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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 7 Holiday Special Alyesha Proctor

Goodness AND Mercy!Psalms 23:6a “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life!”
I once heard a pastor say that God’s goodness will give you the blessings that you don’t deserve and His mercy will keep off of you the punishment that you do deserve!
God’s goodness is described as His bounty (prosperity, provisions and richness) to whomever He chooses to show His goodness to. In many scripture passages, we see God’s goodness AND His mercy showing up at the same time.
In 2 Samuel 11, King David has taken another man’s wife (Bathsheba) and she conceives a child by him while her husband is away on the battle field. David then brings her husband home and tries to get him to go home and spend some time with his wife. When Uriah, her husband, does-n’t do as David hopes he will, he then has him placed on the front line of the hottest battle to make certain that Bathsheba becomes a widow and then he can have her as his own wife.
When the prophet Nathan spoke to David about his sins in 2 Samuel 12, he spoke in a parable about a rich man with many flocks taking a poor man’s one little lamb for his own. King David becomes angry and says whoever has done this will surely die! And Nathan said, “King David, you are that man!”

Aleysha Proctor is an award winning Entrepreneur, award winning Author, and certified Image Consultant (having studied with Color Me Beautiful, Inc., Beauty for All Seasons and Brenda York Image Manage-ment). She also has a BS degree in Management & Leadership, an MBA in Marketing from Hamilton Uni-versity, and is a certified Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF).
She has won numerous awards as an Independent Consultant with Warm Spirit, Inc. Such as Director of the Year, Landmark of Achievement, Executive Council Member of the Year and many others.
In 2007, Aleysha won the Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Washington, DC Chapter of the Na-tional Black MBA Association, Inc. And in 2008, she won Aspicomm Media’s Best Spiritual/Inspirational Book award for her first title, “With Style & Amazing Grace”.
Aleysha has authored three inspirational books:
 With Style & Amazing Grace, 2007
 He’s the Keeper of My Soul, 2008
 Jazz, Java & Jesus, 2010

Question 1: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write your book?

“Jazz, Java & Jesus” is my 3rd book, and it’s a result of me writing for an online Bible study group for 18 months. I knew that I needed to put all of the devotions together in one product and get it out to the masses for encouragement and hope.

Question 2: What sets your book apart from other books in its genre?

As one of my readers said, I have a healthy appreciation for what’s possible. In addition to my work being inspirational, I truly believe that with God ALL things are possible, and I use examples from Biblical men and women (and modern day people) to show that no matter what it looks like, God is able!

Question 3: Are you a full time writer?

Yes and No. I work a full time job outside of my home, but the other half of my day is spent tweeting, blogging and writing. I like to write words of encouragement throughout the day for all of my social media friends to see and share with others.

Question 4: As an author, what are the keys to your success that lead to your book getting out to the public?

I would have to say that social media has played a great part in, especially my latest book, “Jazz, Java & Jesus” getting out to the masses. People from around the world, who had never heard of me or my work before, are now able to connect with me and see what I’m doing.

Questions 5 & 6: As an author, what is your writing process?

How long did it take for you to start and finish your book?
When I’m ready to write a book, I normally start by writing out the table of contents. When I know what’s going into the book, I then start tossing around titles, if one hasn’t already come to me. Once I have my skeleton (table of contents), I then start to put the “meat on the bones” and write the chapters.

“Jazz, Java & Jesus” took 18 months because again I had been writing the devotions for an online Bible Study group over that period of time. However, my other two books, took about six months to complete.

Question 7: What's next for you?

I will continue writing books and blog posts. I’m at several book fairs this fall and will probably be at them again next spring and fall. In addition, next spring, I’ll probably resume my book signing brunches around the east coast, then hopefully around the country and then hopefully, around the world.

Purchase books at www.AleyshaProctor.com, www.Amazon.com, www.Borders.com.


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