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Friday, August 14, 2009

Conversations w/ Darine D. Davis

1. What inspired you to write this book?
Much of the inspiration came from personal experiences from past relationships from myself or from friends I know.
2. Are any of the stories in this book true events?
A large portion of the stories in Bayou Drama are based on true events, however I will not say which ones J
3. How do the stories relate to your life?
Most of the stories in this book relate to me in the past two major relationships (marriages) I was in and the trials I went through
4. Do you have any other books for the future?
I am near completion of my second book WHEN A GOOD MAN GOES BAD. This book I am extremely proud of because once I started on this my imagination went wild and everything seemed to fall into place.
5. What are your plans for your literary future ?
If the LORD says the same, I plan to make this a full time venture. I feel a career in what you love is better than a career you are in need of doing.
6. Do you reflect any of your characters and if so which one(s)?
I think Roger in Take Care Of House and Home would best describe. Also Michael in The Man I Used To Be as far as his love for his wife (don’t ya’ll start anything my wife would lose her mind and go postal on me in here…LOL!)
7. What would you do if you are as successful as Eric Jerome, Carl Webber, Zane, or E. Lynn?
Give praise that I finally made it doing something I love; pay some bills off and try to invest in some sound stock. Finally quite my job and do this on a full time basis.
8. Was it difficult getting this book started and published?
Not really I knew this was something I wanted to do so I made up my mind to get it done and I did it. I researched and did a lot of homework, phone calls, and Myspace comments to various authors and websites and took the advice I received to heart.

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  1. I am truly happy for all of your accomplishments and wish you continued success as you pursue your literary passions. Keep up the good work. Enjoyed "Bayou Drama" and looking forward to "When a Good Man Goes Bad". A "focused" wild imagination is a good thing for a writer because the possibilities are unlimited. Stay Strong and Blessed


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