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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Conversations w/ AAMBC Author Rachel Berry

. Tell us briefly about the topic of your book

Family Pictures is a family saga about two women from different life, age, educational, and financial backgrounds, but bonded by blood. These women are confronted by a few past family secrets that changes both their present life but also their future. Together they learn about sacrifice, themselves, unconditional love and how life mistakes can be transformed into life lessons and growth. Family Pictures is also a literary visual of their challenges and celebrations with those people they call family.

2. Why do you want to be the book of the month?

I think this is a story that many people can relate to in many ways. We all have family, and we all experience our own celebrations and challenges both individually and with family. I want this journey to be an insight to some deep experiences that unfortunately some of us go through, but also to see how we all can grow in a positive way from things that affect us negatively. It is also my goal to show that the decisions we make in life often affect not only us but loved ones as well.

3. What do you hope to gain from the AAMBC members?
I hope to gain new friendships, perhaps mentors and mentees, and a kinship with other wordsmiths and wordfairys who have been gifted to entertain others with the stroke of their creative pens and minds.
4. How did you hear about AAMBC, and what do you like about the organization?
I heard about AAMBC while doing some research on the web in order to network with other author’s, literary organizations etc. I am also a BTR host and have listened in to a few shows hosted by AAMBC. What I love about my connection to this organization is that it’s reaching all over to many states and creative souls that might not ever physically come together but still hold an alliance by our literary connection. I also like the many platforms that this organization uses to promote authors and book clubs; its commitment to the promotion of reading, and all genres. I think AAMBC is embracing technology and all the available venues that are now open to authors and poets to not only learn their craft but in their promotion and exposure to their public. For all of this I am grateful. I continue to be thirsty for all I have yet to learn.
Promotional Info
1. Are you apart of a virtual tour, if not would you like to be?
I am not a part of a virtual tour, but would love to be able to work one into my budget.
2. Will you like to arrange a date to meet with one of the AAMBC chapters?
If there is a chapter that is not within a long driving distance of Virginia, yes I would.
3. Will you like to have advertisement and promotions done after your book of the months promotions?
Oh yes. Of course I’d like to know what’s available so I can fit it into my budget as soon as possible.
4. Would you like to attend the AAMBC National Meeting?
5. Tell us any general information that you feel will be beneficial to you to gaining a promotional month?

Web Links
Author’s site 1: http://www.RachelBerry.webs.com
Site 2: http://www.Lulu.com/RachelBerry
Book Trailer: http://www.YouTube.com/wordfairy4u

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