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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Excerpt from Snapped By Tina McKinney

My hand reached out to touch him as I closed my eyes. A shiver passed through my body as my hand touched his warm skin.
“Umm, you ready for round two?” I suggestively said. A sudden arctic blast froze my hand to his chest; the chill caused my lids to snap open.
Merlin’s seductive eyes turned stony as he stepped away from me. “Round two?” His voiced seemed to rumble deep within his chest. His nostrils flared, which caused me to take a step back as well.
My fingers sought the edges of my towel that I’d almost flung to the floor only moments before. “What’s the matter?”
Merlin’s whole demeanor was different and it threw me off as well. “You said round two. What did you mean?”
I assumed he was joking and wanted me to reiterate how much I enjoyed our last lovemaking session. I coyly smiled at him and took a step closer. “Oh, you don’t remember ripping off my clothes and fucking my brains out on the living room floor?”
There was a warning in his tone that I failed to pay attention to as I continued to taunt him.
“You don’t remember sucking my lips and teasing my clit with your tongue?” I closed my eyes and started twirling my hips to a song that played only in my head. I allowed my towel to fall to the floor as I danced for him.
Once again I ignored the warning in his voice. I was caught up in the moment and I was anxious to feel his hands on my body again. “You said my pussy was the sweetest nectar that you’d ever tasted … umm.” My fingers trailed down my body and I finger-fucked myself. “Wanna taste …?” My eyes were still closed.
The sound of his fist connecting with my jaw reverberated throughout the room. My arms flailed about helplessly as I sailed

through the air. I was so surprised by the blow that I didn’t feel the pain, not until my body collided with our bedroom wall. Stunned, I struggled to get to my feet. My jaw throbbed. I felt a mixture of emotions all at the same time: shock, fear, anger.
“Have you lost your rabbit-ass mind? What the fuck is wrong with you?” I demanded, holding my jaw. Perhaps I should have chosen some gentler words to gauge where all this anger came from, but I was beyond pissed. One thing that I would not tolerate in a relationship was a man putting his hands on me.
“No, what the fuck is wrong with you?” He grabbed a shirt from the dresser and yanked it over his head.
“Hey, bro, what’s up?”
My head jerked toward the door at a man who looked like the spitting image of my husband. Merlin paused as his fingers dug into my skin.
“Gavin?” Merlin asked stunned to be looking at his brother.
I felt the floor rush up to greet me as Merlin dropped me like a useless dumbbell he had tired of.
"Yeah, man, what's up with you?" The stranger took a step into the room with a shit-eating grin on his face.
“How did you get in here?”
I sat up, wincing in pain.
“You’re still leaving the key under the mat just like you did when we were kids.”
“Merlin, who is this man?” I was reaching for my towel to cover my nakedness. I knew it was a stupid question even before it had left my lips but rational thinking wasn’t something I was capable of at the moment. Both men stared at me like I’d just stepped off the short, yellow bus
Merlin’s shoulders slumped. “Man, please tell me you didn’t just fuck my wife.” The fire had gone out of Merlin’s body as my eyes bucked at the implication of his words.

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