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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Conersations w/ Fabiola Sully

1) When did you first get into writing?

I first got into writing in high school after taking a composition/writing class in my senior year. I enjoyed the reading material and writing my analysis on what I have read. When I went to college, I try to take some English/writing classes along with my major classes. There are times is wish I majored in English like I wanted too. I hope to change that in the future.

2) What writers inspired you?

I was first inspired by Walter Dean Myers. I loved his book series and how he paints young adults. I also am inspired by Mary Monroe, Langston Hughes, Jill Scott, and the poets from Def jam poetry. I love how they have no boundaries in their flow or what they talk about.

3) How did you get in poetry?

The love for poetry came in college. I read poetry in my English classes and attend poetry shows the clubs hold. I even started writing, performing my poems, and having them published in the college newspaper. I never stopped writing after college and always looking for different venues to show my talent. I also had been attending poetry shows to see how I can improve. My favorite one I have won to is def jam poets on Broadway.

4) How do you relate poetry to real life?

With poetry, I can relate to my feelings and issues. I was never a big talk some I showed my feelings in my writings. When I am mad, depress, upset, or had an idea, I write it down. Most of my poems, I have dealt with the situation or I know somebody who has gone with the same. In the world where you will get chewed for having a difference in opinion, put my life experiences on paper is my best bet.

5) What is the name of your book and what do you want to achieve with he book?

My book is called, "Finding the Way Home". It's a book of all my poems I have written from age 17 until now. Currently, you can find my book under authorhouse.com under F. sully. Currently, I added new works and re-publishing with a different company. I decided to publish my book because; I wanted others to hear my voice. I know there are more people out there that go through the issues I have. and wanted to show that they are not alone. I was also tired of being mute and hidden.

6) What are you doing to make yourself noticed as writer/poet?

I have joined different poetry sites and posted much of my works. I am part of different networking and blogging sites, for example, myspace.com where you can view my blog and poetry. I also have done some poetry readings and blog shows in the passed two years. I would like to participate in more after my book is re-published.

7) What would you say to someone who wants to be a writer?

Write what you believe in and don't be afraid to go outside your boundaries. It can scary at first but it pays off in the end. always go what your heart says and what is best for you. Many people were quick to tell me that poetry or writing doesn't pay the bills or rent. Yes it is rough and you will deal with many rejections but it is worth it. Lastly, it always helps to have a job aside from writing. Sending your stuff to magazines and self-publishing your own material (if you chose) cost a lot.

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