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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Conversations w/ Nikki Nicole

1. As a person what is your inspiration to write?
I get inspired by a lot of things. Things going on around me, things bothering me, things I see or that others around me are experiencing. I generally let my ideas flow until I can formulate some type of plan as to what I am actually trying to create whether it be a poem, an article, a story or whatever.

2. When did you discover you loved to write?
I discovered that I love to write in middle school. I would write poems or short stories to entertain myself and others on the long school bus rides to and from school.

3. What was your first written piece and how did it feel to have accomplished such a task?
My first written piece was a poem and life being too short and to read it to people and see that they enjoyed what I had to say was a warm and wonderful feeling.

4. A Author’s career can be a difficult task, so how do you get into the zone to write your next book?
When the mood or the muse hits, I can write non-stop. When I have writer's block or can't focus I try to redirect myself by attempting to relax and let my creative juices flow by listening to music or watching tv. Sometimes while doing that something will give me an idea and I will try to take it from there.

5. Taking it back to your debut novel, how did it feel to hold your first book in your hand?
It was an unbelievable feeling especially since its such a journey from the early stages of the thought process to writing it to deciding to publish it and then finally to holding the finished product in your hand. It's amazing.

6. Other then writing what is one of the things you love to do?
I love eating junk food.

7. When is all said and done what mark do you want to leave in the literary industry? An everlasting impression that says 'Nikki Nicole was here and what she had to say was candid, witty, relevant and left you wanting more.

Visit the Author of A Little Bit of Sin at www.nikkinicolegc.com

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