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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Get to Know Kenni York

Marriage was intended to be good. It is our decisions, our inability to truly commit, and most importantly our novice communication skills that can cause our marriages to fail. This book explores ways to foster a healthy relationship in an honest and straightforward way. No sugar-coating. Sometimes it takes a stranger to call you on your bullshit before you realize “hey, I'm doing something wrong here”. Striving for Happily Ever is intended to make you rethink your outlook on the concept of marriage and truly come to terms with what it means to love someone and be committed to making marriage work.

Life revolves around change. But in a marriage, you have to be willing to undergo these changes together and either accept your spouse's individual changes or figure out a way for you to coexist. Go into your marriage with the understanding that your spouse today is not going to be the same tomorrow. The beauty of sharing your lives together is journeying through life's changes together. Failure to get this or to be able to deal with it can result in a failed marriage.

Kenni York is a 28 year old author, motivational speaker, and visionary. Her past literary accomplishments her murder mystery novel Ask No Questions, poetry autobiography A Girl's Perspective, and the first book of unique mystery series Merrilittle: Murder in a Small Town. Kenni writes for the popular ezine, Examiner.com . Her title is The Atlanta Marriage Examiner. In this capacity, Kenni explores various aspects of married life. Dedicated to encouraging happy unions, Kenni has brought her magaine column to radio. She hosts an online radio show entitled Marriage Talk with Kenni. It is her ambition, dedication to her craft, and desire to inspire that makes her a phenomenal role model and a unique author, always telling it like it is. Kenni's motto is ‘Every success begins with a dream'. It is a saying that motivates her to make her dreams a reality, believing that anything you can dream of can be done successfully.

Web links:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Author-Kenni-York/170517131607
official website: www.kenniyork.webs.com
email address: kenniyork@yahoo.com
marriage blog / ezine column: http://www.examiner.com/marriage-in-atlanta/kenni-york


Someone asked me how can you write a book about relationships and marriage as if you have the perfect marriage? Are you shitting me? No one has a perfect relationship or marriage. There is no such thing. But my answer to their question was this: “I can’t tell you how it is or if it is wrong if I have never experienced it myself”. To that end, the thoughts, ideas, comments, and information provided in this book are based off of my own personal experiences, experiences of those I know, and the surveys collected prior to starting this project. The purpose of this book is to get people to think objectively when deciding to enter into a marriage and to actually work at maintaining a healthy, open, and equal marital relationship.
As a married woman for the last six years, I can honestly say that this shit is no joke. It is hard. No, you’re not going to always do or say the right things. Yes, you’re going to mess up time and time again. Marriage is a continuous learning process. You’re learning about your spouse and his/her limitations as well as your own. If done right, your learning process will entail the growth of you both individually and as a couple. Currently, I possess a column for Examiner. com entitled The Atlanta Marriage Examiner. In this capacity, I cover many topics pertaining to marriage including the lovey-dovey stuff and the hard shit that some people just don’t want to discuss. No, I’m no marriage expert. Anyone who says they are is an obnoxious liar. Calling yourself an expert signifies that you know it all. This couldn’t be any further from the truth seeing as though we all learn something different everyday. I encourage you to read with an open mind and to approach your relationship with an open heart. For more insight regarding my views on various marital topics, I invite you to visit my online magazine column.

Interview with Kenni York
1. How long have you been writing?
I have always had a passion for writing and have been writing for years as a hobby. But, I have been writing professionally, so to speak, for about three years. My first writing project was with an online blog site 'Clever Parents'.

2. What prompted you to write Striving for Happily Ever After?
So many young women around me at the time seemed to be so excited about the idea of marriage but didn't really realize how much work is required to make a marriage work. People marry and then divorce like they are changing their wardrobes. Marriage wasn't intended to be that way. I wanted to give people a real, down-to-earth, straight-forward opinion on the ins and outs of a marriage and what it takes to foster a healthy relationship. I wanted to show people that you don't have to be a celebrity or a slf-proclaimed relationship expert to point out, honestly, where we go wrong in our relationships.

3. What is your favorite chapter of the book?

Your friendships & Your marriage...This chapter explores how your behavior and demeanor should be around your 'homies' with regards to your spouse. Simply put, attitudes are contagious. However you treat and/or regard your spouse will be how your friends treat or regard them. It's all about respect. Your marriage doesn't stand a chance unless that respect is established.

4. What has marriage taught you in general?
Its taught me patience. So often people are quick to say what they will or will not do in a certain situation. But, we never know what we will do until we are actually IN that situation. Today, some people are so ready to just toss their marriages in the trash instead of putting in the work and effort it takes to repair and rebuild the relationship. After my six years of marriage,reviewing my relationship, and writing this book, I realize that I have an inner strength that I never new existed.

5. What are some of your other projects?
I currently have a ezine column entitled Atlanta Marriage Examiner. I also host a blogradio show entitled Marriagetalk with Kenni. As for books, I currently have two murder mysteries out: Ask No Questions and Merrilittle: Murder in a Small Town. Merrilittle is actually going to be a murder mystery series intended for young adult readers. And my best selling book is my poetry autobiography, A Girl's Perspective.

6. Can readers expect any other self-help books or marriage related projects in the future?

At this point I have not planned to do another self-help or marriage-based book...but you never know what the future holds. To do anything I have to be inspired by something. So, I'm open to the prospect of it, but there's nothing currently in the works.

7. What are your literary endeavors?
I am currently working on an urban fiction novel that I anticipate to be a big seller. Of course I have plans to work on my Merrilittle series as well. With all of my projects, it's my hope to enlighten, entertain, and inspire. That's all I truly desire to do. Do I hope to sit on a best seller list one day? Of course, what author doesn't? But, if it doesn't happen, that's okay too. It wasn't intended for everyone to reach high levels of fame. So, I don't aspire to be famous. I aspire to write what's in my heart and to share it with others who are interested.

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  1. I love it.. that was a wonderful interview. And a great writer you are.. Continued blessings.


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