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Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 10 Holiday Special with Felisha Bradshaw

Felisha Bradshaw Author of Eyes on the Pryze, her first debut, novel is currently a resident of Bridgeport, Ct. She is a graduate of Housatonic Community College with an Assoc. Degree in Science. She is currently working towards a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. Bradshaw is active in various youth outreach programs in her native Bridgeport, CT, and an advocate for the youth. She is currently working on two novels to be release in 2010.

Eyes on the Pryze by Felisha Bradshaw is a hardcore, riveting novel about twins separated from drug addicted parents and growing up in the drug game. This book gives you an inside look at the drug game, ride-or-die chicks, hostile environments and brotherly love.

Chase and Caine Pryze are twin brothers who are taken from their parents due to drug addiction. Chase is reunited with his family but Caine is left on his own. Chase is growing up in Bridgeport, Connecticut and Caine is running wild in the streets of New York City. Each brother thinks the other is living a good life, until they come face-to-face and find out they are rivals in the drug game.

When Chase loses his girlfriend, Phoenix, to his estranged brother, Caine, he thinks his world has come to an end. But little does he know that it is just the beginning of his problems when his right-hand man runs off with the drop off money, and his drug connection is missing; Chases well runs dry.

Can Chase come out of this battle alive? Will he reconcile with his long lost brother? Which brother will Phoenix choose? This is a fast-paced drama that will have you craving for more, I recommend this book to readers of all genres who enjoy a good story.

Visit Felisha at http://authorfelishabradshaw.web.officelive.com

Interview with Felisha Bradshaw

#1. What is your stance on Urban Fiction being too raunchy, a promoter for violence, drugs and the fast lifestyle and too gritty for teens?

As a writer of urban fiction I believe that any book should be viewed as a book that could send a mixed message and parents should be aware of what their teens are reading. But my intention is not to promote any of thee above but to bring awareness to our teens and moms. For mothers: if your teen is reading Eyes on the Pryze ask her who she relates to, ask why. Then read the book yourself and get a free pass to how your child thinks. Teens: Understand that this is a book not real life. It may relate to real life but consequences are always the ends or what you do whether good or bad. Be prepared to reap what you sow in life. If you sow a bad seed you will get bad things from it. Pay attention to the feelings of the characters how they evolve. Nothing is too raunchy if you learn a valuable lesson and you get a chance to step into the world of your teens and how they see it.

#2. What’s the meaning behind the title of your debut book; Eyes on the Pryze?

All eyes were on my main character Chase. His last name was Pryze. So I added a play on words and came up with Eyes on the Pryze.

#3. Do you plan to write in any other genre besides Urban Fiction?

I have a girlfriend book, some would call chic lit soon to be released called Sistah Circle and I am currently working on a Christian Fiction book. So be on the look out.

#4. Do you have a method on how you develop your characters?

I was told by a friend that in order to strengthen your character you need to build a short synopsis of the storyline. As I build the story line I plug characters in and gradually they gain personality. I then build a short synopsis of each character, giving them life and a personal purpose.

#5. What projects do you have underway?

I am promoting Urban Fiction through my local library through various projects. The first will bring in the new year; a 3 author panel discussion entitled “Lets talk Urban”.

#6. Is there a message in Eyes on the Pryze that you want the readers to grasp?

Of course, the message I am conveying is everything happens for a reason in its own season. If you rush life experiences and if you rush your time to shine, you may just rush past the lessons you were suppose to learn in life. I also sent a message through the pages of Eyes on the Pryze telling my readers that speak up and speak clearly. Never be afraid to question what you don’t know. Don’t assume the worse because it may not be what it looks like. Lastly, friendship should always be there when the smoke clears. True friendship deserves a second chance. But remember give people the titles they have earned, don’t take the title so lightly.

#7. Any advice to future writers and readers?

Writers, do just that; write. Write everyday even if it’s just a paragraph or notes for your book. Always keep the juices flowing. As for my readers, never judge a book by its cover, expand your reading you will be surprised what you may like. To both; thanks for shattering the myth that minorities don’t read because we do. We are a educated culture and a creative people.


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