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Monday, October 19, 2009

Conversations w/ Toni Womack

Tell the readers about ...RUNNING WITH SCISSORS.
That's What You Get For Running With Scissors, Volume 1 is a compilation of seventeen short stories of every type of bad relationship drama that a woman can find herself in, if she is not careful. The women in the stories fall for men who eventually hurt them in the end.

Although the women see the signs to be wary of, they desperately want to be in love, no matter what the consequence. Many of the situations have humorous moments but will make you think before you leap. The stories are identifiable even if the reader has not personally experienced these situations, they probably know someone who has. One other thing that makes my book unique is that there is NO male bashing whatsoever.

That's What You Get For Running With Scissors begins with "Stupid Is What Stupid Does, " about a young woman in a relationship with a guy, who in turn, is caught seeing someone else. When the young lady doesn't hear from the man for several months after the incident, she is beside herself with grief thinking the worst. He finally contacts her to explain and "stupid" accepts his excuse only to find out that her "man" is now married to the woman with whom she caught him with in the first place. In "Friends With Benefits" a woman falls for a guy who is the total opposite of the men she usually dates, but finds out too late that he is extremely jealous and will do anything to keep her, including filing criminal charges against her. The other stories include relationships with co-workers, preachers, ex-cons, infidelity and a host of other scenerios.

Where did you come up with the idea for this novel?
Running With Scissors came from my grandmother who was a seamstress. As a child I wanted to help so she would ask me to go get the scissors. As with any child, I would run with them. She would always tell me to stop because I could fall down and get hurt. When I got older, I realized that when a person KNOWINGLY gets into a bad relationship, its like RUNNING WITH SCISSORS, you can fall down and get hurt. My collection is fiction based in reality. Honestly, some of this stuff I didn't make up. I just changed the names to confuse the guilty.

What are your goals as a writer?
My goals are to continue writing my books on my own publishing company (which I have done, BLACKLIGHT PUBLISHING), publish other authors (which I am doing now) and tell different stories not to be pigeoned-holed in one genre. I want to keep my readers guessing on what I am going to put out next.

Has the book business been everything you had imagined it would be?
Not at all. With everything, there are ups and downs. I got into this book business very naive and I wished I had a mentor to let me know what to expect. I had to learn quickly that you have to be more than an artist, you have to know the business and be willing to share it with others. I have met some nationally published authors who felt threatened when I inquired about their journey and almost discourage me. I feel like that there are enough readers out there for all of us to share and everyone doesn't read just one book. I realized quickly you have to work hard, make contacts and work those contacts. But all in all, I love it!

If you go change one or more things relating to your book, what would it be?
I was told to make it longer and to hurry with Volume II

Do you have any ideas or planned releases for the future?
I have several outlines for books, one non-fiction, two more novels that I am currently working on, a completed screenplay that I have shopped around, in negotiations to write for a sitcom, a completed stage play & workshop series on self publishing.

Do you have any favorite authors or books?
I have few. Self-published authors are Trice Hickman & Frankie Nicole. I met them and had the opportunity to read their books. I am excited about Trice's new book which should be out this month. Nationally published would be Pearl Cleage, J California Cooper & Walter Mosley. These people are iconic and would love my place in time like all of them. I really loved E. Lynn Harris. I am going to miss him.

Visit her at www.toniwo.com

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