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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Conversations w/ Candance Preau

1. What motivates you?

My purpose and calling of God to inspire and encourage people and offer a positive outlook on life motivates me. I know what it’s like to have and have not, and in either case, if you are not aware of your God-given purpose in life, you have nothing. It is my passion and my personal mission to use my creative gifts to share with the world what God has given me.

2. Who are your heroes?

My parents are my heroes because I have learned so much not only from what they say but by their actions. These people have survived 29 years of happy marriage. Note the word, happy. I can proudly say that I am blessed enough to have seen what real love looks like and what peace and joy look like irregardless of circumstance. They show each other unconditional love and support everyday and I can only pray that I am blessed enough to have the same with the man I marry. They are filled with such wisdom and God’s presence is evident in their lives.

3. What are your qualifications?

I thank God that I have been able to receive a quality education through grace and hard work. I received my B.A. in Advertising from Southern Methodist University, and am currently pursuing a M.A. in Creative Writing and Education. I value education as a good education has been instilled in me from a young age. Being a first generation American, I want to see to it that my children make even more of a mark in history as our family grows and prospers in this country. I have taken acting classes, voice classes and have edited and written articles both freelance and for my school journals and newspapers.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5…10 years?

I see myself as getting closer to being financially independent. I will have my graduate degree(s) by then, have a few books published and hopefully be giving back to the community by teaching reading and writing and mentoring young people. My passion is literacy and I hope to establish programs in the arts and literature for all youth, especially minority and inner-city youth to be at or above the level of their more financially privileged counterparts.

5. Why is education so important to you?

Education and literacy are important to me because the mind is the most powerful force we possess. Without critical thinking, analytical and reading skills, a people become hopeless, dependent on others to solve problems and unable to think for themselves. The weakest person is not weakest in physical strength, but weakest in mental strength and capacity. The uneducated suffer immensely in all walks of life. The illiterate suffer immensely as well. It’s a sad thing when you live in a land of the free, of plenty, and have no ability to think for yourself.

6. What is your strongest quality?

Faith….I have ridiculous faith. I have unbelievable faith. (smile) I have the faith where I believe I can do the unimaginable and that God will make a way for me. I was able to attend a college that other people in my community could only dream of attending. I was able to see people speak and meet people, great people, that others have not have the privilege to meet. I have won talent contests based not only on talent, but with the faith to believe that I am gifted, and I can do this. Faith is my best quality and I thank God for giving me that adventurous faith.

7. Would you change anything at this moment if you could?

Many people say, no, they wouldn’t change a thing in their lives. Honestly, I say yes, I would change many mistakes I’ve made. Yes, I’ve learned from them, but they have also cost me many things that I wish I could have restored to their fullest potentially. Life lessons do make you stronger, but I wish above all that I had always been true to myself. If I had always been true to myself, I would have been so much further in my career. Instead of being and doing what others thought I should, I would have stayed true to my gifts, talents, and what I would be happy pursuing.

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