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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Conversations w/ Nicole Dawson

Seven Questions

Why I started writing?

I started writing as a form of therapy and discovered hey I really can write. So I began to become intrigued by creating characters and bringing them to life through story telling.

Why I chose to write this book?

I wrote “Trapped” because I felt the need to exploit the misconception of troubled youth and the theory that these children are just born bad. Society unaware of the contaminates that our youth are affected by on a day to day struggle of just trying to survive in the hood. I feel often times they just need direction and someone who cares, and when they don’t get that or they feel threatened they are headed for destruction like my character “Black”

What’s different about Trapped?

The reason “Trapped” is different is because it exploits the lives of inner city youth and the metastasis of crime, prostitution, and drugs that run rampant in our urban communities. My novel portrays positives and negatives of choices made and paths taken. It will uplift and encourage, leaving the reader with the one and only solution to their day to day struggles. “Jesus”

What can listeners expect from you as an author?

They can expect to be captivated from beginning to end clinging to each page longing for more and more disappointed when they come to the end, yet not being left with wondering of what the purpose was for the read.

What authors do you like?

I love Victoria Christopher Murray she is one of my favorites. I will always love Zane, Jerome Dickey, and Terry McMillian. I have to admit I haven’t explored a lot of the newer authors because I have been pretty busy trying to polish my upcoming read.

What are some of the ingredients in your opinion a good novel should have?

I think it needs to be a page turner; it should have a good plot and a purpose. I don’t want to put a book down and be like what was that about. I have read books that had terrible editing, but I could look past it because the narrative was on point.

When you complete a novel what would you like your reader to take from your narrative?

I want them to be able to visualize it as if they were really there, so it has to be very descriptive. I hope that they can relate to the characters in some way and that they can be inspired and moved by the lessons learned and the metamorphosis that takes place through each character from the beginning to the end.

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