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Monday, August 30, 2010

Get to Know Latoya Willis

Synopsis: Tori is a young girl living in Chicago with her mother and older sister. Her days consist of school, shopping, boys, and lots of drama. Tori, just like any other teenager her age, wants to be grown. From her relationship with a neighborhood hustler who spoils her, to the ongoing drama with her friends, Tori is definitely not your typical girl. When she hits a major speed bump, Tori's life begins to spin into a whirlwind of events. Forced to grow up too fast, Tori is thrown into the shoes of an adult and she must wear them well.
Tori begins to see everyone and every thing in a new light. She realizes thing's aren't always what they seem. Her maturity is tested when she is faced with decisions and dilemmas that may alter her life forever. Tori takes her challenges head on as she struggles to become the woman she aspires to be. Many friendships are laid on the line, as well as relationships as Tori decides what is important to her.

When her boyfriend runs into trouble with the law she is forced to take over his business. Armed with minor knowledge of the task at hand, Tori jumps into the dope game face first. After finding love elsewhere, Tori takes off to finally live happily ever after. But, destiny has other plans for her. Life has a funny way of knocking you down, just when you think things couldn't be better, they get worst. Can Tori survive it's wrath?

Excerpt: “Okay, okay” she said laying back on her stomach. She allowed

him to take off the robe. He moved his hands slowly up and down
her body rubbing her butt and legs. Tori tried to control her hormones,
but it had been so long since she had been touched. Reno
was planting kisses on her back as he continued to rub. He moved
down her thighs and massaged her calf muscle.
“Umm” she said enjoying every moment of it. When he reached
her feet she giggled.
“Let me find out if your ticklelish” he said continuing to rub the oil
between each of her toes and back up her ankles.
The message seemed to go on for ever and Tori was in complete
ecstasy. Reno picked the rose up and laid it back on her body.
“Get dressed” he instructed and walked out the room. Tori
couldn’t even think straight let along move. She finally got up and
slid her clothes back on.
“You ready?” Reno asked taking her by the hand and leading her
back to the truck. Tori couldn’t take her eyes off him. She was ready
to have him right then and there. She closed her eyes and sang
along with the radio. The next thing she knew they had stopped.
She opened her eyes to find they were at a salon/boutique. Reno
stepped out the car and opened Tori’s door. He took her purse and
led her into the salon. It had basically the same set up as the spa
with all the candles lit and no employees.
“What now?” Tori asked. Reno didn’t respond he led her to the
foot soak chair. She sat down, he took her shoes off and placed
them in the tub. He turned it on and filled it up with warm water.
Reno sat beside her and messaging her arms and hands.
“I gotta go” he said standing up and kissing her cheek. 5 minutes
later a lady walked in.
“Hey, I’m Teila, welcome are you ready for your make over. Tori
shook her head in agreement and Teila went to work. She did Tori’s
pedicure and added a gold tip to her already done nails. Next was
her hair. Teila shampooed, conditioned and then roller set it. Tori got
under the dryer in aww as Teila tidied up the shop. Tori closed her
eyes once again basking in the moment.
“Your all dry” Teila said sticking her hand under the dryer and
touching Tori’s hair. She cut the dryer off and removed the rollers.
While Teila was pinning Tori’s hair up a tall man dressed in all black
came in.Ms. Johnson?” he asked.
“Yes” Tori hesitantly answered.
“Here you are, he held up a long gold an black Donna Karen
evening gown and a pair of gold open toe stilettos’ to match.
“This nigga got taste” Tori thought. She took the dress and
shoes and Teila showed her where she could get changed. Tori
stepped out of the backroom fully dressed. Teila was gone and so
was the man.
“Well, I can’t wait to see what’s next” she thought gathering her
things. She walked out the door, there a limo sat with the back door
ajar. Tori took that as her cue to get in. There was a bottle of Cristal
on ice and one glass.
“Where the hell is Reno” she asked herself out loud. The car
begin to move. She tapped on the middle window, the driver didn’t
respond. Tori poured herself a glass of champagne, sat back and
enjoyed the ride. After about an hour Tori started to see Wisconsin
“Where are these people taking me” she thought. Before she
knew it they pulled up in front of what appeared to be a mansion.
There were tables and people on the deck. “This must be some
kind of restaurant” she said. The door swung open, the 1st thing she
saw Reno dressed in a black suit with a gold tie and cummerbund.
A single rose and a black and gold dab hat cocked to the side.
“Damn” she thought biting her bottom lip. Tori stepped out of the
car, received her rose and they made their way up the steps.
“You look so good” Reno whispered in her ear.
“Mr. Miller, how are you” the host greeted Reno.
“Ms. Johnson” he said to Tori. They were led to a table in the
corner with once again a candle lit. The waitress brought over a
appetizer dish.
“What is this Tori said to Reno. Nigga, I don’t want no finger
food, I’m hungry. they both started laughing.
“I ain’t ate all day where the chicken and shit” she whispered.
“You so ghetto” Reno said still laughing.
“I’m just playing, Tori said, but I’m hungry.”
“You’ll be strong, ain’t that what you always tell me?” The waitress
returned with two trays with silver tops. She placed them on
the table in front of them. Tori removed her cover to reveal a whole

My name is Latoya Willis I am 26 years old. Writing for me is more of a passion than any thing else. I use it to express myself in ways I wouldn’t otherwise be able to. This is one of five manuscripts that I’ve writing. I have been creating poetry and short stories since I was in 2nd grade. Chained 2 Da Game is my first novel, it pioneers a breath taking trilogy. I wrote this story while doing a 24 month sentence in prison. It was written to target an urban audience, but can be appreciated
by people from all walks of life. The characters in this story go through real situations and lives real lives.

Interview with Latoya:

1) How long have you been writing?
I have been writing, since the 2nd grade. The first story i ever wrote was called ""Suprise Party." I wrote this story for a contest at my school.
2) What author's have inspired you the most?
I have been most inspired by Vicki Stringer, because her story is similar to mine. I too served time in federal prison, that's actually where i decided to write this book.
3)What would you say has motivated you the most?
My biggest motivator would have to be my mother, she always encouraged me in everything that i have ever done.
4) How long did it take you to write this book?
It took me a little over 3 months to complete chained 2 da game, and about 10 months to finish the entire trilogy.
5)What does being Chained 2 da Game mean, and what message does the book convey?
Being chained to the game is like being a product of your enviorment. It symbolizes being "hood" or "street smart". The overall message of the entire trilogy is, No matter where you come from, and how many obstacles you encountered a long the way, you can always break the chains, and live your life for you.
6) Why did you decide to use a self publisher as opposed to a traditional one? I submitted my manuscript to many of the major publishing companies, and i never got any responses. So i decided to put in my own foot work and get on my on grind.
7) What advice would you offer other authors looking to get published.
I always tell everybody that writes; If you have a story, give it to the world. Don't be discouraged if people don'tlike your work, just keep going. If you strive for greateness you will achieve it.

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