirational authors. If I didn’t have the faith to believe that the Lord would take my book wherever it needs to go, I never would have written it. This is a faith journey, and if you read the book, you will see that my journey has been inspired by faith, hope, humor, romance, and alot of love, taken from the perspective of an everyday person whom readers can all relate to.

5. What makes your story different?
My story is different because it comes from an everyday person who realized how God’s amazing love and abundant blessings have always surrounded my life. Because of that realization, I am sharing my life inside the testimony while helping others realize they too live inside testimonies meant to encourage and inspire others.

6. What kind of response have you gotten from readers?
I wrote the book to encourage and inspire others, but I have been just as encouraged and inspired by their comments. It confirms my original belief that the Lord wanted me to share my journey of faith. As one reader told me, "It's like being on a roller coaster. I didn't know what to expect next. I was laughing on one page and crying on the next...This book is a masterpiece! Thank you so much for sharing. I have been truly blessed."

7. What is your favorite quote from the book?
My favorite quote from the book is “I guess when you live inside the testimony, it’s hard for you to see it as a testimony, and you really don’t appreciate it for what it is.”

Author’s Website: http://livinginsidethetestimony.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/livinginsidethetestimony

Twitter: http://twitter.com/BettyCollier

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