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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Conversations w/ Adrienna Turner

1. Is it beneficial for a writer to also be an avid reader? Why?
a. Writers who are also avid readers allows us to study other author’s works, to learn what makes your audience tick or captivate them, study the style of writing, and most importantly, create your own writing style by noting what your dislikes and likes are that other authors do in their books.
2. What advice would you give to new authors and/or aspiring authors?
a. You have to first believe in yourself, since no one else will. Do not give up on your dream. Be willing to seek a good editor, ask for references, and sample works. They also can do a chapter or thirty pages at no cost to see if you want to use their services first. This is a partner relationship, where the editor is to make the author’s manuscript better. Be prepared for financial expenses, it is best to research and do your homework on the craft as an author, review other author’s books in the genres you plan to write, and find out information on the publishing gig. Decide what is best for you! No surprises if you do your homework. If you do not want to do it, there are literary services to assist you. I am starting as a literary consulting firm called Dream 4 More Literary Consulting Firm to help new and aspiring authors to learn more about the publishing business and marketing you!
3. To be famous as other authors…how can we get acknowledged?
a. I believe you have to study the craft, like a good actor usually has to study the art of acting. We have to build a brand—how will you represent you, your product, and/or business. Remain profession. Good advice, you can learn from other authors or people in the profession and see what works for you.
b. More importantly, everything happens in season, which means that when it is time for you’re to blossom and brand a name for yourself, it will happen. We have to learn patience in the meanwhile.
4. Who do you read? What type of genres or name your favorite authors?
a. I love to read mysteries, suspense thrillers, self-help books on an inspirational level, some memoirs, nonfiction books on business, health, wealth, and spiritual growth; poetry, Urban and Christian fiction, some drama and romance, and some science fiction. I also find read YA books.
b. There are too many authors to name, but to name some, they are Vanessa Davis Griggs, Joyce Meyer, T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Vanessa Miller, Starr Sanders, Sheila Lipsey, LA Banks, and Adrienna Dionna Turner. I also read all types of books since I am a book reviewer for AAMBC and at author’s request.
5. What books or authors do you feel your book is similar to? How does it differ?
a. Christian Living by Charles Stanley and Love Dare by Stephen Kendrick
b. Differs since Day Begins with Christ, is a day-to-day process to mature in your Christian walk and on a spiritual journey for fifty days. It is similar to Love Dare, based on the activity section after each day, but it is called “Let your Day Begin Activity” with today questions and review (scriptures) for each day on that subject.
6. What inspired you to write or moved you to begin writing?
a. For Day Begins with Christ, my inspiration to write this nonfiction book came from the Holy Spirit while in a church sermon. For some reason, I did not hear what the pastor was preaching and only heard a thought in my head repeatedly saying, ‘the day begins with Christ’. Later, I wrote this down on my notes and then God came to me around 3am to write down the chapters and subjects I will be covering. Now, after nine months to a year of intensive research and writing including rewriting and editing, the book was published. You can pre-order your copies, until publishing date of March 17, 2009!
7. What has kept you going even with the setbacks and disappointments?
a. The faith of God and clear understanding of writing this book. I kept journal notes, when I want to give up and cry, I read what God has promised me. I also review what the destined purpose for writing this book was. Primarily, He wanted this book for new and seasoned Christians (believers of Jesus Christ) to include Christ in everything we do and say on a daily basis. This book is also for me!
8. What are some major obstacles you had to overcome as an author or writer?
a. During writing Day Begins with Christ, there were many times where I focused on other projects and put this one on hold. There were times where I scratched my head, asking what do I write now, and then the Holy Spirit guided me what to write. There were a few occasions where the computer crashed and saved my documents on a back up drive in time.
b. When the book was published originally in December 11, 2008, I desired for the book to be ready before the holidays, but after allowing a couple people reviewing my book they found minor errors or felt something was missing. I could not point my finger on it, since it took me so long to write (completed December 2006) and book was not edited until a year later (December 2007). I would have to pay for reprinting and resubmission costs, including editing fees. After deep meditation and prayer, I took the risk to reprint the book. After finding another editor to assist with reconstructing the book, I did majority of the work for this process with their suggestions and daily activities (46 out of 50). Thereafter, I found over thirty minor punctuation errors. Neither editor would refund the costs to resubmit work, but I corrected the necessary errors. Now, the book has been delayed from being in print on February 28, 2009 to March 17, 2009. Through it all, I know that it is on God’s timing.
9. What do you hope to accomplish as an author and with your book?
a. I pray Day Begins with Christ gets to those hands that need inspiring, encouraging, and edifying words in their lives. We tend to get too busy for God. We tend to forget to pray and thank God for what He has already done and will do.
b. Only accomplishment I hope to fulfill with Day Begins with Christ, is a book that will help believers in Christ to grow in their spiritual walk. I also pray to write more effective nonfiction books.
10. What defines your target audience?
a. Day Begins with Christ is open to anyone who wants to seek the gospel, truth, and to learn more about their walk with God.
11. What process do you go through as a writer? Research? What time do you write? Do you need a private space to write, or you can write anywhere at anytime?
a. It depends on the writing project. Nonfiction books tend to take longer to write since research is highly required and then writing, rewriting, and revising. Fiction books require more technical writing skills and constructive criticism from an editor(s) to build the characters, the storyline, plot, and so forth. Usually, I am seeing that my nonfiction projects are taking six to twelve months process. My fiction writing projects take about two to six months to write. Most of my writings require some research, either minimal or extensive. I love to write at night, generally after midnight is where my vivid imagination comes to its climax. Yet, I have written at all times of the day. I prefer to write alone, no company around. Since I am multitasked individual, I can write, listen to music, online interactions, on the phone, and/or watching television.
12. Any other future projects?
a. Yes. I have been working on several projects. I will be writing YA suspense thrillers, inspirational drama-suspense called “Miss the Mark Series”, and romance draspensedy (drama-suspense-comedy). I am also working on inspirational nonfiction books, science-fiction/horror, inspirational science-fiction/fantasy called “the Guardian Watch Series”, and poetry.


  1. I loved this. This author said several things that are EXTRAORDINARILY important and that's about learning from other writings...what was done right and what was done wrong. Developing a STYLE... writing is more than plot and drama. She mentions studying the craft just as an actor does but to take that a step further, a writer should approach the craft in the same way. Acting is a great method in writing story's. She also mentioned having a varied library. It's great to have those favorites that you always come home to, but what separates a good writer from a great one are those that are open to a wide range of genres. I find it exciting to go to off the beaten path bookstores and find books that I'd never heard of by authors that I hadn't known existed. Read authors of varied cultures, from many genres, from different generations and study them as you read them.

    Based on this interview, I'd love to check out this writer!

    Miki Starr
    author of Zella Dora

  2. Mikki Starr,

    You are absolutely right. We should read various genres and authors. I think this is why I have a wide span of vocabulary, willingness to grow as an individual and writer, and to adapt to change when it comes. Some of us are trapped into our own culture and world, and base these viewpoints in our writings.

    I love the library. I go daily or at least 4 times a week. I would love you to visit me at my site and read my books.



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