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Monday, August 31, 2009

Meet Author Chemistry

"Can one be forgiven for betraying their friend?"

So easily one can get caught up in jealousy and envy and find themselves spiraling down a path of lies, deception, and into the bed of someone that belongs to another. "But what is your gain for betraying a friend,a loved one?" At the time it may all be in fun and games to you, but what are the repercussions, for the very act. They say karma comes back seven folds, but what if it comes in a unspeakable way?" How do you handle being betrayed?' I introduce to you my new novel Sexual Repercussions".

Porsche Lattimore seems like a woman that has everything that any woman could ever want, beauty, intelligence, power and success. But under all that beauty lies a woman that is broken, bitter and out for revenge. When her best friend Simone sleeps with her boyfriend, and Porsche father leaves her mother for her best friend, her whole world falls apart. They all gain pleasuer, but the price would be a hefty one. Be careful what you do to another, cause it may just come back on you....


“What do you do when the one’s you love and trust betray you?”
“How do you deal with pain?”
This is the life Porsche Lattimore lived and had to deal with.
The high school fairy tale love and unbreakable best friendship was now over.
Antoine laid there in the essence of his betrayal sex with my best friend, Simone.
I watched through the window that stormy night.
He held her like he would hold Porsche.
“Didn’t they know that there are always repercussions for betraying another?”
Porsche life had gone from sugar to shit in the blink of an eye.
What her eyes saw would forever put a lump of revenge in her stomach that would last seven years.
Not knowing how to forgive or move on from this, she lived a life of revenge, and all would feel her wrath.
Over the years, Porsche went from bed to bed trying to find what she had lost in high school, which was love.
Even the death of her mother she never got over, but she had her own speculations about what happened to her too.
She vowed when the time was right everyone involved would pay dearly, Antoine, Simone and even her bastard of a father.

Trust, love and respect had left this home a long time ago, Porsche thought to herself.
Being burned will teach you a lot, to never put all your trust and heart into another individual
But as you live life, you will see the true colors of another.
Porsche met Simone when they were in Grade school. Simone was the new kid on the block.
It was 9:45 a.m with the class bell rang, it was time for art
The classroom door open and in walks a young girl with long curly ponytails, falling onto her shoulders.
Most kids that come to a new school are always timid and scared.
Simone walked in with a big smile on her face and confidence, a lot like me, Porsche thought.
Mrs. Benison, our teacher, walked Simone over to the only empty desk in class, right next to me Porsche Lattimore.
This was the beginning of an unbreakable friendship, and the day they became sisters.

Get to know a little bit about Chemistry

."Tell us a little bit about yourself?"
1. Well I was born and raised in Alabama. I am a divorced mother of two girls ages, 12 & 13 years old. i am also the fifth child of six siblings, consisting of 3 boys and 3 girls.

2. "How Long have you been writing?"
2.I have been writing for the past 4 and a half years. I have always wanted to write, but just couldn't get up the courage to do it at the time, but the imagination was always there..

3."Tell us a little bit about your latest novel?"
3. MY latest novel is called "Sexual Repercussions" and it is about two best friends that learn the true meaning of trust, love, revenge and the consequences of one's actions. Its based the struggles two women go through in life to achieve their goals and the heartache and hard lessons that come along with it.

4.'What is your inspiration to write?"
4I have many inspirations when it comes to writing. It actually does not take much to influence my pen to write to paper. I can get an inspiration from a thought, a action or even a notion. Whenever it hits me i jot it down. i never leave home without pen and pad.

5."What was your first book?"
5. My first book was "Almost Doesn't Count". It was a short story about a woman in abusive situation who finds solitude in the arms of her abusers best friend, that helps her find a way out of this situation through a self-defense murder plot. I came up with this title because in this particular relationship she was almost loved, almost got married, but almost just doesn't count.

6."Other then writing what is one of the things you love to do?"
6. I love to sing and read other authors books.

7.'What other projects are you working on currently?"
7. Currently I have a e-mag online called Go Getta's Magazine, by women for women. I am the president of Southern Allure Book Club andf course working on a new novel

8."How can our readers contact you?"
8. You can go to my website at www.chemistryslife.webs.com and send me an email:chemistryslife@gmail.com

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