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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Get to Know Terrance Dean

Speaker, Educator, Author, and Hip Hop Head, Terrance Dean was born in Detroit, MI. He attended Fisk University where he graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Communication.

Dean has worked in the entertainment industry for over 15 years with heavy hitters such as Spike Lee, Rob Reiner, Keenan Ivory Wayans, and Anjelica Houston. He has worked with television and film production companies such as B.E.T., Savoy Television, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, and Sony Pictures. Most recently, Dean worked with MTV Networks for over six years helping to produce live award shows and events including MTV Video Music Awards, Movie Awards, Hip Hop Honors, Rock Honors, Sports & Music Festival, and Choose or Lose.

Dean is also the founder/creator of Men’s Empowerment, Inc. and co-creator of The Gathering of Men with Adeyemi Bandele. Adeyemi is the husband and spiritual partner of acclaimed teacher and best-selling author Iyanla Vanzant

Deans’ New York based organization, Men’s Empowerment, has been in existence for over five years and has over 300 men of color from various backgrounds involved with the organization.

Men’s Empowerment is an organization that is dedicated to the transformation of men of color in their communities for their own self-empowerment. The not-for-profit organization is a hugely popular empowerment group, which allows men of color to communicate, share and participate in an environment where brothers can “check their egos at the door” and create bonding relationships with one another. The brothers share experiences in their lives, which helps build a foundation of support for men to freely be in a room exchanging information to make powerful transformations in their lives. Some of the featured guest speakers have included, Emil Wilbekin, former Editor-in-Chief, VIBE Magazine; Kevin Powell, Author and Activist; Stacy Spikes, CEO Urbanworld Film Group; Gordon Chambers, Grammy Award Song Writer; Omar Tyree, Author; and Kevin Lyles, Chairman of Warner Music Group.

Dean’s lecturing and workshops have been featured at noted institutions such as Brown University, Ohio University, Syracuse University, University of North Carolina-Pembroke, Rutgers University, Claflin University, Allen University, Voorhees College, Medgar Evars College, Long Island University, Cheyney University, College of Mount St. Joseph, Ramapo College, Brooklyn College, Kentucky State University, Barber-Scotia College, New Jersey City University, New York University, Morris Brown College, Albany State University, Drew University, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Wayne State University and also at The New York City Adult Learning Center, The Hip Hop Hall of Fame, Edwin Gould Children’s Services, The Southwest Fatherhood Conference, New York Citiworks, The Learning Annex, The Children’s Village, Inwood House, The New York Prison System, Michigan Human Services Youth Detention Facility, Paul Robeson Academy, Cerveny Middle School, East Lake Baptist Church, St. John A.M.E. Church, Oakley Full Gospel Baptist Church, Clinton Memorial A.M.E. Church, Abyssinian Baptist Church and the Old English 800 Business Seminar.

Dean is a 2005 John Seigenthaler Journalism Fellow from Vanderbilt University. He is a contributing writer to the anthologies, “Souls of My Brothers” and “Always Too Soon.” Dean has been featured in Newsweek, Time magazine, New York Magazine, The Observer UK, Genre, VIBE, Hip Hop Weekly, Toronto NOW and Essence magazine. He has also appeared across the country, and internationally, on popular syndicated radio shows – NPR, The BBC, Russ Par, and The Wendy Williams Experience. He has made national television appearances on Fox’s The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, and Fox’s Red Eye, NBC 10 Philadelphia, ABC 6 Philadelphia, WB 11 New York, and FOX 2 in Detroit. Dean has written for VIBE Magazine, ESSENCE, The Advocate, The New York Sun, The Tennessean, Fatherhood Today, The Michigan Chronicle’s Front Page, Flirtingtime.com and Blackmeninamerica.com.

Straight, From Your Gay Best Friend In Stores October 1, 2010

In today's society, from the inner-city to suburban America, nearly every woman has a gay best friend - the one who gives it to them straight about life, clothes, sex, and relationships. For example, on the number-one cable show on the Bravo Network, The Real Housewives of Atlanta The break-out star of the show, NeNe, has introduced the world to her gay best friend, Dwight Eubanks. Every woman deserves to have a gay best friend in her life. No should be without one.

Straight, From Your Gay Best Friend gives women direct, and poignant, though often tongue in cheek, advice from Terrance Dean, their new gay best friend, on some of life's most challenging issues--family, friends, career, love, sex, and intimate relationships with men. Dean offers direct and to-the-point insights, mixed with a little sass, wit, humor, forwardness, and spirituality, as only a gay man can do. He speaks candidly to women on healing their souls of past hurts in order to tap into their fabulousness.

Also included are meaningful and powerful inspirational stories from women who were seeking to live fabulous and fierce lives filled with abundant love and joy, as well as have intimate relationships with men. These women learned to reclaim, rediscover, and heal themselves.

Dean also dedicates a chapter to the most controversial topic in the black community--down low gay men. I am often asked by women, "How can I tell if my man is on the down low?" Or, "What are some signs I need to look out for so I do not end up in a relationship with a down low man?" This chapter will help women identify if the man they are in a relationship with or considering dating may be on the down low.

Dean gives gives straight answers on when to leave a relationship, how to make it last, how to open up, how to get into the dating game, when to stop being a doormat, and how often times the woman may just not be into the man. When many women experience a tumultuous break-up or suffer through a challenging relationship, they turn to their gay best friends. Sure, they seek advice from their girlfriends, but it's always the gay best friend who's unique perspective helps them through the rough spots, encouraging her, inspiring her, and giving her the straight truth about relationships, and herself.

His book will help women discover the power they need for a life of abundant success, prosperity, and happiness with loving relationships. It dispense practical advice and tips on creating healthy and loving relationships with themselves and any man they desire. And, it’s all done from a place of love, from their gay best friend.


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