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Sunday, October 11, 2009

AAMBC Author: Terry Deron

Terry DeRon possesses a unique set of skills and experience that allow him to deliver a dynamic first-person writing style his fans have come to love. Terry received his bachelor’s degree in Television/film production from Southern University in 2002. Prior to attending college he served three years in the United States Army. In both of these situations Terry’s written and verbal communication skills guided his path. In the military he used his crafty word play to impress various members of his chain-of-command and demonstrate his complex thinking. His ability to make his words come to life and vividly explain whatever he was thinking would be the stepping stone that lead to the outstanding author we have today. Most of his military comrades were shocked to find out he was barely seventeen when he joined them.

After a successful transition from Fort Hood, Texas to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in June Terry used the Army College Fund to finance his education. He naturally selected Mass Communication as the area where he wanted to dedicate his studies and boy did it pay dividends. The use of words and the manipulation of information he learned while training to become a news reporter is evident in his first novel Game Recognize Game.

The unexpected twists in the story and the unique perspectives given on every situation lure readers further and further into an exciting world of erotic drama with each turn of the page.

Terry has stated several times that he wrote the first five chapters of the book out of boredom while training to work as a claim representative for State Farm Insurance. It was the overwhelming response he received from people that he let read those first chapters that motivated him to see the book through to its completion.

While he worked to complete Game Recognize Game, Terry put in motion a makeshift marketing plan that helped create a resounding industry buzz before the novel was even available to be purchased. He gave the preview to his book to anyone that would take the time to read it from the very day that it was written. This innovative strategy paired with a titillating plot is sure to ignite a path to the minds and hearts of thousands of readers who will come to adore the work of Terry DeRon for years to come.

Interview with Terry Deron
What inspired you to write Game Recognize Game?

Initially I wrote the first five chapters of the book out of boredom while training for a job in Baton Rouge, LA. I was training to become a claims representative for State Farm Insurance and the training was so simple that I had to find another way to stimulate my brain and make time go by. But it was seeing and hearing people’s reactions to those first few chapters that motivated me to see the book through to completion.

What separates you from other authors that write in this particular genre of literature?

That’s a complicated question but I’ll do my best to answer it. I believe that my life experiences combined with a few specialized skills I have allow me to write in an extremely vivid first-person dialogue. I received my bachelors degree in television/film production and I teach middle school English, so I have a distinct advantage over most authors because I understand the elements that make up visual media and I’m able to describe to the reader what they would see on a movie screen. Combine that with the fact that I can type around 80 w.p.m. That allows me to type everything that I hear when I’m imagining my stories taking place.

What advice would you give to anyone trying to write a novel?

This is my first novel but I’m self-publishing it so I would recommend anyone contemplating writing a book to try to think from a publishers standpoint through the entire process. I’m talking about everything from title conception to cover design. A publisher’s bottom line is selling books, so as an author you should try to make it as easy as possible for your publisher (or yourself) to sell your product. You have to kill your ego and understand that you have to think about what your reader’s will think, say, and how they will react to your material.

Who are some of the writers that inspired you to seek that career path?

Well, I have always been an avid reader. So I have always been intrigued by the amount of attention that you dedicate to a good book. With that in mind, Michael Baisden’s Never Satisfied: How and why men cheat was the book that planted the thought that you can talk about all of the real situations men and women go through and people will want to read it. I’d have to say that my biggest influences were Michael Baisden, Eric J. Dickey, and Jerry Bruckheimer.

Game Recognize Game is an intricate portrayal of the motives and situations that drive four young adults into an intense game of lust and lies. Terry gives a vivid account of what life is like at a Historically Black University, how that relates to corporate America and how easy it is to get caught up in both worlds.

Tracy Spencer, a senior in college and an intern at the hottest radio station in town quickly gets in over her head when she gets involved with her smooth talking boss Troy. Her life gets flipped upside down when one of Troy’s other women realizes she has been replaced by the young attractive intern.

Troy Vincent is the promotions director at Constant Communications who specializes in mixing business with pleasure. His office escapades catch up with him when Simone, the sexy stallion from the accounting department discovers she isn’t the only woman receiving his services.

Simone has let go of her past and seems to be moving toward the lifestyle she sees in her dreams when she falls for the suave new executive in the promotions department. She is virtually planning the wedding in her head when she painfully discovers that she doesn’t fit anywhere into Troy’s long-term plans. Simone’s anger and rage is quickly transformed into a diabolical plot to get revenge on the people that scorned her.

Mark Parvais is the star cornerback for the SU Cats and one of the top NFL prospects in the country. He struggles with the responsibility of fatherhood while trying to maximize the benefits of being an athlete at an HBCU. Everything in Mark’s life seems to be falling into place when a bad decision devastates the people closest to him. Will he be able to put the pieces back together in time to fulfill his ultimate dream of playing professional football?

As their lives become intertwined and situations escalate out of control they are left with only two options, play or get played. Brace yourself for this one!

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