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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Conversations w/ Eileena Warehouser

QUESTION # 1: What kind of book is this?

ANSWER: “The Truth Is Reality” is a self-help-inspirational book; how to apply practical solutions to everyday problems.

QUESTION #2: Why did you write this book?

ANSWER: I wrote this book because I am a numbers and logic kind of person. I love that show called “NUMBERS” on CBS, where they use mathematical equations and logic to solve crimes. My educational background is in accounting, economics and business. In this book I apply the basic principal taught in most leadership and management schools which is “Properly identify the problem” – I apply this method to common problems and come to a logical, attainable solution.

Often we attempt to resolve symptoms of the real, true problem. Often we attempt to or resolve related or resulting problems without ever solving the real, true problem. The first step in problem solving is: properly identifying the problem.

With all due respect, and I mean no offence to anyone, but I get tired of hearing the phrases “Lets raise awareness” and “Lets start a dialog about …” whatever issue currently being discussed. There is a solution. And through systematic methodology one can come to a logical best solution.

QUESTION # 3: Why didn’t you provide information about yourself – the author?

ANSWER: On the back cover of the book, in the space where you usually see “About the Author” I had my publisher print “The message is much more important than the messenger.”

I don’t currently have a degree or any credentials in sociology, or psychology. As I mentioned, my background is in accounting. I was recently accepted into a Ph.D. program. But there are many people who excel in a field in which they are not formally trained. You see many singers become successful recording artist without having formal voice training. I’ve read statistics stating that 30 to 40% of people with degrees don’t work within their field of expertise.

Often people look for an author with a Ph.D. in the subject area when shopping for self help-inspirational books. I’m hoping that through word of mouth and once you read the list of chapters this will spark reader interest.

QUESTION # 4: Tell me the list of chapters and give me a brief description.


PART I: is called “Racing to be Human.”

The first four chapters about the basic humanity {The Human Race} issues, such as: black & white racism, and black on blacker racism.

CHAPTER 1: So Many Followers, So Few Leaders

This is really the introductory chapter which basically properly identifies the one singular problem that leads to all the other related and resulting problems. But you must first identify the problem before you can solve the problem.

The first basic problem is EGO. People comparing and competing with other people to determine their self worth. Its really not how well you stack up against your siblings, your co-workers, or your friends that gives you your self worth. In the book I tell you what is the true measure of ones self worth. That way you can do away with feelings of jealously, inadequacy, the backstabbing and degrading of others in order to boost your own ego. Because, as most of us know, negative energy attracts more negative energy and circumstances.

The second basic problem is “Followers.” It is common knowledge that most people are followers, the followers follow the crowd, follow popular trends, follow popular ideology and philosophies. Most people are afraid to stand alone or think or step “outside the box” because they are afraid of criticism or ridicule – which relates back to the EGO issue. In this book I break down the reason most people are followers. This “Follower Mentality” stagnates the education and intelligence of mankind because people are generally afraid to take their endeavors more one step further then their peers.

The third basic problem is “The Truth.” The popular phrase now is: “Keeping it Real.”

Here is a story from the book:

THE TRUTH and A LIE were walking down the road to a small village. Along the way, they came to a lake of water. A LIE suggested they jump in and take a swim. After some talking and convincing, THE TRUTH finally agreed to take a swim. So THE TRUTH took off its clothes and jumped into the lake of water.

While THE TRUTH was under the water, A LIE put on THE TRUTH’s clothes and ran to the village spreading lies all around. The people in the village believed A LIE because he was clothed in the ROBE OF TRUTH.

When THE TRUTH finally got out the lake and ran to the village spreading THE TRUTH, no one would believe him because …

… They couldn’t handle the naked truth!

Some people want to sugar coat the truth, spin the truth, manipulate the truth, suppress the truth, or live in denial of the truth. The truth manipulated in any form or fashion is no longer the truth.

“A persons sanity is directly proportionate to their ability to accept and comprehend the truth.”

There’s a saying “What goes on in the dark, will come out into the light.” The truth and reality will confront you sooner or later, weather in public or in private. The manner in which you deal with that confrontation is the measure of your sanity.

There are people who live beyond their means to impress others or maybe they are living in denial. How do they cope with nagging creditors, repossessions and foreclosures?

This too relates back to the basic problem # 1 EGO. Your self esteem/self-worth should not be based on how you compare and compete with others, it should not be based on your material possessions, it should not be based on “The Follower’s” definition of beauty. In this book I tell you the true and real basis of one self esteem.

CHAPTER 2: Basic Black and White: Don’t just Tolerate Me, Understand Me

“People fear what they don’t understand and people hate what they fear.” To me the word Tolerance implies a certain degree of impatience. Like deep down inside I honestly dislike you, but I will use my restraint, discipline and maturity to cover up my true feelings so we can painstakingly get through this co-existence.

If people fear what they don’t understand and they hate what they fear then don’t just tolerate me; understand me.

Racism comes from EGO. Some people have the need to degrade others to make themselves feel better.

It may not be time permitting or the situation may not be conducive to familiarize yourself with someone else’s heritage or culture. But it is obvious there are differences. The ego wants to compare and compete. The ego wants to rank everything as either good or bad, or better or worse, hoping they are the better in the comparison and thus giving them an ego boost.

There are good and bad in every race. There are the highly intelligent in every race and there are really stupid in every race. You should deal with each person on an individual basis, approaching your first encounter with an open mind. In this book we review what happened back in the 16th century when European explorers first ventured to the continent of Africa and the differences between the two cultures at that time, to get to the root of the problem.

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  1. I absolutely loved the book! I love her interview and analogy she displayed on the difference of LIE and TRUTH, and the ROBE OF TRUTH. Reminds of Satan, Father of Lies, and we are quicker to believe in a lie than the truth--look at some reality shows (who are really starting actors); gossip shows on entertainers (you know who they are); and so forth. Seek dirt and lies for sales and profit as well.

    I am also glad to read she is pursuing her PH.D. I applied and realized I prefer to try law school first or program with both (PHD and JD), but I hear that JD is a doctrine (Juris Doctrine).


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